Lower Hengsha Sewers
Lower Hengsha Sewers

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There are three sewer systems in Hengsha - one under the Diagong District, one under the Kuaigan District, and one under the Youzhao District. Only the Kuaigan Sewers, however, have anything of real note at this point in the game, so don't worry about delving into the sewers underneath the Daigong and Youzhao Districts.

1 - Weak Wall

Punch or blast your way through this weak wall section to earn yourself a Mine Template, some Stun Gun Darts, and a whole lot of Machine Pistol Ammo, plus +100 XP.

2 - Weak Wall

Another weak wall to break. This one hides a Praxis Kit, some Painkillers, and you'll get a +100 XP bonus on top of that for finding it.

3 - Table

The Pocket Secretary on the table here will give you the code "7845", used to unlock one of the storage units near Alice Garden Pods.

4 - Weak Wall

Smash through here to find five Nuke Virus Software disks, and a gas valve to dissapate the toxic gas at (5). Entering the small room will earn you +100 XP.

5 - Toxic Gas

If you have the Rebreather upgrade, you can just stroll through this toxic gas cloud; otherwise, you'll want to use the valve beyond the weak wall at (4) to bypass it.

6 - Valve

Crank this valve to get rid of the toxic gases at (5).

7 - Table

Trek all the way deep into the Youzhao District Sewers for a bottle of Spirits on this table. Yeah, that's all there is down here. Sorry.

A - Exit to Hengsha Kuiagan District

B - Exit to Hung Hua Hotel

C - Exit to The Hive

D - Exit to Daigong District

E - Exit to Youzhao District