Hengsha Construction Site
Hengsha Construction Site

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Your return to Hengsha won't go so well. Following a sudden re-direction by the Chinese government, you'll be shot out of the sky by an EMP missile - Jensen will evacuate, but the VTOL and Malik will crash into the middle of a construction site, with Belltower forces streaming in from all sides. Your primary goal here is to simply get out alive - but Malik, trapped in her VTOL, will end up being killed by Belltower if you aren't able to save her.

This presents a dilemma for non-lethal characters. The forces you'll fight are tough, and there are many of them, not to mention your time is fairly limited (though there are ways to extend it); however, if you're averse to killing, it could mean Malik's death. It is possible to finish this section with non-lethal means, but it is much more difficult, so keep that in mind. If you do manage to kill or incapacitate all of the Belltower goons before Malik gives in, you'll receive the secret achievement Good Soul. If you reach the elevator before Malik dies, but without saving here, you'll witness a short scene in which she's captured and executed. Finally, you're not quick enough to get rid of the enemy fire, the VTOL will explode and Malik will die in the process.

If you want to simply get out of here, you'll find the elevator leading out at the far end of the construction site (1) - while it's hard to bypass the Belltower forces entirely, you should be able to run or sneak past them without difficulty. Killing or knocking out all the enemies in time will mean saving Malik's life - she'll get the VTOL fixed up and fly out afterwards, none too worse for wear. Read on for a list of enemy positions and strategy in dealing with them, as well as more information on the area.

1 - Belltower Heavies

At the beginning of the encounter, you'll find two Belltower assault troops armed with Heavy Rifles here. They are by far the most threatening of the attackers - hence, if you take them out quickly, using a Sniper Rifle or other long-range weapon, you'll buy Malik a good deal of time.

2 - Snipers

There are about two snipers in total perched on top of the buildings here, one on the left and one on the right, who will periodically poke their heads out and fire. As far as threat priority goes, they're lower on the list. They can be hard to hit, especially when using the Tranquilizer Rifle, so you may as well ignore them for now and focus on the other enemies.

3 - Soldiers

About six soldiers wielding Combat Rifles will be present during the fight, mostly providing suppressing fire for the heavy soldiers. You'll want to take them out after the heavies are down, as they're the second-biggest threat beyond the Boxguard that comes shortly after (4).

4 - Boxguard

Approximately 25-30 seconds into the battle, a Boxguard will be dropped in by a Belltower helicopter. The easiest way to deal with it is to prepare an EMP Grenade in advance, if you can. Provided you have EMP Shielding, you'll be able to collect an EMP Grenade in the hidden cache at (6). Otherwise, you'll have to resort to some other explosive weapon.

5 - Elevator

This elevator will take you up from the construction site and battleground below. During the ride up, you'll have one of two conversations with Pritchard depending on Malik's fate, and you'll receive +1000 XP at the end. The door at (A) will take you back into Hengsha.

6 - Hidden Cache

At the bottom of the pit here, you'll find some electrified water and an inviting-looking pipe. There's no way to turn off the electricity, so you'll need to have invested in EMP Shielding to get inside, as attempting to do so otherwise will prove lethal. Climb in, and you'll find an EMP Grenade and Frag Grenade, as well as a +300 XP bonus.

7 - Gas Canisters

Duck underneath the platform you start out on and you'll find some gas canisters below, which will non-lethally take down the human enemies you fight here.

8 - Sniper Rifle Ammo

Grab the Sniper Rifle Ammo near the sniper enemies (on the top level of each building) if you need it.

9 - Heavy Rifle Ammo

You'll find two boxes of bullets for your Heavy Rifle on the crates here.

A - Door to Lower Hengsha Kuaigan & Daigong Districts (Return)

M - Malik's VTOL