Picus Communications Offices
Picus Communications Offices

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You'll arrive in Montreal atop the Picus Communications building after leaving Hengsha, explaining to Malik that the connection between Tai Yong Medical and Eliza Cassan, Picus' top anchor, can't be a coincidence. She'll set you down on the helipad, and Pritchard will task you with finding her - she resides in room 404.

1 - Fenced Area

You'll be able to either hop this fence using your Jump Enhancement, or get in by hacking the level 4 keypad - doing so will reward you with +200 XP. Check inside for a couple of Beers, an Ammo Capacity Upgrade, a CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar, and a Credit Chip (you can also catch up on the news if you like). The weak wall here will open up into the maintenance room, but considering the front door is unlocked, it doesn't really provide you an advantage.

2 - Corridor

Search the stack of boxes for an eBook on Picus for some background info. The stairs ahead will take you down to the PicusWeb office's upper level.

3 - Office

You'll find a Credit Chip or two in the desk drawer, and on the couch. The eBook nearby has an article on "Synthetic Thought", and the computer will reveal that a "Code Blue" order has resulted in Picus' building being evacuated.

4 - Conference Room

Check out the table in this conference room for a Pocket Secretary containing the password "staxx".

5 - Office

This office is mostly empty, but search the desk drawer for some Stun Gun Darts and a Credit Chip.

6 - Counter

Check near the coffee machine for a CyberBoost ProEnergy Pack.

7 - Desks

A small collection of workstations sits here, all abandoned. Search through their desk drawers to find a couple of Credit Chips.

8 - Vent

This convenient vent will give you access to a couple of offices on the floor below, at (10) and (11). You'll earn a +100 XP bonus for discovering it.

9 - PicusWeb Open Offices

This large office area is the heart of the PicusWeb division. You'll find a good number of things to collect in this room, many of them in desk drawers, so let's start from the top:
  • South side: two Credit Chips, two packs of Stun Gun Darts, and a Nuke Virus Software, plus a Pocket Secretary on the floor for the server room door code "8825", and the Picus mail password, "pulse96"
  • West side, under the stairs: a Credit Chip and an eBook on "Uniting the World"
  • North side: a Credit Chip, Tranquilizer Darts and a CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar, plus a Pocket Secretary near the coffee maker with the passwords "montroyal", "stinger" and "raven"
  • Center desks: about eight Credit Chips in the drawers around the area, and, in one of the drawers at the very center, a Praxis Kit.
The computer terminals around the office are a mix of locked and unlocked, but you'll find the passwords you need on the Pocket Secretaries mentioned above. Check them to find hints of an anti-augmentation bias being enforced nearly as policy, as well as the usual office banter (including an apparent future follow-up to the Civilization games).

10 - Conference Room

Another conference room. Search the computer desk drawer for a Credit Chip and some Tranquilizer Darts, then on top of or near the filing cabinet next to the vent for some more Tranquilizer Darts. The computer, meanwhile, requires a level 1 hack, but gives some information on the Picus evacuation procedure. The vent in the corner of the room connects to (8) and (11), and will reward you with +100 XP for crawling in.

11 - Office

Grab the Stun Gun from the computer desk and then read the computer for some more Picus-related e-mail. The vent on top of the filing cabinet will take you to (8) and (10), and provides a +100 XP bonus.

12 - Room 402

One of the larger executive offices near Eliza's own. You'll find a Credit Chip and Stun Gun Darts in the drawers and some Wine on the desk. Check out the computer for an e-mail from a name that will likely be familiar if you've played Deus Ex.

13 - Room 403

You'll find another Credit Chip and some Stun Gun Darts in one of the drawers here. Read the computer for more evidence of Picus putting spin on things.

14 - Room 404

When you reach Room 404, you'll view a cutscene which reveals that Eliza Cassan was indeed involved in the Sarif kidnappings... however, it seems that the real Eliza is in another castle, as the one here is only a hologram. Worse, soldiers begin to converge on Adam's location - it's time to find the real Eliza and get out of there. When teh cutscene's over, you'll receive a +250 XP bonus.

