Carnival (AR4900)

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This Carnival is a tradition of Nashkel, a place where once a year merchants, entertainers and commoners can get together to celebrate and have a good time. Unfortunately, due to recent events, the attendance this year is lower than ever, which has not prevented numerous merchants from coming to the fair. As usual, some people tend to take advantage of the occasion to sell junk to the customers and make some easy money, so keep your eyes wide open.

1 - The Great Gazib and the Amazing Oopah

The first two times you talk to Gazib, he'll summon Oopah, and Oopah will explode. The third time, Oopah will get tired of the trick, and he'll attack you. You'll earn 270 xp when Oopah dies.

2 - Gambling Tent

The first time you enter this tent, Vitiare, "master thief and pickpocket extraordinaire," will sidle over and steal 100 gp from you. But if you're quick, you can attack him as soon as you enter, and kill him before he gets away. You'll find 73 gp, a Potion of Healing, a Potion of Master Thievery, and a Potion of Agility on his corpse.

Inside the tent, if you talk to one of the three gamesmen, then you'll be allowed to play craps, roulette, or the "big wheel." Unless you do a lot of saving and loading, you'll probably lose more money than you'll win.

3 - Lord Binky the Buffoon

When you approach this spot, Lord Binky will come up to you and start repeating everything you say. If you ask him if he's mocking you, or if you threaten to harm him, then he'll leave. otherwise he'll just keep it up.

4 - Gambling Tent

This gambling tent is just like its neighbor (#2), except you'll also be able to play "bones."

5 - Potion Merchant's Tent

Inside this tent, a potion merchant will offer you a Red Potion and a Violet Potion for 50 gp each. You should take the deal. Even if you don't care about the potions, you'll be able to sell them later for more than you paid.

Also in the tent, you might notice two locked chests:

6 - Zordal's Tent

When you enter this tent, Zordal will warn you to stay back, or else he'll kill the "witch" Bentha. If you make Zordal angrier at you than Bentha by choosing dialogue options 1-1, then he'll ignore Bentha and attack you. Otherwise, he'll kill Bentha and then attack you.

Zordal is a mage, but with six against one, you should be able to disrupt him enough to kill him easily. He's worth 900 xp, and on his corpse you'll find a Knave's Robe, a scroll of Armor, a scroll of Color Spray, and 79 gp.

If Bentha survives, then after the fight she'll explain that Zordal was an old enemy of her family, and that that's why he wanted to kill her. If you ask Bentha for a reward for saving her life, then she'll give you an Antidote. If you tell her that the good deed was reward enough, then she'll give you a Potion of Heroism.

If Bentha doesn't survive the encounter, then on her corpse you'll find an Antidote, a Mage Robe of Electrical Resistance, a Potion of Heroism, and 24 gp. In other words, you'll get a better reward for letting Bentha die.

7 - Trinket Merchant's Tent

The merchant in this tent will have some trinkets and protection scrolls for sale, including an Amulet of Protection +1, a Necklace of Missiles, a Ring of Infravision, and a Shield Amulet.

8 - Lestor

Somewhere around here you might run into Lestor. He'll give you some backgorund information about the Nashkel Mines.

9 - Weapon Merchant's Tent

The merchant in this tent will have some basic melee weapons for sale.

10 - Zeke

Zeke will offer to sell you a Stone to Flesh Scroll for 500 gp so you can free the nearby "stone warrior maiden" (#12). A wiser choice is to buy the same scroll from the Temple of Helm in Nashkel for about a third of that price.

11 - Weapon Merchant's Tent

The merchant in this tent will have some basic ranged weapons for sale, plus Arrows of Piercing +1.

12 - Statue / Branwen

You'll discover Branwen (TN, Human Female, Cleric) in stone form here. You'll need a Stone to Flesh Scroll to bring her back to life. You can get one from Zeke (#10) or at the Temple of Helm in Nashkel. Either way, Branwen will offer to join you when you use the scroll on her. If you add Branwen to your party, then she'll mention that Tranzig is the mage who trapped her in stone. You'll meet Tranzig in Chapter 3.

13 - Armor Merchant's Tent

The merchant in this tent will sell you some basic armors and shields.

14 - Black Lotus Tent

Inside this tent pepole smoke a drug called the Black Lotus. You won't be allowed to partake.