Friendly Arm Inn (AR2300)

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This walled hamlet located on the Coastway several days north of Beregost consists of a stone keep (the inn) with stables, gardens, a horse pond, and caravan wagon sheds. It also shelters a few houses, a large meeting hall with a many-pillared entrance, a small store and magic shop, and a temple to Garl Glittergold, chief god of the gnomes. The Friendly Arm was once the hold of an evil priest of Bhaal who was destroyed in undead form by a band of adventurers led by the gnome thief and illusionist Bentley Mirrorshade.

The rock with the ring.
1 - Hidden Ring (X 2555, Y 3760)

You'll discover a hole in the rock at the base of the pine tree here. When you search it, you'll find a Ring of Wizardry: Evermemory (which doubles the number of 1st level spells a mage can memorize).

2 - Joia's House

Joia will tell you that she was "robbed blind" by some hobgoblins near the inn, and she'll ask you to retrieve her Flamedance Ring from them. You'll find the hobgoblins to the northwest of the inn (#4). When you return the ring to Joia, you'll earn 400 xp and +1 reputation.

3 - Temple of Wisdom

Inside you'll meet Gellana Mirrorshade, who will provide standard temple services for you. Gellana is also involved in a quest from AR5500.

4 - Hobgoblins

These are the hobgoblins who robbed Joia (#2). You'll find Joia's Flamedance Ring on their remains.

5 - Dorn (EE)

If you're playing the EE, then you'll meet Dorn (NE, Orc Male, Blackguard) here. He'll mistake you for a waiter, and you'll decide that he's rude, but nothing more will happen during the encounter. However, when you meet him again on your way to the Nashkel Mines, you'll be able to recruit him to your party.

6 - Shelf

Inside this shelf you'll find a Potion of Healing.

7 - Bentley Mirrorshade

Bentley, husband to Gellana (#3), is the owner of the inn. He'll perform regular innkeeper duties. If you're playing the EE, then Bentley will have Buckley's Buckler for sale.

8 - Jaheira and Khalid

These two are the friends your foster father Gorion told you about. Jaheira (TN, Half-Elf Female, Fighter/Druid) and Khalid (NG, Half-Elf Male, Fighter) will greet you and offer you the chance to join them and to go to Naskhel to investigate the trouble at the mines. Khalid is a decent fighter with both the sword and the bow, while Jaheira can heal your party with her druidic spells.

9 - Common Room

You'll meet several people in the common room, like Jopi, Nessie, Surrey and Whelp, who are just there for flavor and background information.

10 - Unshey

Unshey will complain that an ogre with a "belt fetish" recently stole his Girdle of Piercing, and he'll ask you to get it back. You'll find the ogre in AR2800 on the eastern side of the map. Ogres are tough enemies when your party is only level 1, so you might need to have the ogre chase one character around while the rest of your party pelts it with spells or ranged attacks. When you return the belt to Unshey, you'll receive 70 gp and 800 xp. If you have at least Charisma 16, then you'll receive 25 gp extra, plus a copy of Unshey's latest book, History of Tethyr.

Note: The belt is fairly nice, so you might want to hang onto it rather than complete the quest. Or you could complete the quest and then kill Unshey (for -3 reputation) to get the belt back.

11 - Landrin

Landrin will ask you to clear out an infestation of poisonous spiders from her house in Beregost (which is located to the south). She'll also request that you bring back her husband's Worn-Out Boots, a Bottle of Wine, and the body of one of the spiders. If your reaction score is at least +4, then she'll give you six Antidotes to help you out. If you complete all of Landrin's tasks, then you'll receive 295 gp plus 800 xp when you return to her.

12 - Nobleman

The nobleman here will mistake you for a member of the inn's laundry service, and he'll give you a pair of Golden Pantaloons to clean. If you talk to the nobleman again, then you'll return the pantaloons to him, and you'll earn 100 xp. But if you keep the pantaloons, then you'll be able to carry them all the way through the Baldur's Gate saga, and use them to create an impressive piece of armor called the Big Metal Unit during Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. How's that for an easter egg!

  1. Entrance to the inn. The first time you approach the entrance, you'll get attacked by an assassin named Tarnesh. He's worth 120 xp, and he'll drop scrolls of Armor, Burning Hands, and Magic Missile when he dies.
  2. Stairway between levels 1-3.