Detroit Convention Center
Detroit Convention Center

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The Detroit Convention Center will be open for you during your return to Detroit later in the game. William Taggart is giving a speech in front of the press - fortunately for you, Adam's been given a V.I.P. Pass Card into the event. You'll need to either confront Taggart directly on-stage and convince him to reveal the location of Isaias Sandoval (publicly humiliating him for his ties to Purity First in the process), or hack into his computer and find the information yourself.

1 - Stairs

The stairs here will take you to and from the upper level. Duh.

2 - Glitch

Around this point (either upstairs or downstairs) you'll be hit with another one of the glitches you encountered back in the Chiron Building. Nothing to worry about, right?

3 - Main Hall

You'll find a whole bunch of people here discussing their opinions on the augmentation debate, including one particularly passionate woman giving a public speech of her own. Stick around and listen if you'd like. Before moving on, be sure to check the tables for an eBook "Born Human - Be Human", giving more background on Humanity Front.

4 - Stairs

Take these stairs to travel to and from the upper floor.

5 - William Taggart

If you choose to meet with William Taggart, you can simply walk right on in. Doing so will begin a social battle with Taggart in front of the press, wherein you'll try to convince Taggart to reveal Sandoval's location. Note that, if you take the hacking route, you won't be able to meet Taggart afterwards.

The conversation with Taggart is cinematic and intense, but fairly straightforward - primarily, you'll need to avoid admitting weakness and providing any holes in your defense. He'll constantly try to redirect the argument towards augmentation, Jensen's emotional issues regarding the attack on Sarif, and so forth - as a psychiatrist, his best weapon is to find ways of misinterpreting Adam's words. You can either keep on track and continue to press the issue of Sandoval, or get involved in the debate by discrediting Taggart and his followers, but this route seems to be less reliable. Near the end, you'll also be able to use your Social Enhancement to move things in your favour - he responds to the "appease" option.

Successfully persuading him will grant +1000 XP, and an achievement, The Throwdown. Taggart will permit you backstage, where you'll meet him at (7) to discuss Sandoval. Otherwise, you'll need to break in backstage (which will turn his bodyguards hostile) to find the information you need.

6 - Backstage Lounge

There are three bodyguards in this room, making sneaking through rather difficult. If you manage to clear them out or come in cloaked, you'll find the Scholar eBook "Vagus Nerve Stimulators - Repurposing the Technology" on a nearby table for +200 XP. The vent in the ceiling connects to the main shaft going around the backstage area.

7 - William Taggart's Dressing Room

If you avoided talking to Taggart and decided to just get to his computer, you'll find it in here, along with two bodyguards. If you persuaded Taggart to reveal Sandoval's location, however, you'll meet him here, where he'll reveal not only that Sandoval has an apartment in Detroit he stays at, but that Sandoval's brother is actually Zeke Sanders, and may have persuaded Sandoval into his wrongdoing. Getting the information will earn you +750 XP.

There's some different options available if you didn't convince Taggart to give up the information. Accessing the room via the vent at (9) is the easiest option, as you'll keep your cover and bypass the guards outside. Alternately, you can get in via the weak wall in the storage room at (8). Hack Taggart's level 1 computer and you'll learn Sandoval's location. Sarif will then contact you and propose you upload the recording of Sandoval to Taggart's computer, effectively framing him. There's no right/wrong answer, but there are some consequences: if you upload the footage, when you later find Sandoval, he'll be in a suicidal state over his exposure, similar to as if you'd convinced Taggart to give up his location personally; however, if you don't upload the footage, Sandoval will be merely hostile and you'll be forced to use force. Whatever you choose, you'll gain +1500 XP for taking the covert route. As for getting out, you may want to try making your way to the basement via the stairs at (12), as the back door there is guarded a little more lightly.

In both instances, you'll find a few things in this room: a bottle of Beer and an eBook on Taggart's desk, and a level 4 security computer that will give you control of the cameras in the area. There's also a weak wall in the back of the room that will take you to the storage room at (8), though it's not recommended to go making a scene by hacking or smashing if you can avoid it.

8 - Storage Room

Check the ammo case on the desk for Stun Gun and Tranquilizer Darts. You can also smash through the weak wall at the back of the room, behind the large crates, to access Taggart's dressing room at (7).

9 - Vent

Climb up the pile of luggage to gain access to this vent. It'll take you to alternate entry points above the lounge (6), Taggart's dressing room (7) and in the men's washroom (10). Falling through the vent into Taggart's room will earn you +100 XP.

10 - Men's Washroom

Search the rear walls in here to find two vent entrances connecting to the main vent system above the upper level - you'll find another way in at (9), and exit points at (6) and (7).

11 - Bodyguard

Taggart's guards will keep you out of the backstage area unless you manage to persuade him otherwise back at (5). If you're caught entering, the guards will turn hostile and potentially sound the alarm.

12 - Stairwell

The stairs out the back of the backstage area will lead you to an alternate way out of the Convention Center, down in the basement level, useful for stealthy players who want to avoid detection. If you use your Icarus Landing System to fall all the way to the bottom instead, you'll gain a +200 XP bonus for your bravado.

13 - Vent

Heading down the stairs, you'll find this vent, protected by two bodyguards. The bodyguards will chat a little before going their separate ways. If you're sneaking around, the vent will provide an effective means of avoiding detection down in the basement, leading you to a system of smaller pipes and vents along the ceiling, eventually taking you close to the rear exit at (B).

A - Exit to Detroit City Streets South (Return)

B - Exit to Detroit City Streets South (Return) (Back Door)

P - Alarm Panels

S - Security Cameras