Tai Yong Medical Augmentation Storage
Tai Yong Medical Augmentation Storage

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Tai Yong Medical's infiltration is a lengthy mission that will take you from Lower Hengsha to the upper city, via the Pangu, the massive structure dividing the two parts of Hengsha, though this mission is a bit less typical as it has a mix of both hostile zones and more friendly, open areas. You'll receive a transmission from Pritchard when you arrive, who gives you some suitable advice, before being given +1000 XP and free reign to proceed.

1 - Shuttle Lobby

You'll start out in the lobby here after disembarking from the shuttle. Before heading on through the maintenance door ahead, search the lockers for a Credit Chip, CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar, and a newspaper. You'll also find a Credit Chip on the floor next to one of the vending machines.

2 - Stairway

At the top of these stairs, you'll hear a loud explosion, the cause of which you'll find if you continue onward through the level 1 locked door.

3 - A-3 Chemical Storage & TYM Employee

Stepping through the door, you'll enter into dialogue with a TYM worker who has got himself into an accident - toxic gases are flooding into his room, and he's trapped inside with a crack in his helmet. Obviously, he's at your mercy. If you choose to rescue him, you'll need to get into his room, either via the nearby room at (4) by hacking the level panel, or by using the level 1 panel on the other side of the room to reach the valve, though this second option requires the Rebreather augment. Despite his insistence, he'll only die if you proceed onward without rescuing him.

When the gas leak has been fixed up (+750 XP), crawl through the wreckage to speak with him. He'll tell you that a guard up ahead, Kim, owes him a favour, and will let you through if you mention it to him, allowing you to continue without resorting to violence. Before you leave, check the lockers in the room for a Gas Grenade and a Credit Chip.

4 - A-4 Chemical Storage

In here, you'll find the valve needed to shut down the gas leak in A-3 Chemical Storage. Check the lockers for a Pocket Secretary containing a slew of codes: storage unit 3 ("3421"); refrigeration units ("9090"); maintenance catwalk ("5720"); and the storage bays ("4444").

5 - Augmentation Storage & Kim

The guard mentioned by the TYM worker at (3) will accost you when you enter this room. You can either bribe him to let you by (-500 Credits), bluff your way through (he'll attack you if you go down to the area below), intimidate him (he'll sound the alarm and attack), or, if you helped the TYM worker at (3), you can mention the favour owed to slip past without having to pay the bribe.

The augmentation storage area ahead is large and fairly open in terms of how you approach it, though it's more a series of corridors than it appears to be up-close. You'll find about four Tai Yong guards hanging around, including two in the security room at (16). Defenses are heavy, as the area is installed with laser grids and Security Cameras - in the event of an alarm, you'll also need to contend with two Security Bots. Stealthy characters will want to stick to the vents as usual, while those who don't care about killing will want to take advantage of a Sniper Rifle or Crossbow if one is available.

6 - Maintenance Catwalk Controls

This button will allow you to move the maintenance catwalk above, allowing you some more discreet access into the bowels of Tai Yong Medical, for the most part bypassing the guards on the floor below. The keypad requires a level 2 hack, or the code "5720" as found in the locker back at (4).

7 - Catwalks Ladder

The ladder in this room will bring you to and from the maintenance catwalk above. Search the lockers for some Tranquilizer Darts before you move on.

8 - Storage Room

Check inside the lockers here for some Machine Pistol Ammo.

9 - Generator Room

Hack past the level 3 lock to find some lockers containing a 10mm Pistol, 10mm Pistol Ammo, an EMP Grenade, and a Credit Chip.

10 - Lockers

Search under the stairwell to find some lockers containing Nuke Virus Software, a Revolver, and Revolver Ammo.

11 - Computer Equipment

Check on top of the server rack for some Stop! Worm Software, and on top of the generator-thing to find some Machine Pistol Ammo for the taking.

12 - Vent

If you can move the heavy crate, you'll uncover a vent taking you to a maintenance tunnel (+300 XP), which eventually leads to near the security room at (16). Check the computer equipment near the vent's entrance for some Stun Gun and Tranquilizer Darts.

13 - Laser Grid

The laser grid here, as well as the one at (14), can be disabled using the dedicated panel at (15).

14 - Laser Grid

The laser grid here, as well as the one at (13), can be disabled using the dedicated panel at (15). However, the flickering lower beam means you'll be able to make it through here without disabling the grid first.

15 - Dedicated Panel

The level 2 panel here controls the laser grids. Hack it to disable them.

