Panchaea Ring Section
Panchaea Ring Section

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The lower levels of Panchaea are heavily populated with insane augmented workers. Although it's possible to sneak through, you'll likely find it quite a challenge owing to their sheer numbers. During your descent to the bottom of Panchaea to shut down the transmission and Hyron, you'll receive transmissions from both David Sarif and William Taggart - meeting with them is optional, and won't change the outcome of the game, but you'll be able to get some plot-related answers out of them.

1 - Security Checkpoint

While the front door is shut, this security checkpoint's window is shattered. Hop on through to proceed, but before you leave, check the lockers for some Combat Rifle Ammo, Sniper Rifle Ammo and Heavy Rifle Ammo, as well as the computer for some more background e-mails and a shout-out to JC Denton.

2 - Locker Room

Take a moment to incapacitate the crazy worker in here, then search through the lockers for a Credit Chip, Stop! Worm Software and Nuke Worm Software, a Plasma Capsule, Combat Rifle Ammo, and Painkillers. Well, it's not like the crazies will need them anyway.

3 - LIMB Clinic

The final LIMB Clinic in the game is located on Panchaea to service the workers, though you'll have to move the vending machine to get past the door. Fortunately for you, Gerta Mueller, the doctor on duty, has managed to barricade herself in and remain uninjured. She's shaken, but will sell you the usual bunch of LIMB items at standard prices... jeez, you'd think they'd make an exception during a zombie apocalypse.
  • Consumables: Hypostim (2x, 100 Credits), CyberBoost ProEnergy Jar (2x, 250 Credits)
  • Ammunition: Typhoon Ammo (5x, 100 Credits)
  • General Augmentations: Praxis Kit (2x, 5000 Credits).

Before heading out, check a nearby table for an eBook, "mECHsTYLE!", if you'd like some very, very light reading.

4 - William Taggart

As you head down this hallway, William Taggart will broadcast over the Panchaea communication system - he's holed up in the core server room with a number of survivors. While you don't have to go talk to him (it's certainly much easier to ignore him), talking with him will fill in some of the missing plot details.

5 - Door Outside

Before heading outdoors, grab the Sniper Rifle Ammo from the nearby crate if you need it. You'll encounter a large number of crazed augmented people on the catwalks outside, so if your philosophy is "one shot, one kill" then that ammo will no doubt come in handy, especially from the vantage points you should be able to find.

6 - Storage Locker

You'll need to hack the level 3 keypad to open this door, but note that doing so will alarm the crazed workers nearby. Getting in, you'll be rewarded with a Gas Grenade, Shotgun, and some Heavy Rifle Ammo.

7 - Scaffolding

If you need to get away from the crazed workers, this scaffolding is your best option, as they won't be able to climb on top of it. It also provides a good vantage point from which to take them out with impunity.

8 - Server Room

This server room is infested with a whole bunch of crazed workers and Belltower guards, though a Gas Grenade or two will put them to sleep fairly easily. Note that you'll be able to climb up the crates to jump from server rack to server rack, providing you with an easy way to avoid getting swarmed. You won't find much in the way of loot here, save some Combat Rifle Ammo on a stack of boxes near the east door, but search the room for a security hub - hacking its level 5 firewall will allow you to control the nearby Security Cameras and Sentry Bots.

9 - Corpse

Check the floor near this body for a Pocket Secretary containing the password "yyyyyy". Well, nice and simple.

10 - Vent

The ventilation duct here (hop down on the pipe below the walkway to find it) will take you either to the hallway just outside the server room at (8), or directly to William Taggart in the core server room (11).

11 - Weak Wall

Smash this wall to gain access to the core server room, and Taggart (12).

12 - William Taggart & Core Server Room

You've got three options getting into the core server room - take the vent at (10) and bypass the server room at (8), head straight through the server room (8), or move some heavy crates outside the west door in the hallway outside, bypassing the server room (8). When you arrive, you'll need to either hack a level 5 keypad to get in, or break a weak wall at (11), though if you took the vent route, it will take you right past the locked door.

Speak with Taggart and he'll reveal what you've likely suspected for some time - that he is indeed a member of the Illuminati. However, the Illuminati's goal was never to destroy augmentations entirely, only to keep them regulated in order to ensure social stability and gradual change. While the Illuminati rule from the top and enjoy all the benefits, at least it seems there's merit in Taggart's point about keeping society balanced. He'll then propose that, upon shutting down the transmission affecting augmented people, Adam send out a message claiming that contaminated Neuropozyne was at fault, rather than Darrow's admission about the Illuminati... ensuring a place for Adam within the Illuminati's ranks, as well.

You won't have to decide now, though you can talk to Taggart again for a bit more information. Either way, you'll get +500 XP for meeting him. Before leaving, snatch a Credit Chip, Nuke Virus Software and a Laser Rifle Battery from the tables in the room, and read the e-mails on the computer to learn about "girls" somehow linked with Panchaea. From here, head back outside and take the catwalk stairs down to the next level.

13 - Storage Locker

Another storage locker that requires a level 3 hack to get in. This one contains a Plasma Rifle, four Plasma Capsules, and some Heavy Rifle Ammo.

14 - Storage Locker

This storage locker is already open, though you'll risk angering the horde of insane workers nearby upon entering it. Search around for two boxes of Heavy Rifle Ammo, a Shotgun, some Shotgun Cartridges, some Combat Rifle Ammo, and an Automatic Unlocking Device (DLC only).

