Hengsha LIMB Clinic
Hengsha LIMB Clinic

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LIMB Clinics are where you'll purchase augmentation-related items throughout the game, including various energy-boosting items and coveted Praxis Kits to enhance your augmentations. There are three in total, but you'll return to two of them during the game, whose supplies will be replenished in the meantime. Therefore, it's highly recommended you buy the Praxis Kits available as soon as you're able.

The LIMB Clinic in Hengsha is nearly identical to the one in Detroit in terms of layout, but you'll find it populated with different characters and quests.

1 - Dr. Huang Ling

Speak to Dr. Ling here to purchase any augmentation-related equipment you might want. Her stock includes the following:
  • Ammunition: Typhoon Ammo (5x, 100 Credits)
  • Consumables: Hypostim (2x, 100 Credits), CyberBoost ProEnergy Jar (2x, 250 Credits)
  • General Augmentations: Praxis Kit (2x, 5000 Credits).

2 - Anonymous X

You'll find your contact for Malik, Anonymous X, here in the LIMB Clinic during the Shanghai Justice quest. Tell him his required passphrase (or don't, it doesn't matter) and he'll tell you to meet him outside (+100 XP). Head out to the Daigong District and you'll find him down the street and around a corner.

A - Exit to Hengsha Kuaigan District