Lower Hengsha Kuaigan & Daigong Districts
Lower Hengsha Kuaigan & Daigong Districts

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You'll begin your stay in China on top of a helipad in the Kuaigan District, one of three districts you'll visit in Lower Hengsha - the Diagong District is in the same level as the Kuaigan, and to the east, while the Youzhao District is on a separate map. Hengsha can be a large and confusing place to visit, so frequent glances at the in-game map (or our own) will help you find your way, especially early on.

For how, your objective is to hunt down your only lead, the hacker who went after Sarif Industries. You'll have to head off to the Youzhao District to continue. For now, you can explore the area a bit and pick up a few side-quests, or just get right to the story.

1 - Balcony

The balcony here has a couple of eBooks for you: "Tomorrow is Green" on one of the tables outside the Hung Hua Hotel, and "The Belltower Way" on a railing just down the stairs.

2 - Stairway

Take a look to the wall as you head down this stairway for a PEPS Energy Pack perched atop an apartment balcony's ledge. You can reach it either by falling from above, or by using your Jump Enhancement to climb the various outcroppings along the walls. A +100 XP "Traveler" bonus will be yours for finding the secret.

3 - Trash

Check the pile of garbage behind the stairs for some Stun Gun Darts.

4 - Shop

You won't find any items in the back of this butcher's shop, but you will get a +100 XP bonus for poking your head in the door.

5 - Storage Locker

Hack the level 2 keypad to find a Tranquilizer Rifle inside this storage locker.

6 - Shop

Another shop backroom to explore. Sadly, this one is also empty, but you will get +100 XP for taking the time.

7 - Shop

Yet another shop, this one with a Credit Chip in the back room. You'll also get the usual +100 XP bonus for exploring.

8 - Shop

Yes, another one. You'll find +100 XP and a CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar in the back.

9 - Shop

This shop has a Credit Chip in the back, as well as a +100 XP bonus for entering. There's also a safe behind the counter - hack its level 2 lock for another Credit Chip.

10 - Storage Locker

The locker here is secured with a level 2 keypad. Inside you'll find a useful Reload Speed Upgrade.

11 - Boxes

Check the stack of boxes near the end of the road for an eBook, "Dragon Heads: The Triads in the 21st Century".

12 - Garbage Can

Check the overturned garbage can opposite the alleyway for a bottle of Spirits.

13 - Bouncer

The bouncer outside The Hive (D) won't let you in unless you pay him 1000 Credits. While you can indeed part with your money and do just that, there are a couple of alternatives: head around back and climb some boxes to find a hidden vent entrance, or search the Hung Hua Hotel (A) for a HIVE Membership Card in one of the rooms there.

14 - Shop

Another shop, another back room to plunder. Steal the merchant's hard-earned Credit Chip for a +100 XP bonus.

15 - Fence

Hop the fence here by stacking up objects or using your Jump Enhancement to find a stash, which contains a Stun Gun and Stun Gun Darts. You'll receive +300 XP for uncovering it.

16 - Hidden Passage

Near the back entrance to The Hive (climb on top of the stacked boxes to the vent), you'll find a large fenced-in area with a bunch of trash inside. If you look closely, you'll find a hole inside the fence that will yield some Machine Pistol Ammo, and a way to and from the upper and lower streets.

17 - Storage Locker

Hack into this level 2 keypad to reveal a Target-Leading System for your Tranquilizer Rifle or Crossbow.

18 - Shop

Another shop to raid! This one's got an ammo case in the back room with some Tranquilizer Darts inside, as well as a +100 XP bonus.

19 - Storage Lockers

The storage lockers here are all sealed with level 2 locks - you may want to exercise some caution while hacking, as the police will get on your case if they spot you breaking in. Inside the lockers, you'll find: Crossbow Arrows and a Credit Chip (inside a level 2 safe); an ammo case with some Typhoon Ammo inside; Nuke Virus Software, a 10mm Pistol and Credit Chip; and a Combat Rifle, Combat Rifle Ammo, Revolver Ammo, and Shotgun Cartridges (inside the level 2 safe).

