Detroit City Streets South
Detroit City Streets South

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The Detroit City Streets are a large hub area, containing many buildings to explore, characters to talk to, and several side-quests to undertake. For the purposes of this guide, they've been divided into multiple parts to make the map-reading easier. Note that while on the streets, police officers and thugs alike won't take kindly to you attacking civilians, breaking into locked doors or otherwise perofrming illegal acts. Things can turn into a real bloodbath if you provoke someone, mostly likely ending with Jensen's death.

Immediately upon exiting Sarif Industries for the first time, you'll be approached by Cassandra Reed, Megan Reed's mother (1). You'll have a few dialogue options to pick from, before she asks you to investigate Megan's death, as she feels that the police reports and other information she has don't add up to provide an accurate picture of what happened to her. If you agree, you'll receive the new side-quest Motherly Ties.

1 - Cassandra Reed

Cassandra Reed will be sitting on a bench here if you want to get any more details on the quest Motherly Ties. Shortly after you make progress in the quest, she'll relocate to the Chiron Building in the North City Streets.

2 - Sarif Plaza

You'll find a few random NPCs to talk to in this area. You can also rummage through the garbage cans for a Credit Chip and a Beer (Hot Devil) if you don't mind the indignity.

3 - Storage Locker

This storage locker is sealed by a keypad. You can hack it (level 3) to find a Credit Chip and Ammo Capacity Upgrade inside, as well as a +100 XP bonus. You'll also find another Beer in the alley nearby - check the pile of trash on the east side.

4 - Letitia

Letitia is a woman who, in Jensen's past life as a police officer, served as one of his contacts and informants. She'll sell you the following information:
  • Weapons, 500 Credits: arms dealer inside the Gas Station.
  • Weapons, 1000 Credits: stash on gas station roof, accessed via fire escape near LIMB Clinic.
  • Weapons, 2000 Credits: code to the Police Station's armory.
  • Secret Paths, 500 Credits: tip about hidden stashes (behind weak walls) inside the Detroit Sewers.
  • Secret Paths, 1000 Credits: code to access the Police Station from the Detroit Sewers, "2599".
  • Secret Paths, 2000 Credits: tip to access Derelict Row through the fire escapes, and to use the Icarus Landing System augmentation to get down the elevator shafts.
Additionally, if you give Letitia 4 "Hot Devil" Beers, she'll reward you with the code to a storage locker behind the Basketball Court in the Detroit Back Alleys: "1904" for the door, and "6542" to disable the laser tripwires. You can also simply knock her out or kill her, and collect the Pocket Secretary with the information from her body.

5 - Gas Station

The arms dealer you may have heard about already, Grayson, has his shop set up here. Don't cause any trouble, and he'll sell you the following items:

You'll also find an eBook by William Taggart on the shop counter, his award-winning anti-augmentation book "No Better".

On the roof of the gas station, accessible via the fire escape at (6), you'll find a Sniper Rifle, Sniper Rifle Ammo, and a Pocket Secretary detailing orders to fire on LIMB protestors. Alternately, you can use your Jump Enhancement to get on top of the roof by jumping onto the nearby fence first. Either way, accessing the roof will net you a +200 XP "Explorer" bonus.

6 - Fire Escape

The fire escape here (check on the left side of the large billboard) leads up to a rooftop entrance to an apartment building. While the apartment is more or less empty, follow it to the end and you'll be able to exit out of a window and onto the gas station's roof (5).

7 - Storage Locker

This storage locker is shut with a level 2 keypad. You can hack your way through for a +100 XP bonus, though there's no loot inside save for a couple of "Hot Devil" Beers on the floor.

8 - Washroom & Thugs

The washroom here is guarded by a bunch of thugs, who will get upset if you approach them. However, they won't actually attack you unless you hang around for a while, so you can avoid fighting if you just keep moving. Check the men's washroom for a Credit Chip on the counter, then crawl inside the vent at the back and take it up to the grating overlooking the thugs to find another Credit Chip, a Machine Pistol, and Machine Pistol Ammo. You'll receive a +100 XP bonus for finding the stash.

9 - Tim Carella

If you accepted Tim Carella's quest Lesser Evils, you'll find him hanging just outside the subway station here when you've finished it. Speak to him and you'll have the option to either scold him for his illegal activities, or praise his intentions while cautioning his means. Either way, you'll receive +1000 XP and a Laser Targeting System upgrade for your help, along with the Lesser Evil achievement.

10 - Zeke Sanders

Before you head off to the Highland Park mission, Zeke Sanders will be waiting for you here if you negotiated Josie Thorpe's release back at the Sarif Plat. In thanks, he'll provide you with a Pocket Secretary containing some access codes - though he doesn't know what they're for, you'll find they come in useful when infiltrating Highland Park in your next mission. At this point, Zeke says you're even; if you go on your merry way, he'll even attack you much later in the game when you return to Detroit. Alternately, you can kill him, in which case you won't meet him later for obvious reasons. You'll gain +750 XP no matter how you handle him afterwards.

11 - Stash

When you've got the Jump Enhancement, hop the fence here to gain +100 XP. Move the barrel on top of the small container and you'll find three Credit Chips inside for your trouble.

A - Exit to Sarif Industries

B - Exit to Detroit LIMB Clinic

C - Exit to Detroit Back Alleys

D - Exit to Detroit City Streets North