Baldur's Gate Northeast (AR0300)

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This area is probably where the poorest people in Baldur's Gate live. There are a lot of beggars around as well as the Blushing Mermaid, the most dubious inn in the city. There are a lot of quests to do, though.

1 - Marek and Lothander

The first time you enter this part of the district, Marek and Lothander will come up to you and warn you to stop interfering with the plans of the Iron Throne. They'll then leave, but later on you'll meet Lothander in Baldur's Gate Central. He'll let you know that Marek has poisoned you, and that you only have ten days left to find a cure. The timer for this quest won't start until you talk to Lothander, so you can delay it until you're ready. See the Baldur's Gate Central section for more information on the quest.

2 - Merchants' League Counting House

The Counting House is involved in a quest from Mendas in Ulgoth's Beard (TOSC Expansion). Please refer to the Baldur's Gate Northeast (TOSC) page for more information.

3 - Armor Shop

The storekeep here will have some basic shields and armor for sale. You'll also be able to loot a lot of things from the containers in the shop: seven Arrows of Biting, four Arrows of Dispelling, a Mace +1, a Potion of Absorption, a Potion of Healing, a Potion of Hill Giant Strength, a Potion of Invulnerability, a Potion of Mind Focusing, and a Ring of Infravision. Nobody will call for the guards if they spot you stealing.

4 - Ilmater's Shrine

You won't be able to do anything at this shrine now -- you'll only meet a beggar inside -- but it will become more important in Chapter 7.

5 - House

Upstairs in the bathroom of this house you can find a Cloak of Protection +1.

6 - Blushing Mermaid

You'll meet a few people of interest inside this inn:
  • Bork (ground floor behind bar). He's the innkeeper. He'll sell you drinks and rent you rooms.

  • De'Tranion (ground floor by table). He's a part of the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion pack. See the Baldur's Gate Northeast (TOSC) page for more information.

  • Gamesmen (upper floor). They'll allow you to do some gambling if you feel so inclined.

  • Larze (at entrance). When you enter the inn for the first time, you'll get stopped by this big but dumb ogre assassin. If you confuse him (by selecting dialogue options 1-2), then he'll leave and you'll earn 900 xp. Otherwise, you'll have to fight him. Larze is worth 2000 xp, and you'll find Gauntlets of Weapon Skill and an assortment of random treasures on his corpse.

  • Vivienne (ground floor in back room). She'll complain about the iron crisis and wish for "swifter heroes." Nearby in a chest, you'll find a Dagger +1, a Gold Ring, and 350 gp. You'll also find a door leading to the Undercellar in Vivienne's room.

7 - Brielbara

During daylight hours, you'll meet a woman named Brielbara here. She'll tell you that a mage named Yago has cursed her daughter, and she'll ask you to steal his spellbook so she can look through it for a cure. Brielbara will then head to the Splurging Sturgeon (Exit A) to wait for you.

Note: If Coran is in your party, then you'll learn that Yago is Brielbara's husband, and that Brielbara had an affair with Coran, which resulted in the daughter, and which is why Yago is so upset. For this case, you'll have to accept the quest or else Coran will leave you.

You'll find Yago on Level 3 of the Low Lantern in Baldur's Gate South. Just about anything you say to him will cause him to attack you. Yago is worth 1400 xp, and he'll drop a Knave's Robe and Yago's Book of Curses when he dies. You'll also find scrolls of Blur, Fireball, Melf's Acid Arrow, and Sleep in the locked cabinet behind him.

When you return to Brielbara, you'll receive +1 Reputation and 1000 xp. You can also earn 200 gp if you ask to get paid. Also, if you Coran is with you, then he'll decide to stay with you rather than help raise his daughter.

8 - Barrel

Inside this barrel you'll find a scroll of Friends.

9 - Lantanara

When you enter the Splurging Sturgeon for the first time, Lantanara will come up to you and tell you that she saw you in a dream -- and that the fates are "arrayed against you."

10 - Lusselyn

Lusselyn (#10) will wander around, but you'll encounter him somewhere on the ground floor of the Splurging Sturgeon. If you talk to him three times, then he'll tell you that the Sturgeon uses slimes and oozes to artificially age their liquor, and he'll bet you 100 gp that you can't locate one and kill it.

You'll find a mustard jelly on the upper floor of the Sturgeon (#10a). It's worth 2000 xp. After defeating it, when you return to Lusselyn, he'll hand over 160 gp, and he'll admit that he got restless while waiting for you and drank up the other 40 gp that he was supposed to give you.

11 - Bartender

The bartender here will sell you drinks and rent you rooms.

12 - Mr. Shade

When you talk to Mr. Shade here, he'll ask you if you have "them." You can play along for a while -- for as long as you want, actually -- but eventually you should say "Uh... sure!" and then admit that you have no idea what he's talking about. Mr. Shade will reveal that he was sent to the Sturgeon to meet with the owner of the Golden Pantaloons, but that you interfered when you stole them. He'll then steal the pantaloons from you and walk away -- but you can kill him before he leaves if you want to get the pantaloons back. There isn't any particular point to this conversation.

  1. Entrance to the Splurging Sturgeon.
  2. Staircase between Levels 1 and 2 of the Splurging Sturgeon.