South of Ulcaster (AR4400)

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This area is situated just south of Ulcaster and is rather deserted. Some bandits and ogres inhabit it, but that is all you'll find.

1 - Sprat

Around here you'll meet Sprat, another messenger reporting on the strained relations between Baldur's Gate and Amn.

2 - Arghain

Arghain and three other half-ogres will demand your money and your life, and they'll attack you regardless of how you respond. You'll earn 1330 xp total for the battle, and you'll find a Two-Handed Sword +1 on Arghain's corpse.

3 - Cave

Inside this cave you'll encounter an ettercap, but you'll also find a chest containing a Bloodstone Amulet, a Potion of Fire Resistance and a cursed Oil of Speed. Just be aware that there's a web trap right by the entrance. If you trigger it and then the ettercap attacks you, you might be in for a rough time.

Right next to the entrance to the cave (on the outside), you can loot a bag on the ground containing a Water Opal.

4 - Ioin Gallchobhair, Billy, Dribben

The three bandits here will make the mistake of trying to rob you. You'll earn 750 xp total for defeating them, and you'll find Arrows +1 and Bandit Scalps on their corpses.

5 - Hulrik and His Cow

When you approach this spot, Huldrik will come running up to you and tell you that xvarts are attacking his cow Arabelle. If you manage to save Arabelle, then when you return to Hulrik, you'll earn +1 Reputation and 350 xp.

6 - Sarhedra / Ogres

At this spot (#6), Sarhedra will ask you to "pick on" the ogres to the south (#6a). After doing so, when you return to Sarhedra, you'll earn 300 xp.

note: Right next to the ogres, you'll find a dead body leaning against a tree. On it you'll find a cursed Oil of Speed, a Potion of Healing, and 50 gp.