Crossroads (AR2800)

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This is the place where the Way of the Lion branches off the main Coastway. To the north sits the peaceful keep of the Friendly Arm, to the west is the citadel of Candlekeep with its imposing library, and to the south is the commercial town of Beregost. Though this area used to be quite peaceful, numerous bandit raids in the past few months have made travelers rare.

1 - Old Man (Elminster)

The first time you enter the map, you'll meet an old man on the road here. He won't say much to you, and later you'll learn that he was Elminster.

The rock with the ring.
2 - Hidden Ring (X 1006, Y 1114)

If you search the rock here, then you'll find a Ring of Protection +1.

3 - Aoln

You'll meet a ranger named Aoln here. He'll ask you to keep your voices down, and he might tell you about an ogre mage he once fought.

4 - Andout

Andout is a messenger on his way to Governor Kelddath in Beregost. He'll let you know that Amn and Baldur's Gate are preparing for war.

5 - Jase

A this spot you might meet a boy named Jase. He'll tell you that he saw bandits attack the caravan to the east (#6).

6 - Raided Caravan

This caravan was recently raided by bandits. You'll only find a few gp in the wreckage by the oveturned cart.

7 - Deke's Gang (Chapter 3)

In Chapter 3, you'll meet Deke and five other bandits around this spot. They're no tougher than the other bandits, so this shouldn't be a problem. Once they're dead, don't forget to scalp them.

8 - Ogre

The solitary ogre here has a Girdle of Piercing (thin) and a Girdle of Masculinity/Feminity (thick) on him. Be careful not to mix the two because the latter one is cursed. The ogre can pose quite a challenge for a level 1 party. One strategy that usually works is to make the ogre chase one character while the others attack him with missile weapons or spells. You'll earn 270 xp for killing the ogre.

Note: You'll need the Girdle of Piercing for a quest at the Friendly Arm Inn.