Deus Ex: Human Revolution Equipment Database: Item Details
High Explosive Dual Purpose (HEDP) Semi-Smart Rocket
Category: Ammunition
Installation: Base Installation
84mm, semi-guided, high explosive, anti-installation/anti-armor rocket munitions for use against all light armor targets and non-hardened installations when deployed by the appropriate launcher.
• Detroit (Old Textile District) - Found on adjustable riser in building accessible only through gas-filled sewer tunnel
• Detroit (FEMA Detention Center) - Found on pile of steel
• Detroit (FEMA Detention Center) - Found on shelf
• Detroit (FEMA Detention Center) - Found on crate in Barrett's room
• Lower Hengsha (Hung Hua Hotel) - Purchased from Lin Fu Ren
• Omega Ranch (Main Facility) - Found on shelf in secure storage room
• Panchaea (Hyron Core) - Found on container in Storage A