Ulcaster School (AR3900, AR3901)

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The mage Ulcaster, a conjurer of note, founded his school over 300 years ago -- but grew too successful, attracting would-be wizards from all over the Sword Coast. Calishite mages came to fear the school's power and destroyed it in spell battle, though Ulcaster himself disappeared during the fray and was never found. The school burned to an empty shell, which still stands on a hill east of the town.

1 - Hobgoblins

You'll encounter a group of hobgoblins here. In the original version of the game, one of the hobgoblins would drop Boots of Stealth for Zhurlong in Beregost, but this was removed in the EE.

2 - Wilco

Wilco is yet another messenger reporting on the fractious relationship between Baldur's Gate and Amn.

3 - Furret

You'll meet a halfling thief named Furret here. He'll offer to sell you a Gem of True Seeing for 1000 gp. Don't buy it. If you do, then you'll end up with a near-worthless Turquoise Gem, and Furret will run away. If you want, you can kill Furret without suffering a Reputation loss, but he's only worth 7 xp, and he won't drop anything useful.

4 - Icharyd

Icharyd is a wraith who wishes to drink your blood in order to restore itself. Kill it for 950 xp, a Flail +1, and a scroll of Ghoul Touch.

5 - Ghost of Ulcaster

During the night, you'll meet the ghost of Ulcaster wandering around here. If you talk to him enough times, then he'll mention that "hope would return with the retrieval of the simplest of tomes," and you'll receive a quest to fetch a tome from the nearby Dungeon (#12).

In the original version of the game, you just needed to give Ulcaster a copy of the book History of the Sisters of Light and Darkness, which you could find in multiple places, including the Dungeon. But in the EE, you'll find Ulcaster's Dusty History Book in the Dungeon, and that's the only tome that will work. When you deliver the tome to Ulcaster, you'll earn 1000 xp.

If you're playing TOSC or the EE, then you'll be able to do one more thing with Ulcaster. If you give him the Idol of Kozah (from AR4100) and Ancient Armor (from the Firewine Ruins) then he'll give you the easter egg long sword The Vampire's Revenge +1. The sword is cursed and harms the wielder, but it is a cool thing to pick up if you've never tried it before.

6 - Loot

Around here you'll encounter an ochre jelly (worth 270 xp) and a mustard jelly (worth 2000 xp), but if you can defeat them then you'll find a pile of loot on the ground, including a Chrysoberyl Gem, a Potion of Mirrored Eyes, and a Cursed Scroll of Ugliness.

7 - Corpse

You'll find a lonely corpse lying here. You'll be able to loot it for a Dagger +1, a Potion of Genius, and 101 gp.

8 - Loot

You'll find a Potion of Strength and a Skydrop Gem on the ground here guarded by a pair of dire wolves.

9 - Loot

You'll find two Potions of Healing and 85 gp on the ground here guarded by some huge spiders.

10 - Trapped Corpse

On the corpse here you'll find two Arrows of Biting, three Arrows of Piercing, a Zircon Gem, and 38 gp.

11 - Loot

In the chamber here you'll find a Potion of Absorption, a Potion of Healing, and a Wand of Fire guarded by some dread wolves.

12 - Corpse Pile

To get to this corpse pile, you'll have to defeat a vampiric wolf (worth 2000 xp) and probably two dread wolves (worth 650 xp each). You'll also have to deal with a trap. But inside the pile you'll find ten Acid Arrows, a cursed Antidote, ten Arrows of Ice, an Oil of Fiery Burning, two Potions of Healing, a Potion of Hill Giant Strength, and Ulcaster's tome (either History of the Sisters of Light and Darkness or Ulcaster's Dusty History Book, depending on the version of the game you're playing).

  1. Entrance to the Ulcaster Dungeon.