East of Candlekeep (AR2700)

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The Way of the Lion joins the main Coastway, which links Baldur's Gate to Athkatla, to the fortress of Candlekeep. Since the bandits are mainly looking for iron, they avoid the Way of the Lion since there is no iron to be found as the travelers are mainly mages and priests who visit the library of Candlekeep. Despite the absence of bandits, you should be aware of gibberlings, wolves and bears in the area.

1 - Ambush Site

This is the place where you and your foster father Gorion got ambushed during the night by the Armored Figure (Sarevok), Tamoko and two Ogres. When you return to the site in the morning, you'll be able to loot Gorion's corpse, where you'll find 58 gp, a letter from "E" (Elminster), and a Belt of Antiopde (if you're playing the EE). You might also find some useful items on the other corpses.

From Elminster's letter, you'll learn that "what we have long feared" has come to pass, and that "the other side" is moving against you. Elminster will then recommend, just like Gorion, that you head for the Friendly Arm Inn to the north.

2 - Starting Position

Imoen (NG, Human Female, Thief) will join you the morning after the ambush. She usually carries 3 Potions of Healing, 1 Oil of Speed and a Wand of Magic Missiles.

3 - Kolssed

Kolssed will recommend that you make some friends since "traveling alone is almost certain death." He'll also mention that he met some people down the road to the east (#4).

4 - Montaron and Xzar

My favorite duo of psychos, Montaron (NE, Halfling Male, Fighter/Thief) and Xzar (CE, Human Male, Necromancer) can become truly amusing if you listen to their comments. They also get on rather badly with Khalid and Jaheira, which makes the situation even funnier! I recommend both for an evil aligned party and even early in the game for any party (before reaching a high reputation). They'll offer you a Potion of Healing for free, but to repay them, they'll suggest that you team up with them and go to Naskhel to meet the mayor, Berrun Ghastkill, and discuss the problems in the region. Xzar will have 2 scrolls in his inventory: Chill Touch and Larloch's Minor Drain.

The tree with the diamond.
5 - Hidden Diamond (X 4418, Y 1956)

At this point the road will be flanked by 2 trees, one on the right and one on the left. By searching the trunk of the tree on the left you will discover a Diamond, worth a good 500 gp in any shop!

6 - Binkos

Wandering around this area, you'll meet Binkos. He'll tell you that a caravan was recently raided to the northeast of Beregost, and that he's on his way to Baldur's Gate to warn the Grand Dukes (not that he seems to be hurrying anywhere).

7 - Chase

Another pompous nobleman, this one will threaten to end his days by jumping off the cliff. But no matter what you say, he won't jump, and you won't get a reward for "saving" him.