Alice Garden Pods
Alice Garden Pods

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The Alice Garden Pods are a rather depressing affair, an apartment complex and shopping center built in order to accommodate Hengsha's poor and disenfranchised... not to mention a fair share of runaway criminals. You'll hunt down the hacker Arie van Bruggen here, on Tong's suggestion, and pick up a side-quest from Malik as well.

1 - Receptionist's Office

You'll find the receptionist well-guarded behind a level 3 keypad-locked door. Hack your way through to find two eBooks ("Dragon Heads" and the receptionist's diary), then check the floor under the desk for a Pocket Secretary containing the login to the computer - it's "rbbthole". The computer, hackable at level 3, contains a bunch of e-mails related to the resident in pod 301 (van Bruggen) and some other general information. Next, turn your attention to the level 3 safe to find a Credit Chip inside. Be careful not to step out into the next room, however, or else the Harvesters outside will become hostile.

2 - Locked Door

This door is initially locked, but it'll open up a bit later on to allow you access to the rest of the Garden Pods.

3 - Malik

You'll run into Malik when you enter into the main hall. If you press her on why she's there, she'll admit that she's visiting to look into the death of an old friend of hers, Evelyn, who died recently. While the death was ruled accidental, the pieces don't add up, and combined with the hasty investigation, Malik belives that Evelyn was in fact killed by her boyfriend. If you agree to help, you'll receive the quest Shanghai Justice, and she'll gives you two tasks: check out Pod 009 to find copies of the police report and newspaper articles regarding her death, and meet with her contact "Anonymous X" at the local LIMB Clinic.

4 - Peng Xin Hao

You'll find an arms dealer in the back room here with a very large stock of equipment for you to peruse: Note that Peng Xin Hao will be inaccessible shortly, so buy what you want as soon as you can from him.

5 - Trash

Search the trash underneath the stairwell for an Armor-Piercing System for your 10mm Pistol, and a CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar on a nearby box.

6 - Pods Section 2

You'll find an array of "pods" in here, along with a slew of equipment to be gained from looting them. Search inside them to find: a Credit Chip, some Wine, and a Pocket Secretary with the code to the receptionist's office "3824". You'll also find a Credit Chip on one of the sofas, nestled between two cushions.

7 - Pods Section 0

In these pods, you'll find an eBook ("How to Win at Mahjong"), and a Credit Chip. If you're doing the quest Shanghai Justice, find pod 009 in the corner to also collect an eBook containing a news article on Evelyn's death, and a Pocket Secretary containing her police report; you'll gain +100 XP for doing so. While it's not strictly necessary to read this information, it will make resolving the quest ideally a bit easier.

8 - Pods Section 1

Another slew of pods to plunder. Inside them you'll come across: two Pocket Secretaries, Revolver Ammo, Stun Gun Darts, a CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar, the Scholar eBook "Electrogravitic Technology Applications" (+200 XP), a Credit Chip, and a Beer.

9 - Vent

This vent will provide you with a sneaky route all the way to the gate at (2).

10 - Pods Section 5

Yet more pods. If you're into stealing the precious belongings of economically destitute people, you'll find: a Credit Chip, a Pocket Secretary, some Spirits, and a 10mm Pistol. Yay theft!

11 - Pods Section 3

Check the pod near the entrance for a CyberBoost ProEnergy Pack, and a PEPS Energy Pack. You'd best not open pod 301, however, unless you're ready to continue with the main plot.

12 - Pods Section 4

More pods, more loot. Among the family heirlooms you'll find: two Credit Chips, a Machine Pistol, and an eBook diary.

13 - Weak Wall

Punch through or blow up this wall to find a Rate-of-Fire Upgrade inside, but note that this may turn the arms dealers (and other residents) hostile.

14 - Pod 009

When you're finished exploring Alice Garden Pods, open pod 009 here to reveal Arie van Bruggen, the hacker who compromised Sarif Industries (+1000 XP). Van Bruggen has nothing against Sarif - the hack was a paid job, for Tai Yong Medical's CEO. Van Bruggen says he has proof, but it's stashed on an obscure part of the Tai Yong central server, so you'll need to break into their offices to obtain it... no easy task, but it starts with finding an employee card that can be encoded with Adam's biometrics. Fortunately, Arie knows just where to look - the Hung Hua Hotel, where a certain TYM guard likes to spend his off hours. Of course, if you've already obtained the card, you can simply hand it to him.

