Candlekeep Library (AR2608-AR2612, AR2614)

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1 - Reader

The reader here will tell you that three men from the Iron Throne hold a meeting every day on Level 3 of the library (#10). That's where you'll meet Rieltar.

2 - Level 1 Shelves

In these shelves you'll find scrolls of Chill Touch, Knock, Vocalize, and Web. You'll also find two letters listing Alaundro's prophecies about the Lord of Murder's (aka Bhaal's) children.

3 - Karan

You'll meet your old tutor Karan here. He'll tell you that somebody named Koveras (#8) -- that's Sarevok spelled backwards -- has been in the library studying Alaundro's prophecies, even though he already seems to know them by heart.

4 - Theodon and Jessup

Theodon and Jessup will reminisce about your childhood antics and then encourage you to "go play with your friends."

5 - Bendalis

Bendalis will tell you that Koveras (#8) makes him nervous and that Shistal (#11) hasn't been acting like himself lately.

6 - Level 2 Shelves

In these shelves you'll find scrolls of Chromatic Orb, Luck, Melf's Acid Arrow, and Mirror Image.

7 - Chanter

If you ask the chanter here about the keep's secrets, then he'll tell you that Alaundro the Seer is entombed beneath the library (in Catacombs Level 1).

8 - Koveras / Sarevok

When you approach Koveras here, he'll introduce himself as a friend of Gorion's, and he'll offer you a ring that Gorion wanted you to have. If you accept the ring, then you'll receive Koveras's Ring of Protection +1. There isn't anything wrong with the ring, so there isn't any reason not to take it. However, if you question Koveras about how he knows so much about you and Gorion, then he'll leave without giving you the ring.

Note: Talking to Koveras here will cause you to get arrested on Level 6 (#15), so you might want to dodge him.

9 - Level 3 Shelves

In these shelves you'll find scrolls of Identify, Luck, and Shield.

10 - Rieltar

When you approach the room here, Rieltar will order you to leave. If you're rude or aggressive towards him, then he and his party will attack you. Rieltar is a mage, so you should target him first, and then you can kill Brunos, Kestor and Tuth in any order you want. You'll earn 7575 xp for the battle, and when you loot the corpses you'll find Chain Mail +1, several Darts of Stunning, a Long Sword +1, two Medium Shields +1, a Morning Star +1, a Potion of Clarity, a Potion of Frost Giant Strength, a Potion of Genius, and about 1000 gp.

However, if you attack Rieltar here, then you'll get arrested when you leave the level, which might prevent you from visiting the rest of the library. You'll get arrested for Rieltar's murder no matter what -- Sarevok will frame you for it if necessary -- so you might as well claim the loot and xp, but it's better to wait until after you've completed your explorations of the library.

When you do get arrested -- either exiting this level after killing Rieltar, or arriving on Level 6 after talking to Koveras (#8), or upon exiting the library (Exit A) -- you'll get thrown in jail. After a few seconds, Ulraunt will show up, and he'll happily believe that you're guilty of murder. But then after Ulraunt leaves, Tethtoril will sneak in, and he'll teleport you to Catacombs Level 1 so you can escape.

11 - Shistal

You'll meet Shistal here. He won't recognize you, and he'll be rather rude -- calling you "monkey" among other things. If you keep talking to him, then he'll eventually turn into a greater doppelganger and attack you. Since you can start out right next to Shistal, you should be able to kill him before he can cast much of anything. You'll earn 4000 when he dies.

12 - Level 4 Containers

If you loot the containers at these locations, then you'll end up with a Potion of Fortitude, a Wand of Fear, and scrolls of Blindness, Detect Invisibility, Grease, and Web.

13 - Piato

When you first arrive on Level 5, you'll be greeted by Piato. He'll recommend that you stay in Gorion's room (#14), where Gorion left some things for you. Piato might even escort you to the room.

14 - Gorion's Room

Inside this room you'll find a letter. It will reveal that your real father is the god Bhaal and that Sarevok is your brother.

15 - Bedroom

Inside this room you'll find a Cloak of Protection +1 and a Potion of Defense.

16 - Gatewarden

When you arrive on Level 6, you'll get stopped by the Gatewarden here. If you spoke to Koveras on Level 2 (#8), then the Gatewarden will arrest you for killing Rieltar (#10), even if you didn't do it. If you didn't speak to Koveras, then the Gatewarden will tell you that "an unusual fellow" would like to speak to you in the courtyard outside the library, and you'll get arrested when you head out there. For more information about being arrested, please refer to Rieltar's entry (#10).

16 - Level 6 Shelves

Inside these shelves you'll find scrolls of Ghost Armor, Protection from Normal Missiles, and Protection from Petrification.

17 - Tethtoril's Room

Inside this room you'll meet Tethtoril. He'll urge you to visit Gorion's room (#14), where you'll find your inheritance (a letter). If you loot the containers in the room then you'll receive a Ring of Protection +1 and a Wand of Magic Missiles.

18 - Ulraunt's Room

Ulraunt won't have much to say to you, but if you loot the chest in the back of his room, then you'll find an Elixir of Health, a Potion of Fire Resistance, a Potion of Healing, and over 1000 gp.

  1. Exit to Candlekeep.
  2. Central staircase. This staircase will allow you to travel between Levels 1-6 of the library.