Detroit LIMB Clinic
Detroit LIMB Clinic

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LIMB Clinics are where you'll purchase augmentation-related items throughout the game, including various energy-boosting items and coveted Praxis Kits to enhance your augmentations. There are three in total, but you'll return to two of them during the game, whose supplies will be replenished in the meantime. Therefore, it's highly recommended you buy the Praxis Kits available as soon as you're able.

Immediately upon visiting the Detroit LIMB Clinic for the first time, you'll make an unnecessarily dramatic entrance, and speak with Dr. Marcovic, who oversaw Adam's augmentation surgery. She explains that Adam isn't showing any signs whatsoever of augmentation rejection, and indeed, even suggests that his bond with his augments is growing stronger day by day - it seems Adam doesn't need to rely on Neuropozyne like all other augmented people, though she can't explain why. Additionally, she'll tell you that Sarif Industries has made a sizeable donation to LIMB in order to ensure that Adam will be able to buy Praxis Kits freely from them; you'll receive +5000 Credits, the price of a Praxis Kit, and +1000 XP for completing your objective.

1 - Dr. Marcovic

After the initial conversation, you'll be able to buy a limited supply of augmentation-related goods from her:
  • Ammunition: Typhoon Ammo (5x, 100 Credits)
  • Consumables: Hypostim (2x, 100 Credits), CyberBoost ProEnergy Jar (2x, 250 Credits)
  • General Augmentations: Praxis Kit (2x, 5000 Credits).

2 - Lobby

You'll find a few people to talk to in the lobby, as well as an eBook on the table about the promise of augmentation.

3 - Trolley

Check the trolley in the back hallway to find the sixth Scholar eBook, "The Visual Cortex 2.0 - The Eye, Redesigned", and you'll get +200 XP.

4 - Operating Room

Head inside the operationg room in the back, the same one where Adam had his augmentation work done, presumably. There's a CyberBoost ProEnergy Jar hidden on the floor behind one of the counters in the corner, and in addition, you can read the computer to find out some information on Adam's surgery, including the fact that he may have been given more, and higher-grade, augmentations than were necessary to save his life.

A - Exit to Detroit City Streets South