20 - Storage Locker & Ning's Guards

During the Rotten Business quest, you'll find this locker guarded by three Harvester thugs. Dispose of them as you wish (+750 XP), open the door (code "5377"), and speak to Ning, who hasn't yet been augmented. She'll go on her way after thanking you for the rescue, and you'll be rewarded with another +100 XP.

21 - Table

Check the table in the back corner of the sewer canal for a bottle of Beer, next to the radio.

22 - Shop

Search the backroom of this shop for some Machine Pistol Ammo and a +100 XP bonus.

23 - Shop

Another shop with more plunder inside. Search the back for some 10mm Pistol Ammo and yet another +100 XP "Traveler" bonus.

24 - Shop

Poke your head in the back for another +100 XP boost. No items inside, unfortunately.

25 - Storage Locker

Hack into this level 2 keypad to find a Shotgun and some Shotgun Cartridges inside the locker. You'll also notice a few explosive barrels, if you're in the mood for causing some destruction.

26 - Shop

Break into the back of this store for +100 XP and a Credit Chip.

27 - Storage Locker

Another storage locker here, with a level 2 lock. The code, "6830", is found on a Pocket Secretary on the counter of a nearby store. Inside, you'll find some background on the hacker "Windmill" within the computer's e-mails... seems he was familiar with Pritchard, or at least his alias. The safe contains a Revolver and two packs of Revolver Ammo, and on the way out you'll spot some Combat Rifle Ammo on the nearby recycling bin.

28 - Chuanli

You'll find Chuanli here during the Rotten Business quest. Speaking to him will earn you +100 XP. He knows where Ning is being held, but won't tell you. You have a few options: bribe him for 2000 Credits, or use your CASIE aug and pick the "appease" option to convince him to give you what he knows. As he himself states, he doesn't have the information with her location on his person, so you'll need to either persuade him or pay up to get the info. Doing so will earn you two XP bonuses, one worth +300 XP and another worth +750 XP. When you're done interrogating him, head over to the Daigong District, near the sewer canal, to find Ning and her captors (20).

29 - Anonymous X

You'll find your contact "X" down the street just past the LIMB Clinic. He'll hand you the autopsy report on Evelyn, and then ask you for money for his service (-1000 Credits). You can either pay up to keep him happy, or give him some advice about establishing the terms of an arrangement before going through with it, which will annoy him. Either way, you'll get +100 XP.

Reading the Pocket Secretary X gives you will reveal not only that Evelyn's boyfriend's story doesn't line up with the autopsy report, but that she was pregnant as well, providing a possible motive. Malik will ask that you go and find Lee at his apartment in the Youzhao District, so head on over there to continue the detective work.

30 - Malik

After interrogating Lee in The Hive, you'll meet up with Malik here (+100 XP). Depending on how you handled him, there will be one of a few outcomes:
  • If you persuaded a confession from Lee, Malik will give you a Praxis Kit for your help, and assurance that the evidence against Lee will make it into the right hands. You'll also get to see Lee publicly humiliated, which I think you'll agree he probably deserves.
  • If you failed to get the confession, Malik will thank you for your help - at least the autopsy report will be enough to re-open Evelyn's case.
  • If you killed Lee, Malik will be less than happy, but will admit part of her is glad that he got what was coming to him.
  • If you knocked out Lee and failed to even speak with him, Malik will be less than thrilled, but hey, you've still got the autopsy report.
Finishing the quest will earn you +1000 XP from all outcomes, and the Shanghai Justice achievement, but you'll only get the Praxis Kit if you managed to get the confession out of Lee.

A - Exit to Hung Hua Hotel

Take note of the Pocket Secretary in the trash just outside the front door.

B - Exit to Youzhao District

C - Exit to Hengsha LIMB Clinic

D - Exit to The Hive

E - Exit to Kuaigan Sewers

F - Exit to Daigong Sewers

G - Exit to Alice Garden Pods

F - Exit to Tai Yong Medical

Once you've been instructed to break into Tai Yong Medical, you'll head through this door (which won't open unless you have the [Hacked] Smart Card), revealing a shuttle system to take you to Tai Yong Medical. Note that any side-quests in Hengsha will be aborted if you haven't yet finished them.