Chiron Building
Chiron Building

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The luxurious Chiron Building is home to Adam Jensen. You'll be able to visit his apartment here during the main story, and you'll also meet Cassandra Reed in the lobby after you've found most of the information for the Motherly Ties quest.

1 - Cassandra Reed

Speak with Cassandra Reed here during the Motherly Ties quest to bring her your conclusions after investigating all the leads given by Detective Chase. If you recovered Megan Reed's Bracelet from the storage locker back near the Police Station, you'll have the choice to either give it to Cassandra or hold on to it yourself: holding on will grant you the Sentimental Value achievement. You'll be able to answer a few different ways during the conversation, choosing to be cold and pessimistic or a bit more supportive. When all's said and done, you'll receive +1000 XP for finishing up the quest, and the Motherly Ties achievement.

2 - Front Desk

You can read the computer terminal's e-mails (if it's not in use), but it's all background information, nothing particularly useful for you.

3 - Elevator

The elevator here will take you up to Jensen's apartment, and back down to the lobby.

4 - Jensen's Apartment

Jensen has a pretty nice pad, all things considered. You can take your time inspecting some of the items strewn about, including an eBook on "Advanced Clock Building" and a Combat Rifle on the coffee table. Head into the bedroom and use your computer for a few e-mails, including one containing the keycode to the hidden stash at (5), "5375". Search around near the desk for another Combat Rifle and some Combat Rifle Ammo in the drawer it's propped against, then read the Scholar eBook, "The Intelligence Circuit", on the nightstand for +200 XP.

If you've come back after retrieving the neural hub from the Police Station, using the computer will trigger a cutscene, wherein you learn that the hacker was acting as a "human proxy", being controlled remotely by his augmentations. Pritchard manages to trace the signal to Highland Park, an old warehouse in the industrial district of Detroit, which is where you're headed next.

When the cutscene is finished, you'll receive +1000 XP, and David Sarif will tell you to head to
Derelict Row - either to shut down a transmitter tower that's been acting as the backdoor into Sarif's network, or, if you've already disabled it, to head to Derelict Row for pickup. You'll find a number of ways into Derelict Row at the north end of the Detroit City Streets North area, quite close to the Chiron Building, though you'll have to contend with Derelict Row Baller gangsters when you arrive.

5 - Hidden Stash

Jensen's apartment houses a secret stash full of goodies. Check for a keypad near the stairs leading from the door, and either hack it (level 1) or use the code found on Jensen's computer, "5375". Flip the switch, and you'll see the television lift up to reveal a compartment. Inside, you'll be treated to an Armor-Piercing System Upgrade, two Credit Chips, a 10mm Pistol, two boxes of 10mm Pistol Ammo, a Remote Detonated Explosive Device (DLC only), and an Automatic Unlocking Device (DLC only). There's also a +100 XP bonus in it for you.

6 - Elevator (Out of Order)

The elevator at the back of the hall is out of service. You'll get the opportunity to use it later in the game, however.

A - Exit to Detroit City Streets North