North of Gnoll Stronghold (AR4600)

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Another wilderness area, this one sheltering an unusual number of ogres and ogre berserkers. Wild animals are also quite frequent.

1 - Jared / Bear

At this spot (#1), you'll meet Jared. He'll tell you that a bear is coming this way, and he'll ask you to kill it. You'll find the bear on the other side of the bridge (#1a). If you're playing the original Baldur's Gate, then it will be a mountain bear. If you're playing the EE, then it will be a polar bear. But either way, you'll earn 900 xp for killing it. Then when you return to Jared, you'll earn 100 xp plus a second reward depending on your reaction / reputation score: Boots of the North (for a high score), 50 gp (middle), or nothing (low).

Note: If Jared doesn't give you the boots, then you can always kill him or pickpocket him to get them.

2 - Neville

You'll meet the bandit Neville here. If you request all of his money, then he'll take 55 gp from you and leave, but you'll earn 100 xp. Anything else you say will cause him and his five hobgoblins to attack you. Neville is worth 600 xp, and you'll find a Long Sword +1 on his corpse.

3 - Guarded Bridge

You'll find two ogre berserkers and three hobgoblin elites awaiting you here. The fight can become a bit tough as the ogre berserkers have a lot of HPs and the hobgoblin elites shoot poisoned arrows.

4 - Laurel

You'll meet a paladin named Laurel here. If your Reputation is low enough, then she'll attack you, and you'll only earn 60 xp for killing her. Otherwise, Laurel will ask you to help her kill some gibberlings. If you agree, then about a dozen gibberlings will appear on the map and attack you from three different directions. This should be a pretty easy fight, especially since Laurel will help you. Afterwards, you'll earn 250 xp.

5 - Ogre

You'll discover an ogre here eating dinner. If you talk to him twice, then he'll decide to make you dessert. "Mmm, pudding." You'll earn 270 xp for killing the ogre.