16 - Security Room

The security room is occupied by two guards. Take advantage of their inattentiveness and deal with them both at once, then turn your attention to the level 2 security computer, which, when hacked, will allow you to disable the Security Cameras and Sentry Bots on this level. Search the drawers for a Credit Chip and some 10mm Pistol Ammo, grab the CyberBoost ProEnergy Pack from the nearby computer console, open the weapons locker for two Combat Rifles, and check the front desk for another copy of "The Sleepwalking World". Last, the vent on the rear wall leads to a small stash with a Stun Gun and some Stun Gun Darts inside.

17 - Storage Room

Checking out this storage room will earn you +300 XP. Inside, you'll find some Sniper Rifle Ammo, Crossbow Arrows, a Credit Chip and an eBook on Tai Yong in the lockers, as well as a Pocket Secretary containing the access code to the pump room ahead, "7934".

18 - Storage Room

Another storage room, this one with a locker containing a Credit Chip and Ammo Capacity Upgrade. You'll gain +300 XP for entering, and the vent on the wall will take you down to the small stash in the security room's vent (16) - you'll need the Icarus Landing System to survive the fall, however.

19 - 3-A Pump Room

Hack your way through this level 3 keypad or use the code "7934" to get inside the pump room. The lockers inside contain two packs of Machine Pistol Ammo, a Credit Chip, and some Tranquilizer Darts.

20 - Maintenance Closet

Hack the level 2 panel to find a couple of lockers containing some 10mm Pistol Ammo and Machine Pistol Ammo.

21 - Elevator

This elevator will take you to and from the maintenance area heading up to the Pangu.

22 - Maintenance Closet

Check the lockers in here for a Credit Chip, two boxes of Shotgun Cartridges, and some Machine Pistol Ammo.

23 - Maintenance Closet

A second maintenance closet lies behind this locked level 4 keypad. Hack your way through, grabbing the Pocket Secretary from the toolbox near the door, then search the lockers for a CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar, Stun Gun Darts, PEPS Energy Pack, and a PEPS propped up against the side of one of the lockers. The breaker box in here will disable the electric current in the next room (24), while the vent will take you into that same room (+100 XP) - you'll find a couple of Credit Chips inside as well, and a corpse if you look above... we'll get to that later.

24 - Pangu Access

An electric current will prevent you from fully exploring this room, though you'll be able to either use your EMP Shielding to shrug it off, or use the breaker box back at (23) if you can get in to disable it. In this room, you'll need to jump up and stack crates to reach the ladder heading up to the next floor (25) - though it's much easier with the Jump Enhancement. Either way, though, it's not too difficult to figure out how to get up - there's no tricky crate stacking or platforming involved, though at the midway point you'll need to move a crate out of the way and crouch under the platform to proceed.

Before climbing up, you may want to turn your attention to the stack of large storage containers in the room's opposite corner. If you manage to climb or jump over them, you'll get a +300 XP bonus, and the loot in the lockers: a Credit Chip, Concussion Grenade and Machine Pistol Ammo.

25 - Elevator Bay

Before going up the elevator to rise through the Pangu, you'll want to attent to a couple of things. First, if you've got the Jump Enhancement or the ability to lift heavy objects, make your way into the blocked room to the right of the elevator control for a +100 XP bonus, and some Tranquilizer and Stun Gun Darts in the lockers.

Next, check the opposite side of the elevator for a vent - you'll be able to get in by performing a crouch-jump using the Jump Enhancement (jump, then crouch in mid-air), or by bringing the crate in the blocked-off room and climbing on top of it. This will take you to a drop with no ladder, but if you've got the Icarus Landing System, you'll be able to survive the fall easily (buffing yourself up with healing items may also work). Fall down for a rare +400 XP bonus, a Reload Speed Upgrade, a Tranquilizer Rifle, and, on the corpse, a Credit Chip, Access Card and Pocket Secretary. Most notably, the Access Card will get you into another part of the Tai Yong Medical facility without having to resort to other means. Last, check the Scholar eBook on the floor, "Better than Nature?", for +200 XP. You'll need to leave the vents and climb back up to the elevator room again, unfortunately.

When you're done clowning around in the vents, take the elevator up and continue on to the Tai Yong Medical Laboratories. You'll receive a bonus of +1750 XP for your persistence.

A - Elevator to Tai Yong Medical Laboratories

P - Alarm Panels

S - Security Cameras