Old Noodle Factory
Old Noodle Factory

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The Old Noodle Factory is a DLC-only location that you'll access during the mission to rescue Tracer Tong from Belltower. When you arrive, Tong's henchman will explain that Tong's son is being held captive here, guarded by special Belltower forces with heavy augmentation work. While the mission is a fairly straightforward "break in, take out the enemies, reach the objective" sort, you'll also be handed an Unknown Handheld Device to give Tracer when you arrive, though the henchman won't mention what it does.

With that, you're let loose to rescue Tong's son. The factory only has two floors, but is still relatively large when taking the sewers into account as well. You'll have to deal with some surprisingly tight security as well, though compared to some other missions you've been on, it isn't quite so demanding. Both non-lethal and lethal routes are available, as is the choice between stealth and spectacle.

1 - Table

You'll find four Automatic Unlocking Devices sitting on the table here for you. How kind of Tong to leave them.

2 - Weak Wall

Break down this wall to find a stash of Typhoon Ammo and two packs of Revolver Ammo.

3 - Valve

The valve in here will shut down the gas leak at (4), but you'll only be able to reach it by moving the heavy boxes nearby.

4 - Toxic Gas

Someone should really get these sewers checked out. The toxic gas here is lethal to just about everyone save for those with a Rebreather augmentation. Alternately, you can disable the gas using the valve at (3). The door here (level 2 keypad) will provide you with easy access to the guards' common room (6) in the middle of the sewers.

5 - Bedroom

This bedroom is occupied by a spec-ops soldier, though he's a bit busy at the moment. Sneak up behind him to take him out without much fuss. When you're done, search the room for two boxes of Shotgun Cartridges and some Grenade Launcher Ammo. If you can reach it, the vent above the servers will give you covert access to a location near Tong's son.

6 - Common Room

The common room here is pretty much empty, though you'll find some loot to take with you. Grab three CyberBoost ProEnergy Bars and a Beer from the tables, then search the shelves around the room for Vodka, Beer and some Tranquilizer Darts; the weapon cabinet has a Machine Pistol and some Machine Pistol Ammo. The keypad near the north door will allow you to shut down the laser grid at (7). Last, check the bathroom for some Painkillers and a duct giving you access to the east sewers (8).

7 - Laser Grid

This laser grid protects the most obvious point of entry. There's a keypad to disable the lasers, but you'll find it inside the room it's protecting (6). You can, however, try using an EMP Grenade or the Stun Gun to temporarily disable the beams.

8 - Duct

This duct (hidden behind a crate on one end) will give you a sneaky way into the common room at (6). Keep an eye out for a Spec-Ops Sneaker on patrol nearby.

9 - Spec-Ops Soldiers

You'll find two soldiers hanging around here, as well as a Sneaker walking back and forth. Dealing with them all out at once is a bit difficult without the other(s) noticing, but the two facing each other should make for an easy takedown.

10 - Ladder

Take this ladder down to the noddle factory floor.

11 - Weak Wall

Break down this weak wall in order to gain semi-subtle access to the noodle factory. You'll actually bypass the factory floor this way, ensuring easy access to Tong's son without disturbing the whole place. You will, however, kill the man on the other side of the wall, so you may want to reconsider this route if you're trying to avoid killing.

12 - Balcony

There's a single guard patrolling the balcony up here, who can be taken down silently without much issue. You'll have a nice, clear view of the factory below to plan your rescue.

13 - Factory Floor

The factory floor is guarded by four spec-ops: two Sneakers and an Ogre on the ground level, and another Sneaker on the balcony above. Taking them down without alerting everyone else can be a challenge, so avoid them if you want to avoid making a scene. There's a Concussion Grenade, some 10mm Pistol Ammo and a PEPS Energy Pack on the various tables around the room, if you're interested in loot.

14 - Office

A single guard sits in the office here, with his back conveniently turned if you've come in through the vent from (8). Take note that the guards outside will be able to see you through the windows, so becareful if you're trying to keep a low profile. You'll find a Credit Chip and Automatic Unlocking Device on the desk, and the computer contains some Belltower correspondence reloated to Tong's son.

15 - Prison Cells

Though you'll find Tong's son sleeping inside one of the cells, they're covered by cameras. Unless you don't mind setting off the alarms, you'll want to disable the cameras and open the cells using the computer at (16).

16 - Security Room

This security room is guarded by a single soldier, and can be broken into via the weak wall at (11), through a vent in the ceiling, or via the front door. The security computer requires a level 1 hack, and will allow you to disable the Security Cameras and open the cell doors back at (15). Before going, grab the Hypostim on the floor nearby for some emergency healing.

17 - Vent

The vent behind these crates will take you to the security room at (17), as well as above the cells at (15), where you'll hear Tracer Tong mumbling to himself.

18 - Tracer Tong

Finally, Tracer Tong, the man himself. Tong is a good deal younger than in the first Deus Ex, of course, and significantly more headstrong... in fact, some of the wisdom Jensen gives the kid seems to rub off on him. Before breaking out, you can ask him about the kidnapping and he'll explain that it was a plan to get him out of Hengsha, as his father Tong would never willingly allow him to leave. When you're ready to go, he'll activate the device you brought for him - turns out it's a cloaking augmentation repurposed for handheld use.

For rescuing Tracer Tong, you'll receive +1000 XP along with any relevant bonuses. Congratulations on completing the bonus mission! Before slipping out, check under Tong's bed for a Nuke Virus Software and Stop! Worm Software. Time to head back to Tong in the Harvesters' sanctum to continue the story.

A - Exit to Diagong District Sewers (Return)

P - Alarm Panels

S - Security Cameras