On September 14th, 2012, Obsidian Entertainment launched their first-ever Kickstarter campaign to realize their dream of developing an Infinity Engine-inspired RPG with a range of features that would never even make the first round of cuts in a traditional developer/publisher agreement. As this is a project that's near and dear to our hearts as well, we would love nothing more than to "immortalize" GameBanshee and its devoted audience within the game itself. To do that, we've created a ChipIn campaign that will allow you to become a part of something big - the pledging of a sum of money (determined by the donations we receive) that will ultimately realize the "immortalization" goal that we've wanted to pursue since the Kickstarter craze took off. We wouldn't expect anyone to donate money to us without some kind of recognition, however, so we've created this very page to recognize anyone and everyone who contributes to our goal.

In addition to having your name "immortalized" on this prominent page and receiving our absolute gratitude, anyone who contributes $50 or more will have the fantasy-themed name of their choice scrawled into the game itself and receive a custom Project Eternity badge on the GameBanshee Forums that will last, well, for eternity. Contribute $100 or more, and we'll even send you a custom mousepad featuring an exclusive GameBanshee "Immortalizer" logo. On top of that, we will be receiving a large number of digital copies of Project Eternity as part of the pledge reward, and every single copy that we receive will be randomly distributed among those people who have contributed.

So if you've enjoyed the content here on GameBanshee in any of the 12+ years that we've existed, please consider donating to this cause to help us secure one of the top pledge tiers on the Project Eternity Kickstarter and to show the publishers of the world that fans of old-school role-playing games are more than willing to spend some hard-earned money when they're not being shoveled yet another console-friendly action RPG.

Simone Lerch
Joshua Duncan
Guillaume Laurent
Stig Beite Løken
Rylan Duivestein
Daniel Oakland
Alex Galea
Mikael Tuxen
Gavin Hill
Martin Tomlinson
Dominik Rzepa
Bryce Johnston
Douglas LeBeau
Charles Clerc
Hans Hadinata
Benjamin Kristensen
John Sims
Petr Kodolov
Philip Linsen
Pavlos Papalamprou
Rick Creativeblox
Andreas Hjelm
Shaun Ferry
Jonas Veekhoven
Roman Kalik
Eero Salonen
Jesse Willard
John Conlon
Calen L. Yellow Robe
Kelly Greger
Mahir Ilgaz
龑 谢
Petr Bartoš
Richard LeBeau
Jack Peters
Jakob Battelino Prelog
Petr Kelbl
Nick Hove
Ralf Herrmann
Paul Web3box
Benoit Delain
Nir First
John Williamson
Max Schulz
Timothy Greenwood
Paul Marzagalli
Jeremy Priest
Justin Turner
Timothy Fitzgerald
Neil Cook
Clay Keller
Simon Varley
Kirill Chepurin
Mino Marani
Steffen Brøchner
John Graham
Thierry Escure
Lorenz Pollak
Nick Schweitzer
Timothy Garrett
Julien Vandenbosch
Risto-Matti Pulkkinen
Rasmus Riemer Jakobsen
Ryan McBride
Mariya Peycheva
Kael Hollowell
Pablo Fernandez Castro
Marc Borella
Jill Birnbaum
Kris De Troch
David Berube
Stan Ushumirskiy
Nigel Ambler
Brynjar Sigurðsson
Nhat Tran
Aaron Cole
Claudio Petitto
Lars-Christian Selland
James Herbert
Teppo Pölönen
Alexander Nordenbring
Hilary Lindler
Dennis Daugherty
Sankalp Singh
Alexander Glesmann
Lynn Edey
Andreas Wenzel
Milena Davoli
Per Sjödén
Shaun Ferry
Monrad Sune Kjærbo
Michael Cipriano
Denver TenBroek
Adam Walton
Joonas Kettunen
Ján Lukáš
Isabelle Imreh
Benjamin Geddes
Mr S Noel
Fong Ben
Robert Yarrington
Jon Erlend Bordøy
Rustin Lovewell
Cole Schonhofer
Robert Taylor