Hung Hua Hotel
Hung Hua Hotel

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The Hung Hua Hotel is an, ahem, gentlemen's club in downtown Hengsha, and considered to be the peak of nightlife along with The Hive. You'll find yourself coming here even if you're interested more in business than pleasure.

1 - Counter

Check the counter in the back corner of the bar for a Beer, if you feel like living it up.

2 - Lin Fu Ren

Lin Fu Ren is an arms dealer operating out of a semi-hidden room in the Hung Hua. To find him, slide the wall panel opposite the bar. You won't find anything in the lockers nearby, but the door at (B) leads to the sewers under the Kuaigan District.

3 - Security Room

The security room's computer (level 2) lets you disable the Security Camera in Lin Fu Ren's room, if you wish. Of more interest is the level 2 safe, which holds 10mm Pistol Ammo and a Credit Chip. You'll also find a CyberBoost ProEnergy Pack in one of the lockers, and another entry in the "Hearts of Steel" series on the desk.

4 - Hotel Room

Check inside here for a HIVE Membership Card at the foot of the bed. This will get you into The Hive legitimately, without having to pay any money or sneak through the back.

5 - Hotel Room

This second hotel room doesn't have much inside except for a CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar on the bedside table.

6 - Mei Suen & Edgar Lee

As you approach, you'll overhear a fight between Edgar Lee, the Hung Hua's proprietor, and Mei Suen, a senior employee. Break up their argument by walking in on them, then speak to Mei to learn that the new management has been forcing his employees to get sex-related augmentations, as augmented women make more money. They've even resorted to kidnapping, and has had his men take a friend of Mei's, Ning, to "leash" her with augments.

Agreeing to help Mei will begin the quest Rotten Business, and provide you a primary and secondary objective - the primary, to find Ning and free her (she's in the Daigon District, near the sewer canal), and the secondary to speak to Chuanli, a bouncer who hangs out on the roof of the Hung Hua Hotel during breaks. Before leaving on your way, head out onto the balcony to find a Credit Chip on the table.

Once you've finished rescuing Ning, you'll be rewarded with +1000 XP and +1000 Credits for your help. Before you go, Mei will ask you if you're interested in helping her deal with Diamond Chan, the Harvester drug dealer that runs the Hung Hua Hotel. She needs you to kill him, but to make it look like an accident by dropping his unconscious body off a rooftop... however, if you inquire further, you'll find that you're able to instead knock him out and plant drugs in his apartment to have him arrested instead. Mei will give you a Package of Drugs to plant on him if you wish, and send you on your way to the Youzhao District.

After dealing with Diamond Chan, your return to Mei will provide you with +1000 XP and +2000 Credits regardless of how you handled the situation. You'll receive the Rotten Business achievement for completing the quest, as well.

7 - Locked Hotel Room

The keypad on the door is level 3 and can be hacked open, or, alternately, you can head out to the balcony in an adjoining room and climb in that way. Inside, you'll find a client busy with one of the employees - if he notices you, he'll become hostile. The item of importance in this room rests near the bed - a Smart Card with a Tai Yong Medical logo on it. You'll need one of these later in the game, so you'd might as well grab it now. Otherwise, you'll need to return to pick it up. Grabbing it will earn you +1000 XP.

A - Exit to Kuaigan District

B - Exit to Kuaigan District Sewers