Detroit Police Station
Detroit Police Station

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The Police Station is Jensen's old home, and he has a couple of old friends around. You'll come here during the main storyline to find the mysterious hacker's body, but getting into the Morgue is no easy task. You can either get in legitimately by persuading your old partner, Wayne Haas, at the front desk, or sneak in using the basement entrance to the Detroit Sewers, a ventilation shaft on the roof, or a door to the fire escape on the side of the building, in which case you'll need to evade the officers inside. The basement provides the most direct access to the morgue, but if you're here for the Motherly Ties quest, you'll have a tougher time reaching the upper floors.

1 - Chet Wagner

If you're here for the Motherly Ties quest, you'll find Chet Wagner inside the lobby here (100+ XP). Speak with him for another +100 XP. You can either persuade him to reveal what he knows about Megan's case using your CASIE augment ("pressure" choice), or alternately, find his office computer and blackmail him with the information on it to get him to reveal what he knows (+300 XP).

2 - Wayne Haas

Wayne Haas serves as your second "social boss fight" in the game. In the conversation you have with him, you'll learn that he was Jensen's partner during the "Mexicantown" incident, and has blamed Jensen for years for his own career failings.

There are two ways to get by Wayne Haas. The first select dialogue options that absolve him or take blame off of him ("absolve" and "plead"), then later either tell him he's not at fault, or make him own up to his past. The second is to use your CASIE augmentation ("pressure") to point out his painkiller addiction and use that to blackmail him.

If you're successful, Wayne will let you into the station, and you'll get a +1000 XP "Silver Tongue" bonus, plus the achievement "The Desk Job". However, if you pick this route, during your return to Detroit later in the game, Wayne will confront you at your apartment after losing his job. If you convinced him using your CASIE, Wayne will pull a gun on you and attack. Otherwise, you'll be able to offer him a job at Sarif Industries. If Wayne dies under any circumstance, then this encounter won't happen regardless.

3 - Guard

A police officer stands guard in front of the door here. Until you've got permission from Wayne Haas to enter, he won't let you through. If you try to sneak your way or kill him, the rest of the officers in the station will become hostile.

Once you've gained access to the police station, you'll be free to explore, but setting off the security systems near the armory, getting caught hacking, and other generally unsavory acts will still turn the police officers hostile.

4 - Police Desks

There's a large number of desks and computers in this room, but unless you obtained the passwords from the hidden cache in the Detroit Sewers, you'll need to hack the terminals to read them, which will likely get you shot at. If you want to cheat a bit without getting the passwords, then the relevant logins are as follows:
  • Username: rdeckard/Password: "unicorn"
  • Username: pdick/Password: "lectrolamb"
  • Username: jballard/Password: "solempire"
  • Username: hellison/Password: "cordwainer"
  • Username: pcadigan/Password: "desprit"
  • Username: wgibson/Password: "baronnull"
  • Username: jchampagne/Password: "grimster"
None of the computers have particularly important information, but it'll give you a bit of background on the game world. Most importantly, you'll find the login to the security computer for the basement in Deckard's e-mail: mpost/"blues". Last, you can loot the desk drawers around the room for Revolver Ammo, Combat Rifle Ammo, and a couple of Credit Chips.

5 - Lounge

Check the table in the lounge here for a Pocket Secretary with the code to one of the offices upstairs, "2231" (23).

6 - Washrooms

Check the floor of one of the men's room stalls for a Pocket Secretary with the code to Melanie Frizell's office, "1856", located at (8). The vent on the back wall (+100 XP) leads to the hallway adjacent to the area at (4), giving stealthy characters fairly easy access to the basement and morgue.

7 - Front Desk Door

The keypad leading to the front desk is locked down with level 2 security - hacking it can be challenging with the officers on patrol in the area, but you should be able to manage with a little patience. Inside (+200 XP), you'll have access to the security computer for some of the nearby cameras (though accessing it without getting caught is tricky), and you can grab some Painkillers from the garbage can.

