Deus Ex: Human Revolution Equipment Database: Item Details
Diamondback .357 Magnum
Category: Weapon
Type: Lethal
Rate of Fire: 3
Reload Speed: 4
Damage Output: 5
Ammo Capacity: 2
Use: High-damage, medium-range weapon with a slow firing rate.
Upgrades: The Diamondback supports all standard upgrades as well as a unique one: the revolver's barrel can be enhanced to launch ammunition as explosive, delayed-action, fragmenting rounds, thus adding area effect to the weapon's normal damage-to-target ratio. The gun does not support a sound suppressor, but it is compatible with laser targeting systems.
Manufacturer: Mustang Ad-Tech Ltd.
Installation: Base Installation
Often used as back-up weapons by corporate security agents or law enforcement officers, the Diamondback .357 Magnum is a heavyweight, double-action revolver with a swing-out cylinder. Its compact but dense frame makes it a powerful weapon, but its short effective range and low ammunition capacity are the trade-off for the damage it delivers.