Detroit Back Alley (Return)
Detroit Back Alley (Return)

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The alleyways behind the Detroit downtown haven't changed too much. The sole point of interest is the requisite "mad prophet" hobo found in the basketball court.

1 - Prophetic Hobo

Although rather useless, listening in on this hobo's rantings will reveal a surprising level of clairvoyance regarding the future of the Deus Ex universe.

A - Exit to Detroit City Streets South (Return)

B - Exit to Detroit City Streets North (Return)

D - Exit to West Apartments

E - Exit to West ApartmentsEast Apartments (Return) (Fire Escape)

F - Exit to West ApartmentsWest Apartments (Return) (Fire Escape)

G - Exit to West ApartmentsNorth Apartments (Return) (Fire Escape)

H - Exit to West ApartmentsSouth Apartments (Return)