Detroit Downtown Apartments (Return)
Detroit Downtown Apartments (Return)

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The Detroit apartments haven't changed much since you last saw them, but you'll find a couple of quest-related ones are now open to you. You'll also find Seurat, the arms dealer, in his usual place in case you need to stock up. Interestingly, most of the apartment computers and keypads are re-locked, meaning you'll be able to hack them again for more XP, but there are no new items, e-mails, etc. to find.

1 - Seurat's Apartment

You'll find Seurat here despite the rioting. While he hasn't changed much, his stock has. And yes, your "egghead discount" for helping Greg Thorpe is still in effect:
2 - Brent Radford's Apartment

During the Acquaintances Forgotten quest, you'll find the detective who investigated Jensen for Sarif in his apartment... guarded by what looks to be a government agent. Take the guy out, then speak to Radford (+100 XP), who has been severely wounded. He'll initially insist you find his Trauma Kit in his closet (+100 XP), which contains some morphine to reduce his pain (+100 XP), before speaking with him, and you'll need to administer some more during the conversation when he asks for it for him to reveal any more information. While Radford looks down on augmentations, he'll still cough up some useful information: a storage locker behind the bank (he'll give you the code if you ask him about Details, then Task), and Michelle, a woman he refers to as Jensen's "guardian angel".

Before leaving, Radford will ask you to euthanize him, as he realises he's paralyzed and doesn't want to live with augmentations or in a wheelchair. You have a couple of options:
  • Refuse to kill Radford. You'll get nothing for this choice.
  • Apply a lethal morphine dose. You won't get any in-game reward, but you will unlock the Kevorkian Complex achievement if you grant Radford his wish.
  • Inquire as to why Radford hates augmentation. After he gives his justification, you can use your CASIE augmentation ("appease" option) to convince him augmentation will both save and improve his life. Once again, you'll get nothing, but Radford will live.
When you've tended to Radford, you'll need to head off to his storage locker in Detroit City Streets North - the fastest way is out the North Apartments window, and through the passage past the basketball court.

3 - Michelle Walthers' Apartment

Michelle, the "guardian angel" mentioned by Radford during the Acquaintances Forgotten quest, lives in the east apartment complex (her place was locked during your previous visit to Detroit). Finding her will grant +100 XP. Speak to her for another +100 XP bonus, and you'll shortly find that her grasp of reality isn't the most secure - she confuses Adam for a meals-on-wheels delivery boy. Michelle will refuse to believe that Adam is who he says he is, but she'll ask that you get her the childhood photos of Adam from Radford's storage locker in the North City Streets.

When you've got the photos, hand them over (+100 XP) and ask for a bit more information on "the boy in the photos". She'll mention that Adam's real parents, workers at White Helix Labs, started the fire there to prevent the same experiments being performed on Adam from being performed on the rest of the babies. However, when pressed, she'll refuse to give up any more information. If you've got the Social Enhancer augmentation, you'll be able to persuade her ("charm" option) to tell some more, and she'll reveal that Adam had undergone extensive gene therapy, and his genes were going to be used to inoculate the rest of the test subjects. Before you leave, she'll ask you to take a sum of money (+200 Credits) to Adam - you can either let her keep it, or ensure that Adam does indeed get it. Leaving her apartment will provide +1000 XP, and trigger a dialogue with Pritchard to wrap the quest up.

A - Exit to Detroit Back Alley (Return)

B - Exit to Detroit Back Alley (Return)

C - Exit to Detroit Back Alley (Return)

D - Exit to Detroit Back Alley (Return) (Fire Escape)

E - Exit to Detroit Back Alley (Return) (Fire Escape)