Sarif Industries (3rd Visit)
Sarif Industries (3rd Visit)

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You'll arrive back at Sarif Industries after finishing up with the Purity First terrorists at the Sarif Plant. When you land, you'll enter into conversation with Malik. During the dialogue, you'll be able to pick your tone with her regarding her question about your augmentations, and ask her for some background information on the attack on Sarif six months ago.

When you've finished up, you have free reign of the building, and no hostages waiting on you. You can take the time to explore, or even head out onto the Detroit streets if you wish. For now, though, your goal is to visit Pritchard and return the Typhoon.

1 - Hidden Stash

On your way back from the helipad, you might want to take the left-side entrance down into the maintenance area underneath the cafeteria. At the end of the hall here, you'll find a vent next to a vending machine. Climb in and head down the ladders to find a Credit Chip, a Pocket Secretary, and +200 XP.

2 - Tech Lab

Back in the Tech Lab, Pritchard will comment on your exploits at the Sarif Plant, then tell you the entire computer system is down, as he's running a diagnostic to determine how the hacker got access to their systems. That out of the way, you'll need to go up to the Penthouse and speak with David Sarif for your debriefing. Pritchard's got a few collectables in his office - a couple of CyberBoost ProEnergy Bars on the desks around his computer, and there's a Credit Chip tucked away on his couch.

When you're done, head over to the elevator at (3) and take it up to David's Penthouse.

3 - Elevator

This elevator, with entrances on the first, second and third floors, will take you up to David's Penthouse.

4 - Penthouse Desk

David's private secretary, Athene, sits at the desk here. You can strike up some conversation with her to gain a bit of insight into William Taggard, the leader of the Humanity Front movement.

5 - Penthouse

When you arrive at the Penthouse, you'll see a cinematic sequence where David and Hugh Darrow are speaking with one another. When you enter the room, Hugh vanishes... cloaking device, or hologram? Afterwards, David will comment on how you handled the last mission. You'll be able to choose your tone during the conversation, and, at the end, you can express concern at being asked to perform an illegal act if you wish to.

Once the conversation's over, you'll have two new objectives: break into the Police Station in downtown Detroit to recover the hacker's body, and check up at the Detroit LIMB Clinic to make sure your systems are all in order... just in case. For meeting with David, you'll earn +1000 XP.

6 - Elevator

This elevator will take you back down to (3), on the second floor.

When you come back from David's Penthouse, you'll receive an alert to head to Jensen's Office, so head up to the third floor - it's the big red glass capsule overlooking the ground floor.

7 - Jensen's Office

Your office, as before, has two computer terminals in it - one for your personal use, and another to view the security cameras. If you didn't get it already, you can grab the Pocket Secretary on the desk for your login password, "mandrake". Otherwise, you can try hacking the computer - it's got level 3 security. Searching the room, you'll also find some Wine on the desk, and some Painkillers inside a nearby drawer.

After arriving back from the Penthouse during your Sarif Plant debriefing, you'll be summoned to your office (+500 XP for entering). Inside you'll find Tim Carella, a rather nervous Sarif scientist who begins the quest Lesser Evils. He's been stealing Neuropozyne, an anti-rejection drug, and selling it with an old Sarif employee, Brian Tindall, but wants out of the deal. His partner, however, has security camera footage with him in it, and is blackmailing Tim into keeping up his end. If you accept the quest, you'll need to head to Tindall's apartment in downtown Detroit to find Tindall.

8 - Office 31

You can enter by hacking the keypad on the door, level 2 security. Inside you'll find a CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar on the desk, a Credit Chip and Pocket Secretary (contains code to Office 27, "4145"), and an eBook on a small table. The computer has a couple of e-mails, including one with a saved chat conversation about Jensen.

9 - Office 33

Tim Carella's office is locked (security level 2). Inside there's two Credit Chips, one in the drawers near the computer and one on top of a bookshelf. You'll also find a conspiracy-laden eBook on a desk. The computer has some correspondence between Tindall and Carella, and you'll find the code to Malik's office (Office , "5475") among the e-mails.

