Panchaea Port of Entry
Panchaea Port of Entry

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You'll arrive at Panchaea using Hugh Darrow's personal rocket transport system back at Omega Ranch. Panchaea, Darrow's massive ocean installation designed to regulate deep-sea temperatures and currents to improve the world's climate, is a monument to engineering and the goals augmented workers can perform - but now, those augmented workers have been driven insane by Darrow's manipulation of the replacement biochips. Is he part of the Illuminati? And why did he do this? You'll need to hunt him down for answers to those questions.

Upon arrival, you'll find that Panchaea is mostly deserted, at least for now. You won't have to worry about threats, but if you like, you can take the time to explore around and pick up some more equipment on your way to meet Darrow. First, you'll need to disable the security lockdown that's been put in place, at the very top of the tower... time to get going.

1 - Shipping Container

If you have the Jump Enhancement, you'll be able to hop up inside this container to find a Plasma Rifle, two Plasma Capsules, and some Shotgun Cartridges.

2 - Shipping Container

Another shipping container, this one a bit higher up than the one at (1). You'll once again want to use your Jump Enhancement to get up. Inside, there's a Laser Rifle Battery and a PEPS Energy Pack waiting for you.

3 - Shipping Container & Alternate Entry

Yet another hidden equipment stash. In here, you'll find three Combat Rifles, a Gas Grenade, and, in the ammo case, some Shotgun Cartridges and Combat Rifle Ammo.

Additionally, if you jump on top of the crates here, you'll be able to make your way to a large air intake, providing a way in separate from the maintenance tunnels accessed at (4). See (17) for more details.

4 - Shipping Container & Ladder Down

Before heading down this ladder to the maintenance tunnels below Panchaea, check inside the shipping container for a couple of Credit Chips.

5 - Electrified Water

In this tunnel, you'll no doubt notice the fact that the water has been electrified - unless you have EMP Shielding, touching it is fatal. If you don't have the augment, you'll need to climb onto the pipe on the right-hand side. Be careful moving forward, however, as the tunnel is also rigged with Frag and EMP Mines along the way.

6 - Storage

To access this room, you'll need to take a right back in the main tunnel at (5). You'll receive +200 XP for finding the room, and its contents, a Heavy Rifle, Credit Chip and Heavy Rifle Ammo on the guard in the back, will be yours. Additionally, if you have access to it, you'll also spot a Grenade Launcher and Grenade Launcher Ammo on a nearby stack of boxes.

7 - Frag Mine & Vent

As you head down the hallway, note the large stack of crates. While there's a vent behind them, there's also a Frag Mine - getting too close will be painful, it goes without saying. Either crouch-walk up to the explosive to disable it, shoot the mine from a distance, or trigger its detonation and then run away as quick as you can. The vent itself is rigged with another Frag Mine, but at the end, you'll drop down into the room at (8).

8 - Storage & Breaker Box

Another storage room in the maintenance tunnels - to get in, you'll need to use the vent at (7) or hack the front door keypad. Grab the Credit Chip and Stop! Worm Software from the body, as well as the PEPS and PEPS Energy Pack from the nearby trolley, then check the floor for a Pocket Secretary giving some background on the crisis. Last, use the breaker box on the wall to shut down the electric current in the tunnels outside.

9 - Ladder

This ladder will bring you inside the Panchaea building proper. Before going up the stairs to the upper level, check near the front door for some Sniper Rifle Ammo in a box on the floor.

10 - Maintenance Room

Before heading inside this room, check near the stairway for two boxes of Heavy Rifle Ammo. Within, you'll spot some Machine Pistol Ammo, as well as an Automatic Unlocking Device (DLC only) on top of one of the shelves. Of more importance is the security hub, which requires you crack its level 5 security to get in. Doing so, however, will give you dominion over the Boxguard and Security Camera in the main hall outside - they're currently disabled, but you'll want to hack the terminal now rather than later, when they're online and hostile towards you.

11 - Computer & Vent

The computer in the corner of this room will shed some light on Panchaea's situation, while the vent, hidden behind a heavy crate nearby, will provide +100 XP and allow you to sneak out into the main hall's north end, near (12).

12 - Truck

The ruined truck isn't much use to you, but there are two ammo cases on the floor near its wrecked container - search them for a Frag Grenade, two EMP Grenades, Revolver Ammo and Combat Rifle Ammo.

13 - Vent

The vent near the staircase will take you out near (12). You'll gain +100 XP for crawling in.

14 - Storage Rooms

To get into these rooms, you'll need to hack the door keypads - both are level 3. Alternately, you can take the air duct from the top level at (16). You'll receive a +200 XP bonus for getting inside, and Rockets, a Shotgun, Shotgun Cartridges and some Grenade Launcher Ammo (DLC only) are yours for the taking as well.

15 - Scaffolding

Use your Jump Enhancement or stack up some crates to find a Sniper Rifle and Ammo Capacity Upgrade at the top of this scaffolding. A Pocket Secretary on the crate nearby provides more background on the Panchaea situation.

16 - Scaffolding & Vent

Climb up the scaffolding to find some Crossbow Arrows on a crate at the top. The vent underneath, meanwhile, will take you down to the storage rooms at (14).

17 - Vents

The two vent covers in the area will bring you to a ladder, which in turn takes you up to a hidden location on a floor above. Aside from a +100 XP bonus, you'll find a corpse with a Credit Chip on it and a Rocket Launcher nearby. Finally, if you keep going along and climb across the pipe on the wall, you'll reach another vent that will eventually lead you back outside, and will grant a +300 XP reward.

Alternately, you'll be able to get into the main complex this way if you want, bypassing the maintenance tunnels provided you have the Jump Enhancement.

A - Elevator to Panchaea Control Tower

Note that upon returning from the Control Tower, there will be about a dozen insane augmented people in the area. The security systems will also be online after releasing the lockdown.

B - Door to Panchaea Ring Section

This door will only be open after you've ended the lockdown in the Control Tower.

S - Security Cameras