15 - Storage Locker

Yet another storage locker. Once again, it's already unlocked, though you'll need to open the door and get past the zombie horde to reach it. Check inside for a Credit Chip and some Shotgun Cartridges.

16 - David Sarif

Just like Taggart back at (4), David Sarif will use the intercom to contact you (or anyone, really), mentioning that he's holed up with a bunch of people inside a machine room. You can either keep going directly down the long hallway, or take the nearby elevator down to the optional lower level and meet with him.

17 - Elevator

This elevator will bring you down to near the machine room where David Sarif is holed up.

18 - Machine Room A

Upon arrival, you'll find that this room is inhabited by a large number of insane workers. Getting past them without taking them on directly is a bit difficult, but can be done. The easiest way directly to Sarif is to climb on top of the large power generator units, then onto the pipes running above the area - you'll be able to drop down over the fence on the west side. If you're interested in going in guns blazing, of course, you can just shoot the explosive barrels in the room to easily clear the goons out. If acrobatics or explosions aren't your thing, then you'll have significantly more trouble getting through the doors at the end of the room.

19 - Storage Room

This storage room is unlocked, and contains some minor loot in its lockers - namely, a CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar, Shotgun Cartridges, and Combat Rifle Ammo. On top of that, you'll find a Pocket Secretary with the password "frgottn" on it, used with one of Panchaea's security terminals.

20 - Locked Door

Either break this door down or hack its level 4 keypad to access the stairs to the level below.

21 - Hallway

As you head through this hallway, keep an eye out for two Frag Mines just waiting to ruin your day.

22 - Maintenance Room

Getting in here will grant you +300 XP, which is a bit befuddling as all you need to do is enter the door. Ah well, free XP. Loot the room for a Plasma Rifle, two Plasma Capsules, two boxes of Heavy Rifle Ammo, and some Combat Rifle Ammo. Last, a weak wall in the back of the room will allow you access to the large adjacent room.

23 - Machine Room B

Another machine room occupied by a large number of insane workers. Sneak by or pacify them, then make your way towards (24) to meet up with David Sarif one last time. Note that the vent in the southwest corner of the room can be used to bypass the workers to a degree and gain a more covert means of entrance to Sarif's room (+200 XP).

24 - Sub Machine Room & David Sarif

Keep an eye out for two Frag Mines as you get near this room, though note you'll also be able to get in via a vent in (23). Inside, David Sarif is waiting for you along with several other survivors. Tensions between Sarif and Adam are understandably strained, and Sarif will explain that he wants you to spin the message sent out to claim the Humanity Front was responsible for the horrors unleashed. A lie, perhaps, but one that could end up benefitting mankind by allowing augmentation technology to develop unhindered.

For speaking with David, you'll gain +500 XP. Either stick around and speak with him some more or head off on your way into Panchaea's depths. Before going, check the shelf near the computer system for some Tranquilizer Darts and a PEPS Energy Pack, as well as the locker across the room for a Credit Chip, Sniper Rifle Ammo, Laser Rifle Battery, and two Plasma Capsules. The computer system contains some hints about the Hyron Core's operation, most notably, relating to "drones".

25 - Ventilation Duct

This massive ventilation duct will give you easy access to Panchaea's maintenance area below, but requires the Icarus Landing System to reach safely. There are three insane workers at the bottom you'll need to deal with as well.

26 - Broadcast Center Access

You're nearing the end now. Grab the Heavy Rifle and Heavy Rifle Ammo on the floor if you need it, before proceeding. Note that if you haven't met Sarif or Taggart yet, you might want to turn back from here and do so before moving on, or else you'll lose your chance.

27 - Security Checkpoint

This security room is both full of toxic gas and apparently sealed off... though not quite so. You'll be able to use a vent just inside the next room (28) to crawl in, though of course it's suicide for anyone without the Rebreather augment. Inside, you'll be able to loot the locker for a Gas Grenade, two boxes of Heavy Rifle Ammo and an Automatic Unlocking Device (DLC only), and the nearby table for a Credit Chip. The level 4 security hub, meanwhile, gives you dominion over the Turret and Security Camera on the bridge in the next room, so if you don't mind mowing down those insane workers, by all means, go ahead.

28 - Bridge

This long bridge will provide you with access to the Broadcast Center at Panchaea's core. Unfortunately, it's also occupied by close to two dozen crazy workers and soldiers. You can either take the hard way, punching through with brute force, or a couple of easier ways - either reprogramming the Turret at the end of the bridge from (27), or by using the catwalks on the side of the bridge, though this still risks some injury.

29 - Hyron Core Elevator

This is it, the last area before the game's final boss battle and the ending. You'll want to be well stocked up on ammo and healing items, and to allocate all remaining Praxis Points you have as you see fit, though by this point you've probably got everything you want unlocked. It goes without saying that now is as good a time to save your game as any. Note that if you haven't yet spoken to Sarif or Taggart, you'll need to turn back now, or you'll never get the chance.

When you've fully prepared yourself, activate the elevator for the long descent, and prepare to come face to face with the Hyron Project.

A - Door to Panchaea Port of Entry

B - Elevator to Panchaea Hyron Core

S - Security Cameras

T - Turrets