Baldur's Gate Central (AR0700)

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This district is effectively the center of Baldur's Gate. A large marketplace occupies the area, and you'll find a lot of commoners around it. There are also a good number of estates around. The marketplace was the first sight of the travelers who came to the Gate before the second protective wall was erected. There are no shops in this area but there is a good tavern.

1 - House

Inside this house you'll find a Potion of Defense in a sack in the kitchen.

2 - House

Inside this house you'll find a Potion of Mirrored Eyes in a barrel in the kitchen.

3 - House

Inside this house you'll find a Dagger +1 in a locked chest on the upper floor.

4 - Dabron Sashenstar

If you killed Aldeth Sashenstar back in the Cloakwood Forest (AR2200), then you'll meet his brother Dabron here. He'll be mad at you, of course, and no matter what you say to him, he'll attack you -- all alone, making him fairly easy pickings. Dabron is worth 1200 xp, and you'll find a Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy and a Morning Star +1 on his corpse.

5 - Lady Hannah

Lady Hannah will tell you about a "lecherous" mage named Ragefast who is keeping a nymph captive in his home. You'll get a chance to rescue the nymph in Baldur's Gate West.

6 - House

Inside this house you'll find a Potion of Heroism in a locked chest on the upper floor.

7 - Poultry Store

When you enter this store, you'll get attacked by about 20 rabid chickens (probably upset that they've been locked inside and can't cross the road). You'll earn 1 xp for each chicken.

Inside the barrel right next to the entrance to the store, you'll find a scroll of Burning Hands.

8 - Drakon Tavern

The bartender inside this tavern will sell you drinks and rent you rooms.

9 - Felonius Gist's Manor

Inside this manor you'll meet Felonius Gist. He won't be happy that you've broken in, but you can threaten him, bribe him 300 gp, or say you're leaving to get him to ignore you. Or you can just ignore him first since he won't move from his starting spot.

More importantly, you'll discover five stone statues in the manor. These statues are a part of Degrodel's quest in Baldur's Gate Northwest. If you use Stone to Flesh Scrolls on the statues, then they'll turn into Vail and his four companions.

After freeing Vail, when you talk to him you'll earn 500 xp. You'll also be able to ask him about the Helm of Balduran. He won't want to give it up, but if you insist then he'll hand over a letter with some hints about where to find it plus the Cloak of Balduran:
After freeing Vail and his companions, you can turn around and kill them if you want, and it won't cost you any Reputation. Better yet, Vail's party will start out gravely wounded, and so it won't take much work to finish them off. You'll earn 5800 xp for the battle, and when you loot the corpses you'll find Acid Arrows, Arrows +1, Arrows of Ice, Arrows of Piercing, a Mage Robe of Electrical Resistance, and two Potions of Healing.

Also in the manor, you can pick up an Angel Skin Ring from one of the tables. You might need such a ring for Fergus' quest in Baldur's Gate Southwest.

10 - Gambling Tents

Inside these tents you'll meet gamesmen who will let you gamble for extremeley small stakes.

11 - Lothander

After meeting Marek and Lothander in Baldur's Gate Northeast, you'll meet Lothander again here. He'll tell you that Marek has poisoned you and that you only have ten days to live. He'll then offer to help you provided that you help him first.

Lothander will explain that he's not working for the Iron Throne by choice. He's been cursed by a geas, where he has to do whatever Marek says or slowly waste away. But he'll tell you that a nearby diviner (#12) might know of a way for the geas to be removed, and he'll lead you to her.

Inside the diviner's tent, you'll learn -- after paying a 50 gp fee -- that only Jalantha Mistmyr can remove the geas. When you inform Lothander of this, he'll let you know that you can find Jalantha in the Water Queen's House in Baldur's Gate South. Then he'll head over to the Blade and Stars in Baldur's Gate Southeast to wait for you.

Inside the Water Queen's House, you'll need to ask a priestess to summon Jalantha. This will cost you another 50 gp. When Jalantha arrives, she'll make you a deal. If you deliver to her the Book of Wisdom currenlty being held in The Lady's Hall in Baldur's Gate West, then she'll give you the cure.

Inside The Lady's Hall, you'll need to speak to Chanthalas Ulbright. If you tell him what you want and convince him that your need is great, then he'll hand over the Book of Wisdom (actually a Tome of Understanding). Otherwise, you might need to pay him 500 gp for it.

Back at the Water Queen's House, you'll have to make a choice. If you give Jalantha the Book of Wisdom, then she'll give you a Geas Removal Scroll. If you decide that you'd rather keep the book, then you'll have to fight Jalantha plus all of the priestesses in the temple. Afterwards, if you didn't trick Jalantha into giving you the cure first, then you'll find it on her corpse.

