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Release Date:2011-08-23
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I really hadn't spent a whole lot of hands-on time with Deus Ex: Human Revolution when I was given the chance to sit down with lead writer Mary DeMarle during a recent press event, so I can't help but feel like I overlooked a few topics that I would have otherwise asked about following my full six-hour marathon. Still, with most of the questions focusing on environments, characters, equipment, and information gathering, there are quite a few details to be picked up from Mary's responses:

GB: I'm still a bit perplexed - what is Adam's relationship with Megan? The game is very subtle about what's going on there.

Mary: I should say, "What do you think it is?"

GB: It's obvious that they have a romantic history of some kind, but it's not clear in the demo how extensive it was.

Mary: Yes, they do have a history. The back-story with Adam and Megan is that they were together; they were significant others, or whatever you want to say, for a couple years, but then ended up breaking up. So they are exes, and after Jensen has this incident which you'll learn more about when you play the rest of the game but the Mexicantown incident, he left the force and then Megan got him back working at Sarif Industries.

So they're exes and while their relationship is over, there's maybe something still there, but it's over and now they're working together.

GB: Beyond the relationship between Adam and Megan, are there other NPCs in the game that we can spark some sort of romantic interest with at some point?

Mary: Let me think about that. It's not a game like Fable, where you can go and develop relationships with characters. It's not a game that allows that kind of role-playing. There are characters in the game that you will hopefully like and become attached to, but there isn't anything that you can actually force you can't cause a relationship, if that's the heart of what you're asking. However, there are some very interesting female characters that you will definitely have some interesting reactions to.

GB: We don't actually see Megan die in the demo, even though her picture is next to a funeral shown in a newspaper. Is that something that you always want us thinking in the back of our head - did she die, or was she captured? Perhaps she was even involved somehow?

Mary: I can't answer all those questions. All I can say is that she dies in the initial attack as the newspapers claim. You'll have to expose the rest of the conspiracy as you go.

GB: I have something like 3000 credits in my current game, but since there are no merchants or anything in the press demo, it's tough to gauge what sort of economy system there is. What sort of items can we buy and are we going to have to make tough choices when spending our credits?

Mary: As you move into the city hubs, you can find weapons dealers who will sell you things. You can go to LIMB clinics LIMB standing for Liberty In Mind and Body International, the pro-augmentation supporters. They are the clinics that actually equip people with augmentations, so you can buy things from them: you can buy upgrades, like Praxis Kits. You can buy nutrients and consumables and other things that you'll need.

So you can use your money later in the game, and then there are also times in the game that occasionally people will ask you for money - you can use money to bribe people. So that's where the credit economy comes in.