East of Nashkel Mines (AR5500)

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This area is located just east of the Nashkel Mines and is rather peaceful. Monsters and bandits tend to avoid it because nobody ever passes through it. However, wild animals and gibberlings inhabit the region, so be careful.

1 - Hafiz

When you approach this spot, a strange dwarf named Hafiz will come up to you and tell you that he dreams about you. If you play along with him, then he'll give you a scroll of Protection From Magic. If you kill him, then you'll earn 650 xp, and you'll find the scroll of Protection From Magic, plus scrolls of Color Spray and Sleep, on his corpse.

2 - Kryll (EE)

You'll meet Kryll here, provided that Dorn is in your party. Dorn and Kryll will verbally spar for a bit, and then Kryll will raise the six corpses around her (including Hagan, the husband of Taris from Nashkel) into skeletons and attack you.

Kryll isn't a difficult foe, but she'll cast Horror, and she'll have the six skeletons helping her out. We'd recommend ignoring the skeletons and focusing on Kryll. That's because as soon as she dies, the skeletons will die as well.

Kryll is worth 1000 xp, and when you loot her corpse you'll find an Amulet of Spell Warding, a Traveler's Robe, and a letter to her from Simmeon. The letter will indicate that Simmeon is camped near Baldur's Gate, and that's where Dorn will want to go next (but you won't be able to get there until Chapter 5).

3 - Lena and Samuel

You'll meet a woman named Lena here. She'll tell you that her lover Samuel is sick and needs medical attention from Gellana Mirrorshade at the Friendly Arm Inn. If you agree to take him there, then you'll receive Samuel's body in your inventory. If you demand payment from Lena, then she'll give you a Jade Ring.

You'll have two choices for what to do with Samuel:
  • You can give him to the nearby Flaming Fist Mercenary (#4). This will complete a bounty and earn you 50 gp.

  • You can take him to Gellana Mirrorshade as requested. This will earn you an Elixir of Health, a Potion of Heroism, +1 Reputation, and 500 xp. But be aware: there's a time limit on the delivery (3 days), and if you take too long then Samuel will die and you won't get a reward.

4 - Flaming Fist Mercenary

When you approach this spot, a Flaming Fist Mercenary will stomp up to you and demand to know who you are. If you tell him that you're adventurers, then he'll warn you about bandits in the area, and he'll ask you to keep an eye out for a deserter named Samuel, as there's a 50 gp bounty for his capture. You'll find samuel to the northeast (#3), but you're much better off completing Lena's quest for him rather than turning him in for the bounty.

If you tell the mercenary that you're bandits, or if you're rude or unhelpful to him, then he'll attack you. Killing the mercenary will cost you Reputation, but you'll find Plate Mail and 100 gp on his corpse.

The crevice with the ring.
If you have Samuel's body in your inventory when you meet the mercenary, then the mercenary will notice. If you tell the mercenary that Samuel is a wounded merchant, then he'll believe you. Otherwise he'll recognize your lie, and he'll attack you.

5 - Hidden Gems and Ring (X 1955, Y 2370)

In a crevice in the rock face here, you'll find an Iol Gem, a Star Sapphire, and a Ring of Fire Resistance.