Candlekeep Catacombs Level 2 (AR2619)

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On this level of the catacombs you'll meet a good number of doppelgangers, most of them wearing the shapes of your old friends from Candlekeep. Don't be fooled, however, as they are really doppelgangers!

Note: Red circles indicate floor traps.

1 - Dreppin Doppelganger

2 - Arkanis and Deder

Arkanis will tell you that he and Deder were sent by Obe to help you out. Surprisingly, they're telling the truth. If you accept their help, then they'll assist you in combat while you're in the catacombs. If you send them away, then they'll leave.

3 - Jondalar Doppelganger

In the locked and trapped cabinet next to Jondalar, you'll find a scroll of Dispel Magic.

4 - Hull Doppelganger

5 - Karan Doppelganger

6 - Reevor Doppelganger

7 - Parda Doppelganger

8 - Fuller Doppelganger

9 - Elminster, Gorion and Tethtoril Doppelgangers

Elminster, Gorion and Tethtoril will try to convince you that they're not a doppelgangers, and that you've been killing innocents in the catacombs. If you believe them, then they'll lead you farther down the hallway, where you'll get ambushed by them plus some other doppelgangers. If you don't believe them, then they'll attack you right away. Elminster is a greater doppelganger, so target him first and then mop up the other two.

10 - Winthrop Doppelganger

  1. Stairs back up to Catacombs Level 1.
  2. Stairs down to Catacombs Level 3.