Your objective from here is to head through the now-unlocked security doors and make your way to the lower levels of the Picus building. The soldiers after you aren't anything you can't handle, but you can try using the vents in the offices at (10) and (11) to evade them. Before you leave the room, be sure to use the unlocked security computer to disable a couple of Security Cameras up ahead.

15 - Washrooms

While the women's room is mostly empty, the men's is a bit more interesting - you'll find a Rate-of-Fire Upgrade in one of the stalls, and the vent at the back of the room will take you into the lobby just up ahead (+100 XP).

16 - Server Room

The PicusWeb server room sits beyond this locked door and Security Camera. The code "8825" will open the keypad, otherwise you'll have to crack its level 4 security. The first level is uneventful, but take the stairs down to the lower floor to find a computer desk with some Painkillers, Vodka, Stop! Worm and Nuke Virus Software. The computer itself has some hockey-related jokes on it.

Last, check the back wall on the lower floor for a spot you can punch or blast your way through - it will take you to a secret maintenance area behind the wall. You'll receive a +300 XP bonus for finding it, and it'll take you to a semi-covert area near the newsroom (25).

17 - PicusWeb Lobby & Elevators

The lobby here is patrolled by a couple of guards at most, but be careful dispatching them if you haven't disabled the Security Camera overlooking the room. You'll find a few newspapers scattered around and some Machine Pistol Ammo on the front desk, but little else.

When it comes to the elevators, you've got two choices: the functioning one will take you down to the lobby on the newsroom level and will reward you with +2400 XP for reaching it. Pritchard will contact you and inform you he's found a holo-processing cloud on an area not listed in the building's schematics... but there's a funicular behind the newsroom that will reach it, which will be your next objective. If you've got the Icarus Landing System, however, you can elect to fall down the second elevator shaft for a +300 XP bonus, plus a Credit Chip and CyberBoost ProEnergy Pack at the bottom. The vent will eventually take you to a production room (19) overlooking the newsroom.

18 - PicusTV Lobby

The PicusTV lobby is about as vacant as the one upstairs, with only the eBook "Grey Skies" for you to find here.

19 - Production Room

You'll emerge on the upper floor of this room if you fell down the elevator shaft; otherwise you'll want to hack your way through the door panel coming out of the nearby lobby, or take one of the alternate ways inside from the upper level of the newsroom. On the lower floor, you'll find a Credit Chip and a Pocket Secretary on the control panel (password "skylark"); the nearby computer contains a couple of random e-mails about Sarif and LIMB.

The upper level, meanwhile, contains some loot inside the storage room - search amongst the cameras and microphones for a Revolver, some Sniper Rifle Ammo, and an ammo case containing Revolver Ammo and Tranquilizer Darts. Last, check the counter against the room's rear wall for a Scholar eBook, "HUMAN POWERED - Autonomous Energy Reclamation Systems", for +200 XP.

20 - Storage Room

Check the lockers in here for some Tranquilizer Darts on your way through.

21 - Office

Search the drawers for a Credit Chip and a desk for a Stun Gun, then turn your attention to the computers. The first one contains an e-mail about orders to vacate the Picus building, while the level 2 security hub will allow you to disable the Security Camera in the hall outside.

22 - Boxes

Before entering the newsroom at (23), check out the stack of boxes for some Tranquilizer Darts and a Pocket Secretary containing the password "macro", which will work on a security hub inside the newsroom.

23 - Newsroom

The PicusTV newsroom is quite large and full to the brim with spec-ops guards, including a Spec-Ops Ogre (a heavily armoured, Heavy Rifle-wielding soldier), and a Turret near the end of the room. An easy way to handle most of the opposition is to sneak over to the level 2 security hub found just behind the northeast stairwell (password is "macro"), then reprogram the Turret in the room. Your goal lies in the northwest corner of the room, a stairwell heading down towars the funicular.

