Detroit City Streets North (Return)
Detroit City Streets North (Return)

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Ah, Detroit, even more filled with the sound of screams and the smell of sulfur than last time you visited. In the wake of the rioting, you'll find most of the streets are deserted, with only police officers, a few lawbreakers, and the occasional frightened civilian to keep you company. You'll need to reach the Detroit Convention Center to meet with William Taggart and find the location of his aide, Isaias Sandoval.

Note that Detroit is largely unchanged since you've last visited. Although old side-quests and soem buildings aren't available, you'll be able to visit the majority of places and search around for loot you missed the first time around.

1 - Cop & Rioter

You'll find a rioter being chased down and arrested by a police officer as you come by. You won't be able to intervene, however.

2 - Police Station

The Police Station has been shut down on account of the break-in to the morgue, although the "official" story is a little bit more benign. Legitimate security concern, or another attempt to cover things up by FEMA, or the conspirators? And no, before you go trying, you can't break in via the sewers or the other alternate entrances. Sorry!

3 - Brent Radford's Storage Locker

The storage locker has already been broken into by the mysterious men in suits (+100 XP). There are four of them to take out, so if you can sneak up behind them and take two at once, the others should fall fast. You'll gain +300 XP and free access to the locker once they're down - check the leader's body for a Pocket Secretary containing some background on a "Mr. Grey" that seems to be in charge.

Inside the locker, on Radford's level 3 computer, you'll find a bunch of e-mails between him and David Sarif - if you read the e-mails Sarif provided you on Adam's background earlier in the game, you'll find they're the same ones. The final one, however, reveals the new lead of Michelle Weathers (+100 XP), who apparently has ties to Adam through something called "White Helix"... she lives in an apartment nearby, and is apparently senile in her old age. Before going, turn your attention to the level 5 locked safe (code "4062" if you got it from Radford), which contains Revolver Ammo, a Credit Chip, an eBook on White Helix Labs (a VersaLife subsidiary destroyed in a fire), and some Photographs, depicting a young Adam Jensen, which you'll need later on in the quest. Time to go meet Mrs. Walthers in the East Apartments.

4 - Metro Station Search Spot

You may have been given this search site for Jacob White during the Smash the State side-quest. You won't find him here, but you'll get a +100 XP bonus for checking it out.

5 - Police Alley Search Spot

Another search site for Jacob White, but you won't find anything here either. Take your +100 XP participation bonus, then climb down the nearby manhole at (E) into the sewers.

A - Exit to Chiron Building (Return)

B - Exit to Derelict Row

C - Exit to Detroit Back Alleys (Return)

D - Exit to Detroit City Streets South (Return)

E - Exit to Detroit Sewers (Return)

F - Exit to Sandoval's Hideout (Fire Escape)