The Hive
The Hive

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It wouldn't be a Deus Ex game with a nightclub, and Human Revolution is no exception. The Hive represents the peak of nightlife in Lower Hengsha, an exclusive (and expensive) club run by a man called Tong Si Hung. During the storyline, you'll have to speak with Tong in order to find out what he knows about the hacker who attacked Sarif Industries. If you're on this phase of the quest, you'll earn +250 XP for entering The Hive.

1 - Bobby Bao

Bao is The Hive's bartender, though you'll find he handles a bit more than serving just drinks. You can buy a few different types of alcohol from him, including Slum Dog (10 Credits), Shanghai Gut Punch (15 Credits) and The Golden Phoenix Sling (25 Credits). When you're here looking to find Tong, asking Bobby will have him direct you upstairs.

After being referred to him by the bouncer at the door, you'll find Bobby has a bit more to say to you. He's got a client that he's loaned money to for some augmentations, but now apparently she's refusing to pay back her loan. He needs somebody to make sure she pays up. Agreeing to help will initiate the quest Bar Tab, and will see you heading off to the Youzhao District.

Returning to Bobby Bao, you have three possible outcomes:
  • If Jaya is dead and/or you took Jaya's Memory Chip back from her, Bobby will be upset and refuse to pay you anything.
  • If you retrieved the money from Jaya, either by knocking her out or persuading her, Bobby Bao will be pleased and offer you a Praxis Kit as payment.
  • If you choose the "deal" option, you can offer to pay a year's debt - 5000 Credits - to get her off the hook. Bobby will be a little annoyed, but will still give you a Praxis Kit for your help.
When all's said and done, you'll receive +1000 XP and the Bar Tab achievement. If you paid Jaya's debt for her, you'll also be awarded the Guardian Angel achievement.

2 - Men's Washroom

Check the floor in one of the stalls for a Pocket Secretary containing the code to The Hive's basement, "0415".

3 - Basement Door

You'll be able to reach the basement by going through this door. Using the code "0415" should work fine, but alternately you can hack the keypad. Note that going in the basement without consent will earn you a bullet to the face, so be careful if you choose to break in.

4 - Storage Room

Check in here to find a bottle of Wine on top of a trolley.

5 - DJ's Room

You'll find the club's DJ in here. The Pocket Secretary on his table has the code to the safe in the security room, "8953".

6 - Security Room

This security room overlooks the club's entrance. You'll find a Scholar eBook, "Optical Enhancement Functionality", on the desk for +200 XP. The level 1 computer has details on Bobby Bao's "business arrangements", while the level 2 security hub gives you access to the club's Security Cameras. Last, the level 3 safe, code "8953", has a couple of Credit Chips inside totaling close to 1000 Credits.

7 - Manager

You'll enter into another social battle when speaking to the manager here. He's obviously hiding information, but you'll need to use your charms or your CASIE aug to get the information out of him. There are two routes you can take: select dialogue options that suggest a benefit for Tong (not very difficult), or simply use the CASIE ("appease" option) to reveal that the manager is in fact Tong himself. Successfully convincing Tong to see you will earn you +1000 XP and +750 XP, and the Darker Shades achievement. When the conversation's through, head down to the basement and meet Tong in his office at (11). Failing the conversation rewards +100 XP and requires you do some espionage down in The Hive's basement.

8 - Locked Door

This level 5 keypad-locked door will bring you down into the "VIP" area (i.e. the basement and back rooms), but doing so will turn The Hive's security hostile.

9 - Balcony

Check the tables here for a couple of Beer bottles to swipe.

10 - Vent

If you're hunting down Tong and haven't yet spoken with him, you'll see a cutscene as you crawl through this vent, in which a Belltower goon asks Tong about Arie van Bruggen, the hacker. Tong denies he knows anything, but once the Belltower thug is gone, Tong will phone up Bobby upstairs and and reveal van Bruggen's location - the Alice Garden Pods, pod 301. Overhearing this will earn you +750 XP, but you'll miss out on quizzing Tong yourself.

11 - Tong's Office

The door here will be inaccessible unless you've managed to persuade Tong to meet you, in which case you'll find him in here. Inside, he'll reveal where to find Arie van Bruggen: the Alice Garden Pods, pod 301. You'll receive +1000 XP for your persistence. Before you go, grab a Credit Chip from the stack of pizza boxes in the corner, and read the Scholar eBook in the office, "The Use of Neuromuscular Facilitation Systems" for +200 XP.

12 - Vent

The vent here will take you into the interrogation room at (13). No XP bonus for finding it, but there's a Nuke Virus Software inside as a consolation prize.

13 - Interrogation Room

You'll be able to reach the interrogation room either by taking the vent at (10), or hacking the level 2 keypad on the front door (beware of the nearby Security Camera if you do so). Inside, you'll come across a dead body with a Pocket Secretary on it, and a Rate-of-Fire Upgrade rests on the nearby trolley.

14 - Bouncer

As you head out the front door, the bouncer will speak with you and mention that Bobby Bao might have a job for you. Either give him some guff or thank him, then head back to Bobby if you're interested in the side-quest he has to offer.

15 - Lee

When you arrive at The Hive, you'll receive +100 XP, and formulate a plan with Malik to pressure Lee into admitting his guilt to you. It's here your detective skills will come into play. You'll find Lee sitting by himself on the upper level (+100 XP). Speak to him and you'll need to present the evidence you've found to make him crack:
  • When asking about the police report, suggest it was inaccurate or inconclusive.
  • When asking about how Evelyn died, say Lee claimed she was drunk.
  • When asking about the method, suggest Lee used the Antique Clock.
  • When asking for motive, claim Evelyn was pregnant.
  • Finally, when asking why Lee got away with it, suggest it was because of his parents' executive investments in Belltower.
You'll need to get 4/5 of the dialogue options correct in order to get Lee to talk. If you don't provide enough correct evidence, he'll refuse to admit to anything, but you can use your CASIE augmentation ("appease" option) to get him to spill his guts anyway. Upon successfully getting his testimony, you'll receive +100 XP, and a further +750 XP for leaving him. Malik will contact you and ask one final thing: to hack the Media Screen Control Terminal at (16).

If you fail the persuasion attempt outright (either don't have the CASIE or select the wrong option), you'll earn two +100 XP bonuses, and instructions to meet Malik outside The Hive. Threatening Lee will result in some inept counter-threats, but it won't get you anywhere.

Alternately, if you wish, you can simply kill Lee and make your escape. Malik will be angry, you'll receive less of a reward, but the justice is perhaps a bit more... conclusive than what she had planned. Knocking him out before speaking will also lead to a similar outcome, though with different dialogue. Both of these options will yield +100 XP. Whatever you do, Malik will want to meet you outside once you're done.

16 - Media Screen Control Terminal

Hack this level 3 panel for Malik when you've got a confession out of Lee at (15) during the Shanghai Justice side-quest. Disable the security protocols for +750 XP, and instructions to meet Malik outside The Hive.

A - Exit to Lower Hengsha Kuaigan District

B - Exit to Lower Hengsha Sewers