Lower Hengsha Kuaigan & Daigong Districts (Return)
Lower Hengsha Kuaigan & Daigong Districts (Return)

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Your search for Sevchenko's GPL signal will take you back to Hengsha's Kuaigan and Daigong Districts, though depending on how you handled the situation back at the construction site, you'll be plus or minus one Malik for your trouble. Though you'll find a couple of side-quests to do in these districts, you'll want to head to the Youzhao District if you're interested in simply moving on with things. Note that the Belltower guards in the area will be mostly hostile towards you, so be on guard as you roam the streets.

1 - Glitch

You'll experience another glitch when you step out of the construction site, this one more intense than the last. Additionally, several augmented people nearby will fall over, indicating they're having problems too. Shortly after, Pritchard will contact you on your InfoLink and tell you that augmented people the world over have been experiencing glitches just like yours... apparently there is a problem with the biochips in them, and LIMB is offering replacements to fix the bug. You'll receive a bonus objective to check in for a chip replacement at the Hengsha LIMB Clinic, so drop by to see what LIMB have to say about the problem.

2 - Blackmailer

As you walk past the Hung Hua Hotel, a man will hail you down and mention that he recognises you from the wanted posters Belltower's put out. He'll offer a simple proposition - you give him money to keep his mouth shut (-1500 Credits), or he starts yelling to bring the Belltower thugs after you. If you decline his offer, he'll scream and send the nearest Belltower guards hostile. Paying up, he'll honor the agreement and keep quiet. Alternately, you can simply intimidate him, and he'll slink away with his tail between his legs.

3 - Lin Fu Ren

Head into the Hung Hua to find the arms dealer Lin Fu Ren still operating in the back room. While little about the Hung Hua Hotel has changed, and you won't find any side-quests or characters inside, Lin's stock has been updated:
4 - Terrorists

During the Corporate Warfare quest, you'll find the terrorists waiting for their exchange here (+100 XP). There are five in total, and they will shoot on sight - taking them down without alarming the others is fairly difficult. Your best bet is to try using the Tranquilizer Rifle from the walkway above the canal, or to use your Icarus Landing System to jump down and disable as many as possible before knocking them out one-by-one. When they're down, grab the Data Chip from Li for +100 XP. Note that, unlike some other quests, non-lethal weapons are absolutely required - if one of the terrorists dies, you'll fail the quest. Time to return to Mengyao in the Youzhao District to hand the Data Chip in.

A - Exit to Hung Hua Hotel

B - Exit to Youzhao District (Return)

C - Exit to Hengsha LIMB Clinic (Return)

D - Exit to Kuaigan District Sewers (Return)

E - Exit to Daigong District Sewers (Return)