10 - Office 35

This office is occupied, so you won't have to break in. The computer is in use and can't be examined, but you'll find a saucy romance eBook on the desk.

11 - Office 34

Another office. This one is shut by a level 3 lock, so you may want to come back later for it. Inside you'll find two Credit Chips (one on a desk, the other in a drawer), an eBook about Belltower, and a computer terminal with some e-mails regarding the Neuropozyne smuggling. The vent on the wall goes to the adjacent office (12), and provides a +100 XP bonus for crawling through.

12 - Office 32

This locked office (level 2) can be cracked by typing in the code "9642", found in Office 23 (17). It contains a CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar on a desk, a couple of Credit Chips in separate drawers, an eBook with some background in Hugh Darrow, and another one with details on Megan's research and a "Patient X". The computer (hack level 2, password "eclipse") has some intra-office scandal on it, but little else. Last, you'll find a vent in this office connecting it to Office 34 at (11).

13 - Office 30

You'll once again have to hack in here (lock level 2, code "0250"), but your efforts will be rewarded with a Credit Chip in the drawers and a CyberBoost ProEnergy Pack on one of the desks. The computer is unlocked and has some hints at a Sarif project called "Basilisk" on it.

14 - Office 22

This office is home to Faridah Malik, but it's locked with a level 4 keypad. You can either boost your Hacking: Capture augment to open it, or use the code "5475", found on the computer in Office 33 (9). There's an eBook by David Sarif on the bookshelf and a Credit Chip in the drawers, but little else. However, Malik's computer contains the code to the Helipad Storage Area (22), "8053", which holds quite a nice stash of equipment.

15 - Office 20

This office is shut by a level 3 lock. Unfortunately, there's no items to loot inside, and the man inside is occupying the computer for the time being.

16 - Office 21

Another office locked with a level 2 keypad. This one has an eBook on Sarif Industries inside, and the accessible computer terminal (the other is in use by an employee) contains some correspondence between David Sarif and his PR director. Seems that Picus, the multimedia conglomerate, has been slandering Sarif Industries in its news coverage. Coincidence?

17 - Office 23

This office is sealed tight with a level 2 keypad. Inside you'll find an eBook on the "World of Tomorrow", some Credit Chips in the two drawers, and, on the computer, evidence of Pritchard's investigation into the Neuropozyne thefts, as well as the code to Office 32 (12), "9642".

18 - Office 25

Hack the keypad on this door (level 2) to gain entrance, or enter via Office 27 at (19). You'll find a Scholar eBook "The Tyranny of Biology" in here, for a +200 XP bonus, as well as Credit Chips on the table and in the nearby drawer, and a CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar on the desk. The computer has some general correspondence, but no outright useful information. Last, you can use the vent in the office to reach Office 27; you'll pick up a +100 XP bonus for doing so.

19 - Office 27

This final office is held shut by a level 2 lock, but you can bypass hacking by using the code "4145", as found in Office 31 (8). You'll spot another Scholar eBook "The Neural Hub - Design for a Next Generation" for a +200 XP bonus, some Whiskey on top of the nearby bookshelf, and a Credit Chip inside the drawers near the computer. The e-mails on the computer have some gossip about Sarif cutting its vacation days, and the possibility of Megan still being alive.

20 - Front Desk

You'll still find Cindy Martinez, the receptionist, sitting at the desk here. She'll be chatting with a fellow employee... not too bright, huh? You can still ask her for directions if you really need them, but at this point you probably won't need them.

21 - Helipad

You can chat here with Malik again if you really want, but she doesn't have anything new to say provided you spoke to her when you arrived back from the Sarif Plant.

22 - Helipad Storage Area

Anyone who's played the original Deus Ex will appreciate this little detail. Search the back of the Helipad for a maintenance ladder going down. The door at the bottom is locked with a level 5 keypad, but you can spare yourself the difficult hacking job by getting the code from Office 22 (14), "8053".

Inside, you'll find a +100 XP bonus, and a minor treasure trove: Combat Rifle and Revolver Ammo, Tranquilizer and Stun Gun Darts, and an Ammo Capacity Upgrade.

A - Exit to Detroit City Streets South