8 - Melanie Frizell's Office

You can either hack the level 2 keypad or use the code "1856", found on the Pocket Secretary in the men's bathroom (6). Once inside (+200 XP), you'll find a Credit Chip on the desk, a 10mm Pistol in the desk drawer, and, on the bookshelf, a Pocket Secretary with the code to the armory computer, "patriotism".

The computer is more interesting: hack its level 2 security and you'll find the code to Captain Penn's office (12), "2419", and the code to disable the security grid in the ventilation shafts near the armory (14), "7668".

9 - Elevator

This elevator goes to and from the basement.

10 - Lounge

This small lounge has a few goodies: a CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar on the table, a Credit Chip on the floor underneath, and an eBook on global politics inside the shelf.

11 - Lt. Leboeuf's Office

The keypad on this door is level 2. Hack it and check inside (+200 XP) to find a Shotgun near the bookcase, a Pocket Secretary in the bookcase with the code to Jenny Alexander's office (20), "3727", and some Shotgun Cartridges and a Credit Chip inside the desk drawer. The computer has an urgent e-mail from Jenny Alexander, making mention of a space under Derelict Row she suspects is being used to store illegal goods.

12 - Cpt. Penn's Office

Captain Penn isn't around, but you'll gain +200 XP for entering his office (level 2 keypad, code "2419"), plus +300 XP if you're doing the Motherly Ties side-quest. You'll find a Credit Chip and a terrible romance eBook on his desk, as well as a 10mm Pistol and some 10mm Pistol Ammo in his drawer, but the real draw is the level 2 computer. On it, you'll find some information about Zeke Sanders, the hacker's corpse in the morgue, and, for the Motherly Ties quest, an e-mail from Joseph Manderley (ring a bell?) telling Penn to get the Sarif case closed as soon as possible (+750 XP). Last, on the rear wall of the office you'll find a level 2 terminal that controls the security system in the air vents, code "7668".

13 - Vent

Open this vent and crawl inside to reach Cpt. Penn's office (12), an office on the third floor (16), and the armory (14). Note that the laser grid will set off an alarm if you pass through it - disable it using one of the keypads in the armory or Cpt. Penn's office. Getting past the lasers will earn you +100 XP.

14 - Armory

Delicious guns, at last! The armory isn't as well guarded as you'd expect - the Security Camera will spot you on the way in even if you got permission to enter the station from Wayne Haas, and the officer inside will ask you to leave. However, it's very easy to sneak past the camera and knock the officer out when he's out of the camera's view. Alternately, you can use the air vent at (13) to sneak in the back, but you'll need to disable the laser grid from Cpt. Penn's office at (12).

When everything's clear, you can loot the desk drawer for a Credit Chip and 10mm Pistol Ammo, use the panel on the back wall to disable the laser system in the vents and basement (level 2, code "7668"), and then hack into the security computer (level 3, password "patriotism") to disable the second-floor Security Cameras and open the armory door. For getting inside, you'll earn +200 XP, and some sweet equipment: the PEPS, a non-lethal shotgun that uses an energy pulse to knock out enemies, three PEPS Energy Packs, two Concussion Grenades, a Mine Template, a Rate-of-Fire Upgrade, two Shotguns, two Combat Rifles, and three boxes of Combat Rifle Ammo.

15 - Trolley

Check the trolley here for a Credit Chip nestled between the boxes.

16 - Office

You'll find a suspected gang member being interrogated in here. Grab the Credit Chip from one of the desks, another one in the other desk drawer, and a 10mm Pistol from a nearby shelf, then . The vent at the back wall will lead you down to the armory (14) and the second floor hallway (13).

17 - Vent

The vent here will take you to three offices (18, 19, 20), including Chet Wagner's and Jenny Alexander's.

18 - McCann's Office

You'll find Detective McCann in here, presumably sleeping on the job. Grab his Stop! Worm Software and 10mm Pistol Ammo from his desk and drawer. The vent in the back of his office connets to the system at (17), and leads to the two adjacent offices.

