Candlekeep Catacombs 3

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This part of the catacombs connects the burial chambers to the surface. You'll meet several of Sarevok's henchmen in here, and his plans should get much clearer by now. There are also several basilisks and spiders around. You'll have to face the basilisks, but you can avoid the spiders by sticking to the central path.

Note: Red circles indicate floor traps.

1 - Bor, Prat, Sakul and Tam

At this spot you'll run into four of Sarevok's men: Bor, Prat, Sakul and Tam. No matter what you say to them, they'll attack you. Prat and Sakul are mages, so you should target them first. Then you can deal with Bor the fighter and Tam the ranger.

You'll earn 4950 xp for winning the battle, and when you loot the corpses you'll find Acid Arrows, Darts of Stunning, a Throwing Axe +2, and several scrolls: Chromatic Orb, Detect Evil, Dire Charm, Ghost Armor, Ghoul Touch, Haste, Hold Person, Luck, Mirror Image, Resist Fear, Slow, Strength, and Wraithform. You'll also find a letter on Prat's corpse indicating that Sarevok plans to become a Grand Duke of Baldur's Gate.

2 - Greater Basilisks

You'll encounter a pair of greater basilisks here. There isn't any way to skip this battle, so hopefully you have a way to protect a character from petrification (like a Potion of Mirrored Eyes), or a way to at least bump up a character's saves (like a Potion of Invulnerability). You'll earn 14,000 xp for defeating the basilisks.

3 - Diarmid

Diarmid will mistake you for Prat (#1). If you play along, then he'll tell you a few things that you probably already know, like that Koveras is really Sarevok, and that Sarevok framed you for the murder of Rieltar. If you kill Diarmid, then you'll earn 240 xp, and you'll find Arrows +1 and Arrows of Ice on his corspe.

  1. Stairs back up to Catacombs Level 2.
  2. One-way exit to the forest behind Candlekeep. Going through this exit will start Chapter 7.