South of Candlekeep (AR3100)

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This part of the coast is rather deserted, but it is nevertheless a pleasant spot. The grass is green, the sun is shining, and you hear the waves smashing on the rocks and the birds high in the sky. Now, if you could just find a sirine to seduce you, it would be pure happiness, right?

1 - The Surgeon

You'll meet a man called the Surgeon here. If you ask him who he is, then he'll tell you that he has an evil brother named Davaeorn who he hopes to kill one day. If you've been to the Nashkel Mines or the Cloakwood Mines, then you might recognize the name. At the end of the conversation, the Surgeon will heal your party and give you a Potion of Magic Protection.

2 - Ogres

At this spot you'll encounter a large group of ogres: one regular ogre, two ogre berserkers, three ogrillons, and two half-ogres. Depending on where you are in the game, this might be a tough battle or not. You'll earn about 2500 xp for defeating the ogres.

3 - Mad Arcand / Pirate Ship

At this spot (#3), you'll meet Mad Arcand, who will either ask you to retrieve his ring from the nearby pirate ship (#3a) or just recite some of his weird wertle wertle poetry at you. Either way, if you pick up the ring -- which is a Ring of Folly, so don't wear it -- and give it to him, then you'll receive an Oil of Fiery Burning and 300 xp.

4 - Shoal the Nereid

When you talk to Shoal, she'll want to kiss you -- and she'll succeed, killing the character talking to her, no matter what you say. If you use your main character for this, then you'll have to load your game, so choose somebody else.

After the kissed character falls dead, Shoal will turn hostile, but after taking a couple of hits, she'll beg for mercy and explain that she's not in control of her actions. Apparently, an ogre mage named Droth has her shawl, which allows him to command her.

If you kill Shoal at this point, then you'll earn 5000 xp, but the kissed character will remain dead. Instead, if you demand that Shoal heal your companion, then she'll raise the character from the dead -- but this will cause Droth to show up and demand to know what's going on.

No matter what you say, you'll have to fight Droth while Shoal watches. Droth is a spellcaster, but he tends to cast Improved Invisibility, which isn't really a battle spell, and with six against one, he shouldn't get too many spells off regardless. You'll earn 975 xp when Droth dies, and you'll find a Helm of Defense on his corpse. Then when you talk to Shoal again, you'll receive 750 xp for freeing her.

Note: Shoal will wander off after the encounter, but if you're quick then you can kill her and earn 5000 xp before she disappears.