19 - Chet Wagner's Office

Chet's office can be accessed by hacking the level 1 keypad, or sneaking through the vent from (17). If you're on the Motherly Ties quest, you'll receive +300 XP for stepping inside. Search his desk drawer for three Credit Chips, then hack the level 1 computer. You'll find some patchy evidence of his involvement with the Sarif case, but more importantly, evidence he's protecting drug dealers for a share of the profits (+750 XP). With this information, you'll be able to blackmail him into revealing what he knows about the Sarif case (1).

20 - Jenny Alexander's Office

Your old friend J. Alexander, who you'll meet during the Cloak & Daggers quest, isn't around right now. You'll be able to hack the level 1 keypad or use the code "3727", found back in the office at (11), or alternately, you can use the vent found at (17). Entering her office rewards +200 XP.

Search her shelf for a Credit Chip, her desk for a 10mm Pistol and Automatic Unlocking Device (DLC only), and the drawer for some Machine Pistol Ammo. Her computer has some flirtatious banter on it, plus an e-mail from an informant who gives a couple of tips: one about a storage locker near Derelict Row, and another about a maintenance access tunnel that's guarded by some DRB goons.

21 - Maintenance Room

Check in here for a vent leading to the rooftop exit (C). You'll get +100 XP for crawling inside.

22 - Vent

This vent (it has two entrances in the hallway) connects to the office at (24). Like the others, you'll get a +100 XP bonus for entering it.

23 - Detective Gum's Office

Hack the level 1 keypad, use the code "2231", or take the vent at (22) to get inside and earn yourself a +200 XP bonus. You'll find a Shotgun inside, but the level 1 computer only has some standard police e-mails on it.

24 - Detective Murphy's Office

You won't find much in here save for some Vodka in the drawer, but listen in on the two officers for a reference to a certain 80s robot-themed cop movie you may have heard about.

25 - Vent

The vent here gives you +100 XP and easy access to the security room in the holding cells (27).

26 - Basement Door & Locker Room

The door is blocked with the same laser grid system found in the vents upstairs. If you disabled it already, you should be able to just walk in, but if not, then you'll have to hack the control panel nearby or use the code "7668".

In the locker room just beyond, search the lockers for a CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar, three 10mm Pistols, and two boxes of Combat Rifle Ammo.

27 - Holding Cells

If you knocked Zeke Sanders unconscious during the Sarif Plant mission, you'll find him in a cell here, where you can have a little chat with him. The security room in back can be accessed from the vent at (25), and its computer lets you shut off the Security Cameras in the basement - password is "blues", as discovered on Deckard's computer upstairs. There's also a Shotgun near the security terminal, if you want it.

28 - Laser Grid

This laser grid seems to be on a different system than the one in the rest of the station. To get by, you'll need to hack its level 2 keypad. The hallway beyond leads to the Detroit Sewers (D).

29 - Morgue

Your goal, the corpse of the hacker from the Sarif Plant, lies in here. As soon as you enter, the mortitian, Dr. Campbell, will assume you're with the government and give you the low-down on the body, most importantly, that the neural hub implant has been modified somehow, though he's not certain how.

When the conversation's done, grab the Hacker Brain Chip from his corpse. You'll earn +1750 XP and orders from Sarif to head back to your apartment, as the diagnostic means they can't use their own computers to do the analysis. Jensen's apartment is located in the Chiron Building, at the very northwest end of the Detroit City Streets North area.

Before going, check the cart near the hacker's body for some Nuke Virus Software; you'll find another in one of the computer desk drawers off in the corner of the room, and there's a Credit Chip and a Scholar eBook (+200 XP) on Campbell's desk as well. You can try hacking into the doctor's level 2 computer to find that he's upset at having his autopsy put on hold, as well as a few more details on the autopsy. Last, if you killed Zeke Sanders back at the Sarif Plant, you'll also find his corpse here on the stretcher next to the hacker's.

A - Exit to Detroit City Streets North (front of Police Station)

B - Exit to Detroit City Streets North (Police Station fire escape)

C - Exit to Detroit City Streets North (Police Station roof)

S - Security Cameras

P - Alarm Panels