If you manage to clear the soldiers out, you'll have free reign to loot the place. In the desk drawers, you'll find close to a dozen Credit Chips, a Pocket Secretary with the password "tiptree", a Silencer (inside a drawer blocked by a few cardboard boxes), and Stun Gun and Tranquilizer Darts. Additionally, if you search behind the stage, you'll spot a Credit Chip, Tranquilizer Darts, and a Pocket Secretary containing the password "lavadome". Turn your attention to the computers, and you'll be able to put some of those passwords you found earlier to use in order to find more evidence of Picus' anti-augmentation bent, and their involvement in global affairs.

24 - Crate

Search up on the upper level for a Sniper Rifle and some Sniper Rifle Ammo, which may come in quite useful for taking out the soldiers below.

25 - Weak Wall

Breaking down this weak wall will give you access to the server room (16). If you haven't already visited, you'll gain +300 XP for finding the passage.

26 - Funicular Stairway

You'll gain +2500 XP for reaching the stairs to the funicular, though you'll need to hack through the level 1 door to do so. Pritchard will contact you here and tell you the funicular is slow-moving and will likely alert the rest of the soldiers when called. Wonderful...

27 - Weak Wall

Break through the wall here for a +100 XP bonus and a way to bypass opening the door at (26).

28 - Spec-Ops Sneakers

A new enemy, the Spec-Ops Sneaker, awaits you down here. Sneakers are similar to regular soldiers, but possess the ability to temporarily cloak and catch you off guard during a firefight. Thankfully, these two have their backs turned, so you should be able to take them down without trouble. Search one of the bodies to find a Pocket Secretary containing the code to a nearby storage room, "0068".

29 - Locker Room

Despite what's labeled on the map, this room is actually divided into two. The one freely accessible to you is the locker room on the north side, in which you'll find a CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar, Revolver Ammo and some Stun Gun Darts. The weak wall on the south side can be broken apart to gain access to the storage room at (30), bypassing the locked door.

30 - Storage Room

The south half of this room, meanwhile, is devoted to storage. You'll be able to get in either by hacking the door keypad, using the code "0068" as found on the Sneakers at (28), or by smashing the weak wall in the locker room at (29). Getting inside will earn you +300 XP, and access to a Heavy Rifle, three boxes of Heavy Rifle Ammo, two Frag Mines, and an Automatic Unlocking Device (DLC only). Not a bad haul!

31 - Storage Room

Another storage room, though this one's unlocked. Check inside for some Revolver Ammo and 10mm Pistol Ammo in the ammo case, plus a Revolver.

32 - Funicular Entrance

This room is guarded by two Spec-Ops Soldiers, a Security Camera, and a Turret. Before you go in slaughtering everyone, you might want to move the vending machine down the hall from the door to reveal a vent, which will take you into the rear corner of the room and right in front of the security hub controlling the Turret and Security Camera. When everything's disposed of, you'll find a good deal of loot: a Hypostim on one of the guards, three Mine Templates, a Gas Grenade, and Combat Rifle Ammo on the crates near the elevator, plus Stun Gun Darts and 10mm Pistol Ammo in the ammo case nearby.

However, there's a reason for the loot being here: when you try to summon the funicular to head deeper into the building, all the remaining conscious guards in the building will home in on you and investigate. This means that, if you've been killing guards left and right, you won't have a single enemy to fight, but if you played sneaky, you might have to go up against a good 30 soldiers. Fortunately, there are some useful hiding spots in here, such as underneath the stairs, if you want to avoid a direct fight. Making a few Gas Mines can also slow the enemies down, as can blocking the doors with heavy crates, vending machines, etc. The vent at the front of the room will also take you under the floor (and provide +100 XP), which will give you another tactical advantage. Last, you can also climb up to the catwalk above to make use of a Sniper Rifle or Crossbow if that's more your style.

Activating the funicular controls will provide +250 XP and begin the wait. You won't have to kill all the enemies for it to arrive, only hold out long enough for it to get there (about 2-3 minutes). Once it reaches you, you'll receive +2500 XP. Head inside and activate the panel (+250 XP) to start your long descent into the depths of the unmapped Picus complex.

P - Alarm Panels

S - Security Cameras