North of the Friendly Arm Inn (AR1400)

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This area is used as a farmland and is also inhabited by fisherman, due to the proximity of the sea. There are some bandits around, but the main menace comes from the ankhegs: giant beasts that burrow through the ground and strike when you least expect it. They have acidic spit that can be quite dangerous, and their THAC0 is not bad either. You should avoid fighting them before your party reaches level 5.

1 - Ajantis

Ajantis (LG, Human Male, Paladin) will tell you that he has been sent from Waterdeep to help deal with the bandit problem in the region. If you're like-minded, then he'll offer to join you. If you repeatedly insult him, then he'll attack you. Ajantis isn't worth any xp, and he won't drop anything interesting.

2 - Jebadoh, Sonner and Telman

You'll meet the fishermen Jebadoh, Sonner and Telman here. They'll tell you that a priestess of Umberlee is trying to ruin their lives, and that they don't know why. So they'll hire you to "strong-arm" her, and they'll let you now that she can be found at her shack to the north. For your help, they'll promise you a magical weapon, but if you demand more, then they'll throw in an extra 20 gp.

When you meet the priestess Tenya (in AR0900), she won't be happy to see you. She'll figure out that you were hired by the fishermen, and she'll attack you. However, after taking a couple of hits, she'll break off, and she'll explain her side of the story.

Tenya will tell you that her mother was also a priestess of Umberlee, but that the fishermen kidnapped her, stole her Bowl of Water Elemental Control, tortured her until she revealed how it works, and then killed her. Now the fishermen are profiting from the bowl's power, and Tenya is doing what she can to hurt them. But her strategy isn't working, and she'll ask you for help.

This will give you two ways to complete the quest:
  • You can side with Tenya. For this case you'll need to return to the fishermen. They'll try to bribe you 100 gp to switch back to their side, but when that doesn't work, they'll simply hand over the bowl. Then when you return to Tenya, you'll get one or two different ways to complete the quest. If you killed the fishermen, then you can tell her this, and you'll receive 1000 xp. But if you just hand her the bowl, then you'll earn 2500 xp. Either way, Tenya will dimension door away, and she might help you in a later quest in Baldur's Gate West.

  • You can side with the fishermen. For this case you'll need to kill Tenya. She's a spellcaster but not a very strong one, and she probably won't last very long. You'll earn 650 xp when she dies, and you'll find Bracers of Defense AC 7 on her corpse. Then when you return to the fishermen, you'll receive a Flail +1 and 1000 xp. You can also negotiate a better deal with the fishermen, and if you're successful then they'll add in 100 gp (in addition to the 20 gp they might have promised you when you first met them).

3 - Farmer Brun

Farmer Brun will tell you that his son Nathan went off to look for their missing cattle, but that he hasn't returned. He'll then ask you to look for him, and he'll mention that he saw some strange tracks to the west.

You'll find Nathan's body in the Ankheg's Nest under the farm (#5). When you deliver the body to Brun, he'll mention how miserable his life is now without his son, but you'll receive 500 xp. If you talk to Brun again, then you'll get up to two options to help him out. If you have a Ruby Ring (#6) on you, then you'll be able to offer Brun some of the "hoard" you found. This will cost you the Ruby Ring plus 100 gp, but you'll receive +1 Reputation and 1100 xp in return. Otherwise, you'll be able to offer him "this extra 100 gold." This will cost you 100 gp, but you'll receive +1 Reputation and 1000 xp.

4 - Gerde

Somewhere around here you'll run into the ranger Gerde. She'll ask you to kill four (in the EE) or ten (in the original game) ankhegs, which should be easy enough to do in this map plus the Ankheg's Nest (Exit A). When you return to Gerde after completing her task, she'll reward you with 75 gp.

5 - Treasure Pile

Inside this treasure pile you'll find a cursed Antidote, Chain Mail +1, a Dagger +1, five Darts of Stunning, five Darts of Wounding, a Potion of Cloud Giant Strength, a Potion of Magic Protection, a Wand of Fire, scrolls of Dire Charm and Ghost Armor, and 560 gp. You'll also find the body of Brun's Dead Son -- aka Nathan. If you take Nathan back to Brun (#3), then you'll receive 500 xp.

6 - Ankheg

The ankheg here will drop a Ruby Ring when it dies.

  1. Entrance to the Ankheg's Nest.