Once you return with the Smart Card, you'll receive a +1000 XP bonus. You'll then watch a cutscene, wherein Van Bruggen gives you the bio-encoded card, and the password to the Tai Yong Medical central server... but you'll need to make your way up to the upper city, through the Pangu, as the employee card will only take you to the labs in the lower city. Before he can demand his payment, Belltower operatives will burst through the ceiling and begin slaughtering the civilians in the hunt for Van Bruggen.

You'll then be given a choice: hand Van Bruggen a weapon to defend himself with (10mm Pistol, Revolver, Combat Rifle, Machine Pistol and Shotgun are all applicable), or let him fend for himself. If you have no such weapons on you, then you won't get the option. Providing Arie with a weapon will allow him to escape the attack, and you'll be compensated with some Credits later in the game; if you don't give him one, he'll die. Considering that you may be carrying heavily-modified weapons, you may want to give him a non-upgraded one (there's a spare 10mm Pistol in Section 5 of the pods), or simply refuse to help him, as the Credits he gives you may not be enough to cover the cost.

Either way, he'll run off, and you'll need to escape from the Alice Garden Pods. You'll find a slew of Belltower forces to fight through - four on the top floor where you are armed with Combat Rifles, four more on the second floor, and three on the bottom floor, including two armed with a new weapon, the Heavy Rifle, effectively a minigun. The catwalk barriers will provide you with adequate cover during the fight (search the commander's body for a Pocket Secretary with the password "IronFist", which will come in handy later), but if you're looking for a more covert route past them, consider the vent at (9) or the weak wall at (13). Your short-term goal will be to head beyond the door at (2).

15 - Lockers

Check these lockers for some Shotgun Cartridges to help you out against the Belltower forces.

16 - Locker Room

You'll find a single Belltower thug on patrol, but more importantly, a Security Camera watching over him. You'll want to take him out away from its visual range to avoid triggering the alarm.

17 - Washrooms

Check inside the men's room for a conspiracy-mongering eBook. The women's washroom is more interesting - it contains some Painkillers on the counter, and a vent at the back of the room that will take you out behind the Turret in the showers (18), allowing you to bypass or disable it.

18 - Showers

You'll find the showers heavily guarded - two Belltower thugs and a Turret on the left-hand aisle, and a Frag Mine on the right-hand aisle. Sneaky characters will most likely want to use the vent at (17) to get by them, while an Action Hero Jensen will have to pick his poison. The security computer at the far side of the room is protected by level 3 security, and will give you dominion over the Turret, but be careful about hacking it, as the guards will most likely spot you in the process.

19 - Dressing Rooms

Make your way through here to reach the next set of showers at (20).

20 - Showers

No Belltower guards in here, but the right-hand path is protected by three Frag Mines, while the left has an electric current running through the water on the floor. If you have EMP Shielding, you can just walk right through the electricity without a scratch, but other players will need to take the right-hand route - throwing the crates past the Frag Mines is a good way to handle them, or, alternately, they can be disabled by approaching them while crouch-walking. You can also climb on top of the water pipes and get across that way, but doing so will set off one of the Frag Mines.

21 - Weak Wall

This weak wall will provide alternate entry to the laundry room at (22), and the option to bypass it completely at (23).

22 - Laundry Room

The laundry room is guarded by two Belltower soldiers. Incapacitate, sneak past or kill them to move on. Note that the weak wall, accessed from (21), will provide a secondary entrance that may give you a tactical advantage over the guards; alternately, you can bypass this room entirely by smashing through the wall at (23).

23 - Weak Wall

This weak wall leads to a rear passage that connects to (21) and (22).

24 - Corridor

This is the home stretch. As you round the bend, you'll spot two Belltower soldiers emerge, one armed with a Heavy Rifle. Either snipe them from a distance, use cover to get up close and personal, or duck under the half-closed door to the right and sneak your way past them. Get past them and you'll have nice and easy access to the exit at (B).

Note that you won't be able to return to the Alice Garden Pods once you leave - ever - so be sure to grab any outstanding items (of note is the Scholar eBook in Pods Section 1 at (8)) and equipment before you go. Your reward for escaping the Belltower ambush is +1000 XP. Time to investigate Tai Yong Medical's involvement into this affair - head out into the Daigong District and you'll find a tram station to take you there just outside the LIMB Clinic.

A - Exit to Hengsha Daigong District

B - Exit to Hengsha Daigong District (Back Door)

P - Alarm Panels

S - Security Cameras

T - Turrets