Sarif Industries (Return)
Sarif Industries (Return)

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Sarif Industries will be your last stop before heading off to Hengsha to pursue the hacker. You'll arrive at the helipad, and before you go far, Pritchard will tell you he has something urgent to speak with you about, in your office. Depending on whether you speak to Pritchard, your debriefing with David Sarif will change a little bit.

1 - Helipad Storage Area

Even if you already raided it earlier, the Helipad Storage Area will have been restocked with equipment, including Revolver Ammo, Combat Rifle Ammo, Typhoon Ammo, a Stun Gun and some Darts for it, and Sniper Ammo. The door code is "8053" if you have yet to open it.

2 - Hidden Stash

Ditto for the hidden stash in the vent here. Climb down to find a PEPS Energy Pack and some Tranquilizer Darts.

When you're done, head over to the elevator at (3) and take it up to David's Penthouse.

3 - Jensen's Office & Pritchard

You'll find Pritchard in your office on the third floor. He's investigating the security breach, and has found that the the backdoor into the network wasn't the result of a mere hacker - it was created by David Sarif specifically to bypass the firewalls in the first place. Not only that, but apparently the backdoor saw quite of activity prior to Jensen's hiring by Sarif. Naturally, Pritchard wants you to confront Sarif about it... you can ignore it if you like, but this route will provide you some extra XP and a new dialogue sequence with Sarif.

If you persuaded Sarif to give you access to the files on you during the conversation in his penthouse, you'll find them on your computer terminal. Most importantly, there's the suggestion that Adam's parents are only foster parents, not his biological ones, and there's mention of a "White Helix Labs" as well. Doesn't seem like you have the whole picture, though. If you've been breaking into the offices around Sarif Industries, you might also notice that you have a few e-mails about those break-ins, along with the security codes to some of the doors, including "0250" for office 30.

4 - William Taggart

You'll find that William Taggart, leader of the Humanity First anti-augmentation group, has come to visit David Sarif in person to offer his condolences for the attack on the Sarif Plant. You can strike up conversation with him, providing you a bit of background into his character. Though you can choose your tone with him, it doesn't seem to change anything in the future.

5 - Isaias Sandoval

Dr. Sandoval is Taggart's right-hand man. You can grill him for a bit of background, but understandably the tone between Jensen and him isn't the most amicable. You can pressure him to reveal some information about a "friend" of his, but he won't go into too many details.

6 - Athene

You'll be able to strike up another conversation with Athene here if you so choose.

7 - David Sarif

Speaking with Sarif, he'll provide you with a passport to give you clearance into Hengsha, and orders to meet with Malik at the helipad. He'll provide you with some rather vague information and dodge a couple of your questions, though... could he be hinding something? In any case, he has little more to say to you for the time being.

Once you've spoken to Pritchard in your office, you'll be able to speak with David again (or, if you met Pritchard first, you'll have this conversation before the one above). This conversation takes the form of a social battle. Sarif's responses are semi-random, and you'll need to either choose the options to placate him if he feels you're questioning his authority, and to refocus him if he begins to change the subject. Challenging him outright will generally just make him angry. If you have the CASIE augmentation, you can also use your pheremones ("appease") to threaten to leave your job and get him to reveal the information. He'll send you it in e-mail form, which you can read back in your office.

Winning the battle gets you +1000 XP and the Yes Boss achievement, while losing it will get you a +100 XP "Life Lesson" consolation prize. You'll also receive +1000 XP for the conversation regardless of how it turns out. Check back at your office for the e-mails and a follow-up conversation with Pritchard.

8 - Tech Lab

Once you're done talking with Pritchard, you'll be able to access his computer here. It's locked tight with level 5 security, but if you can crack it (or use the password "nuclearsnke"), you'll be able to find not only details about his failed screenwriting career, but a whole slew of codes to computers in the Sarif offices:
  • dsarif: "frenticpony"
  • amargoulis: "gsspgril"
  • fmalik: "bmbadier"
  • dmitchell: "lawboy"
  • cmartinez: "lolliepop"
  • wrosellini: "quintus"
  • fpritchard: "nuclearsnke"

9 - Helipad

Malik will be waiting for you here when you're ready to leave for China. Note that you won't be returning to Detroit for some time after this - and any outstanding quests you have will be terminated if you leave before completing them, including any and all items, XP bonuses, and achievements that go along with them. When you're ready to leave, speak to Malik for +1000 XP, and you'll soon find yourself in the awe-inspiring dual city of Hengsha.

A - Exit to Detroit City Streets South