Chiron Building (Return)
Chiron Building (Return)

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Arriving back at Detroit, you'll learn that rioting has broken out around the Sarif Industries building in the lead-up to a hearing from William Taggart at the nearby Detroit Convention Center. While you won't be able to head back to the Sarif building just yet, David lets you know he'll meet you in Adam's apartment shortly. Looks like you'll be disembarking at the Chiron Building.

Note that Detroit is largely unchanged since you've last visited. Although old side-quests and soem buildings aren't available, you'll be able to visit the majority of places and search around for loot you missed the first time around.

1 - Weak Wall

Check in the corner here for a weak wall you can destroy. You'll gain a +100 XP bonus for getting in. Grab a CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar from the locker inside, then move the crate in the corner up to the vent and climb inside. Follow the ladder down for another +100 XP bonus and a substantial Credit Chip at the bottom.

2 - Table

You'll find a can of Beer on the table here.

3 - Stairs & Elevator

This stairway will lead you to an elevator, which you'll take down to Jensen's apartment at (4).

4 - Jensen's Apartment

You'll watch another cutscene when you return you your apartment. Adam will confront David Sarif and pressure him over what he knows, and Sarif will reveal the interference of another group... the Illuminati, who want to prevent Megan's research in making augmentation technology safer for the rest of humanity. For now, your objective remains the same: find William Taggart at the Detroit Convention Center, and find out where Isaias Sandoval is. You'll gain a V.I.P. Pass Card to enter the Convention Center, and +750 XP when the conversation's over. The Convention Center can be found by heading past Sarif Industries, but due to the rioting, you'll have to take an alternate route along the way.

5 - Elevator

This elevator goes between Jensen's apartment and the ground floor. As you approach it the first time, you'll receive some sort of strange malfunction, or shock... what could that have been?

6 - Wayne Haas

Remember the Police Station break-in earlier? If you involved Wayne Haas in it and got him to let you into the morgue, you'll find him waiting for you here; if you got in without his help, however, you won't see him.

Wayne will reveal that he was fired over the incident, and is thoroughly pissed off at Jensen. If you forgave Wayne for the Mexicantown event and did your best to help him over his emotional troubles, you'll have the option of either crushing or absolving him one last time. If you crush him, he'll attack with a 10mm Pistol, leading inevitably to his own death or at least a few bruises. If you absolve him, you'll offer him a job at Sarif Industries, which he'll thank you for. However, if you used your CASIE augmentation to blackmail him into letting you in (by pointing out his painkiller addiction), then he'll simply attack and you'll have no choice but to defend yourself. How you deal with Wayne doesn't have any long-term consequences, so don't worry about future repercussions of your actions here.

7 - Malik

You'll meet up with Malik on the Chrion Building's roof once you've finished up with Sandoval, in order to make a short trip back to Sarif Industries. Note that this will be the last time you'll be visiting Detroit, and Sarif Industries, so you'll want to tie up any loose ends, including side-quests, before going. Leaving with Malik will reward you with +750 XP, and you'll resume shortly at Sarif Industries.

A - Exit to Detroit City Streets North (Return)