Note: You might also discover a child's corpse on Jalantha. It's a part of Tremain's quest in Baldur's Gate West, so be sure to hang onto it.

When you return to Lothander in the Blade and Stars, he'll accept the Geas Removal Scroll and you'll receive 1500 xp. Then he'll give you his half of the antidote and tell you that you can get the other half from Marek in the Blushing Mermaid in Baldur's Gate Northeast.

Note: If the priestesses were dead in the Water Queen's House, meaning you had no way to summon Jalantha, then when you return to Lothander, you should recieve a dialogue option to mention this, and he should give you his half of the antidote without requiring the cure in exchange.

Inside the Blushing Mermaid, you'll find Marek on the upper floor. He'll attack you when you talk to him, and he'll probably die pretty quickly. Marek is worth 650 xp, and when you loot his corpse you'll find an Eagle Bow, Heart of the Golem +2 (aka a Dagger +2), a Potion of Freedom, a Potion of Master Thievery, and Marek's Potion of Antidote. When you pick up the antidote, your entire party will automatically drink from it and become cured, and you'll earn 10,000 xp.

Note: Marek's Potion of Antidote starts off with 10 charges. You'll use one when you cure yourself. The other nine can be used to cure regular poisons.

12 - The Fortune Teller

Inside the tent here you'll meet a diviner. He'll answer one question a day for 50 gp. The answers are listed below:
  • Who is the leader of the Iron Throne? Rieltar Anchev.

  • What is the Iron Throne's agenda? Making money.

  • Who has the ability to release Lothander of his geas? Jalantha Mistmyr.

  • Who is the richest man in Baldur's Gate, and where does he keep all of his money? Entar Silvershield, in his bedroom. (But Note: Entar's estate is located in Baldur's Gate Northwest, but you won't find anything of value -- other than his wife Brilla -- in his bedroom.)

13 - House

Inside this house, you'll find a scroll of Invisibility in a cabinet on the ground floor and a scroll of Friends in a locked chest on the upper floor.

14 - Nadine's House

Inside this house you'll meet Nadine. She'll ask you to deliver a "good luck talisman" (actually an Amulet of Protection +1 / The Protector +1) to her son Euric, who has run away, but who can probably be found in one of the city's many taverns.

You'll find Euric in the unnamed tavern in Baldur's Gate Southeast. When you hand him the amulet, he'll reluctantly take it, and you'll earn 1100 xp. Then when you return to Nadine, you'll receive a Necklace of Missiles, +1 Reputation, and 400 xp.

15 - Glanmarie

If you send an unarmed character to talk to Glanmarie and select the right dialogue options (2-3), then she'll hire you to be servants inside the house. However, this won't really change anything.

16 - Bookshelf

Inside this bookshelf you'll find a scroll of Clairvoyance and a Cursed Scroll of Weakness.

17 - Oberan

Oberan will mistake you for hired help (whether you've talked to Glanmarie at #15 or not), and he'll allow you to move around in his estate.

18 - Bookshelf

Inside this bookshelf you'll find scrolls of Identify, Non-Detection and Web.

19 - Delorna, Helshara and Ithmeera

You'll meet Shandalar's three daughters Delorna, Helshara and Ithmeera on the top floor of Oberan's Estate. They'll start out by complaining about the guard duty their father has put them on, but then they'll notice that you're not really servants, and they'll attack you no matter what you say. However, if you announce that you're thieves, then they'll call the guards, and you'll have to fight three of them as well (and take a Reputation loss). Otherwise, you'll just have to fight the daughters.

The three daughters are spellcasters, but Helshara will start out right next to you, making her easy prey, and Delorna will cast Improved Invisibility first, so if you attack Helshara then Ithmeera and then Delorna, you shoud be able to kill them before they cast much at you. You'll earn 3025 xp for the battle, and when you loot the corpses you'll find an Angel Skin Ring (which you might need for Fergus' quest in Baldur's Gate Southwest), a Mage Robe of Electrical Resistance, a Mage Robe of Fire Resistance, a Necklace of Missiles, a Potion of Perception, a scroll of Protection from Fire, and a Traveler's Robe.

Note: If you kill Shandalar's daughters, then you'll get a different greeting from him when you meet him in Ulgoth's Beard (TOSC expansion).

20 - Desk

Inside this desk you'll find Delorna's Spellbook, Helshara's Artifact Fragment, Ithmeera's Statue, and 564 gp. You'll need the three quest items for Ravenscar's quest in Baldur's Gate East.

  1. Entrance to Oberan's Estate.
  2. Staircase. This staircase will allow you to move between Levels 1-3 of Oberan's Estate.