Gameplay Tips
Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a big game, and with so many options available, whether they're in choosing your weapons, your augmentations, or your route through the game, it can be difficult to make your decisions. Below, you'll find some tips on how to maximize your play and get the most out of the game.

There are no Bad Choices

While most games tend to have optimal outcomes, Human Revolution is a bit of an exception - in most cases, there are no obvious good or evil options to how you play, no ways you can completely screw up, etc. No matter what you choose to do, whether that's in the story or during gameplay, you'll find that the game will reward your decisions. The best way to play Deus Ex is to simply do what you find enjoyable, so don't regret it if you miss out on that level 5 computer you couldn't hack, or didn't kill that one annoying character - you'll have that much more to look forward to in your next play-through. Just remember that your choices have consequences... and sometimes, they aren't what you'd expect.

Not all Augmentations are Created Equal

Augmentations in Human Revolution are game-changing, but not each and every one is equally valuable. Different players will always have their preferences, but in general, there's a few you'll want to prioritise early on to maximize your exploration and available equipment. Specifically, your Hacking: Capture augmentations will allow you to get into the most fortified of computer systems and bypass the toughest locked doors, while the Jump Enhancement will allow you to leap over walls and find new hidden items. Getting these augmentations upgraded early on in the game will let you see and do more, and you'll have more options available when the going gets tough. See our Augmentations page for more details on making your choices.

Thou Art Not a Wizard

Remember that Human Revolution doesn't have any character classes you need to adhere to - you can play the game any way you want, whether that's to go through without laying a finger on a single enemy, or to leave everyone dead in your wake - but fortunately, those are only extremes, and you can choose to take any play-style between those two extremes to meet your situation. Sometimes, even a stealthy character will want to resort to violence, while the occasional use of a non-lethal weapon like a Gas Grenade will go a long way for a combat-oriented character. While you'll often find yourself able to play the way you want to in most situations, don't be afraid to adapt to survive - you'll probably be more successful than you think.

Now Where'd I Leave my Keys...

As with most games of its type, Deus Ex rewards exploration - the game is full of new guns, ammunition and other equipment to gain, shops to purchase gear from, new side-quests to complete, and the game will even reward you with XP for simply taking the time out of your schedule to dig deeper into the game world. Don't be afraid to go off the beaten track and look for anything that could help you... once you get into the habit, you'll find yourself with all the equipment you need to get by, and more. So long as you don't squander what you have, you'll always have just as much as you need.

Always Have a Contingency Plan

Versatility is key to your survival in Deus Ex. The more options you give yourself in terms of your equipment and abilities, the better your chances are of getting out of a tough situation. Stealthy characters should consider carrying a Combat Rifle or some Frag Grenades around, for insance, and just about everyone is well-served by keeping a few Mine Templates on hand to lay traps for enemies. While the decision on what equipment to take with you is yours, it's usually better to have a greater variety of tools on-hand than to stock up entirely on one thing.

The Stun Gun is Your Multitool

One of the easiest things to miss while playing the game is that the Stun Gun is actually one of the most useful utility items in the game. While it can instantly knock out a single enemy, it has a few more uses that make it worth carryong even for action-minded characters. The Stun Gun is able to temporarily disable any electronic device when fired at it, including laser grids, and even Security Cameras and Sentry Bots. Not only will this give you the option to avoid setting off alarms, but in a tough fight against a robot or two, you'll be able to give yourself some much-needed breathing room with a simple stun attack. On a related note, remember that almost all doors in the game can be broken down with an explosive, or even several shots from a Combat Rifle or other weapon. If you need to make a fast exit or simply can't hack through something, there's often a very good chance you'll still be able to progress, using force rather than finesse.