About GameBanshee

GameBanshee was launched way back in 2000, and is devoted to providing our audience with daily news about classic, current, and upcoming role-playing games. In addition to a regular newsfeed, we offer regular reviews, previews, interviews, and other editorial coverage for a variety of RPG titles and provide in-depth information for the games spotlighted by the dozens of "subsites" within the Banshee Network.

GameBanshee was founded by Jon "Buck" Birnbaum.  Many other people have contributed to the website over the years, from content creation to community moderation, with key contributions currently being provided by Steven "Westlake" Carter and Val "ValH" Hull. A vast majority of the website's design is based on our own vision and creations, but there are other teams whom we owe credit to, and we'd like to issue a public thanks to them here:

• The many talented development teams who have created the CRPGs that have captured our attention and hearts over the years.

• The many tabletop role-playing game designers who have inspired counless fans and developers alike, across multiple generations.

• The Joomla team, who created the content management system that we use every single day to build much of the site's content.

• The team at game-icons.net, for their amazing icons that we use in various locations around the site.

GameBanshee was acquired by Lexicon Gaming in 2022 and an updated website is currently in progress.