Bandit Camp (AR1900)

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The Bandit Camp is the base of operations for the Chill and Blacktalon mercenary groups, which have been stealing iron from all of the caravans between Baldur's Gate and Amn. There are two ways to enter the camp:
  • If you talk to Teven in Larswood or Raiken in Peldvale, then they'll escort you to the camp, either as new recruits or prisoners, depending on what you say to them. Then at the camp, you'll be introduced to Tazok (#1). If you're prisoners, then you'll have to fight him, but he'll come away impressed. If you're recruits, then you'll be able to avoid the fight by saying the right things to Tazok (dialogue options 3-2). Regardless, at the end of the encounter you'll be given the run of the camp, and the mercenaries won't attack you -- unless you attack them.

  • You can also just fight your way to the camp, entering it like you would any other map. For this case, you'll have to unlock the map by exiting Peldvale to the north, and when you arrive, all of the mercenaries will be hostile.

1 - Starting Point

If you're escorted to the Bandit Camp, then this is where you'll begin on the map.

2 - Tent

In the containers around this tent, you'll find a scroll of Flame Arrow and a Potion of Fortitude.

3 - Tent

Inside this tent, Tarsus will try to give everyone in your party Leather Armor. He'll also give you some background information on the Chill and Blacktalons. In a barrel in the tent you can find an Oil of Speed.

4 - Ardenor Crush

Crush is the leader of the Chill. You can provoke him into a fight (by calling him a "filthy hobgoblin"), but that will just cause all of the mercenaries in the camp to turn hostile. Crush is worth 900 xp.

5 - Tent

Outside this tent, you'll find a Potion of Heroism in a bag.

6 - Tent

Inside this tent you'll meet Knott. If you start out your conversation with him in the right way (with dialogue options 1-2), then he'll tell you which tent belongs to Tazok (#11). He'll also mention that Tazok's tent contains a prisoner (true) but no traps (false). If you kill Knott, then you'll earn 65 xp, and none of the other mercenaries will notice.

Also, inside the tent you can loot a Potion of Fortitude from a barrel. Outside the tent, you can loot two Potions of Healing from a chest.

7 - "Timeout" Cave

Inside this cave you'll get attacked by a group of gnolls, including their leader Garclax. You'll earn about 700 xp for the battle.

8 - Tent

Inside this tent, you'll find the cursed ring The Iron Thorn (EE only) and a Potion of Healing. Outside the tent, you'll find an Acid Arrow, an Arrow of Piercing, and a Potion of Perception.

9 - Taurgosz Khosann

Khosann is the leader of the Blacktalons. You can provoke him into a fight (by telling him to save his wind for fat merchants), but that will cause all of the mercenaries in the camp to turn hostile. Khosann is the toughest opponent in the camp, but he's worth 2000 xp, and you'll find Full Plate Armor, a Medium Shield +1, a Potion of Fire Breath, a Potion of Fortitude, and a War Hammer +1 on his corpse.

10 - Tent

Inside this tent you'll find scrolls of Fireball and Web.

11 - Tazok's Tent

When you approach Tazok's tent, you'll be stopped by Credus. He was the newest bandit recruit in the camp before you arrived, and so he'll decide that he should now be your boss. So he'll order you to guard the tent, and then he'll wander off.

On and around the tent's platform, you'll find a few useful items: a Medium Shield +1, a Potion of Fire Breath, a Short Sword +1, a Wand of Fear, and a decent amount of gp.

When you enter Tazok's tent, you won't see any sign of Tazok, but you will be confronted by four of his henchmen: Britik, Hakt, Raemon, and Venkt. No matter what you say to them, they'll attack you. Target the mage Venkt first since she'll start out right next to you, and send one of your DPS fighters after the archer Hakt, who will start out hiding in the shadows. When those two go down, you'll just need to mop up the other two, which shouldn't be too tough.

You'll earn 3750 xp for defeating the four henchmen, and you'll find Arrows of Ice, a Longbow of Marksmanship, a Mage Robe of Fire Resistance, two Potions of Healing, and scrolls of Blindness, Color Spray, Friends, and Grease on their corpses. If you're playing the EE, then you'll also find a scroll of Spell Thrust.

After the battle, you should talk to the prisoner Ender Sai, who you'll find in the back of the tent. He'll give you some information on the mercenaries in the camp, and he'll suggest that Tazok is getting his orders from the Iron Throne, who seem to have a base somewhere in the Cloakwood. Then he'll exit the tent and disappear.

Finally, you should loot the containers in the tent. In the regular ones, you'll find a Potion of Magic Blocking and 750 gp. But in the trapped chest behind where Ender Sai was standing, you'll find scrolls of Agannazar's Scorcher, Horror, and Stinking Cloud, two letters, Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise, and 2060 gp. The letters will confirm Ender Sai's suspicions, and they'll also contain the names of Davaeorn and Sarevok. Reading the letters will end Chapter 3.

Note: When you exit the tent, the mercenaries in the camp will remain friendly (assuming they were friendly before). But you might want to kill them anyway so you can pick up a bunch of scalps plus Taurgosz Khosann's loot (#9).