Undercity (AR0123)

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This area houses an ancient city that was here long before Baldur's Gate was built. Nowadays, however, everything is in ruins and undead inhabit it. The only building still standing is an old Temple of Bhaal where Sarevok and his acolytes have fled. You'll have to follow them there and kill Sarevok, your half-brother. This is the final fight and it will end Baldur's Gate.

1 - Carston, Gorf, Haseo, Rahvin, Shaldrissa, and Wudei

When you approach this spot, Rahvin and his compatriots will stop you and demand to know what you're doing. Regardless of what you say, you'll learn that they were hired by the Iron Throne to kill Sarevok -- and that they'll earn a bonus for killing you, too. So no matter what, they'll attack you.

Carston and Rahvin are rangers, and Rahvin has two Arrows of Detonation; Gorf is a nasty ogre fighter; Haseo is a fighter / mage; Shaldrissa is a pure mage; and Wudei is a druid. The easiest way to deal with the group is to retreat right after your conversation with them has ended and the battle starts up. Chances are, only one or two enemies will follow you. If Rahvin is one of them, then have a character with good fire resistance move towards him (and away from the rest of your party) so he'll waste his Arrows of Detonation to little effect. After that, you can keep drawing enemies to you one or two at a time and defeat them rather easily.

You'll earn 10,900 xp for the battle, and when you loot the corpses you'll find Arrows +2, Arrows of Biting, Arrows of Detonation (if Rahvin didn't use them), Arrows of Ice, Arrows of Fire, Arrows of Piercing, a Long Sword +1, two Rings of Protection +1, Studded Leather Armor +1, and a Traveler's Robe.

2 - Tamoko

If you talked to Tamoko earlier (in Baldur's Gate East and Baldur's Gate Southwest), and if you agreed to her terms, then you'll meet her again here. She'll tell you that Sarevok learned of her treachery, and that she must kill you now to win back his trust. You'll have two ways that you can respond:

3 - Crypt

On the ground by the crypt here, you'll find The Magma Bulwark +2.

4 - Sarevok

You'll encounter Sarevok here in the back of the temple. He'll have a few friends with him: Angelo (fighter / mage), Semaj (mage), and Tazok (fighter). Before approaching Sarevok, you should definitely take the time to rest and buff up your party. This is the final fight in the game, so there isn't any reason to hold anything back. Use Bless, Haste, Protection from Evil, potions of giant strength, and whatever else you have available.

You might also want to send your thief around to scout for traps. None of the traps on the symbol of Bhaal in the center of the temple can be disarmed, but it's good to know where they are so you don't step on them by mistake.

When Sarevok spots you, he'll talk to you for a bit, but then he and his allies will attack you. Sarevok will charge right at you, and his allies will usually lag behind, if they follow him at all. A good way to start the fight is to cast area effect spells like Cloudkill and Fireball at the dais where Sarevok is standing. We can usually get two off before Sarevok spots us, and that's usually enough to knock about 20% of his health off before the fight really starts.

Otherwise, the fight against Sarevok is difficult, and you might need to try it a few times to get it right. Sarevok can deal massive damage, and Semaj will cast annoying spells like Confusion and Stinking Cloud, so there's lots of randomness involved. The fight will end when Sarevok dies, so usually it's best to focus on him and kill him as quickly as possible. If you have a lot of trouble, then feel free to start the fight and immediately exit the temple. Sometimes only Sarevok will follow you out, making it much easier to kill him.

Congratulations for completing Baldur's Gate!

  1. Exit to the Thieves' Maze.
  2. Entrance to the Temple of Bhaal.