Dorn's Quest (EE)
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You'll first meet Dorn inside the Friendly Arm Inn. He won't join you then, but later on when you're traveling to the Nashkel Mines, you'll get ambushed by some bandits. While they're trying to rob you, Dorn will show up and kill half of them, and then he'll help you to defeat the rest.

If you add Dorn to your party at this point, then you'll learn that four bandits framed him for a crime in Luskan, and that he's now hunting them for revenge. Two of the bandits were in the group you just defeated. You'll learn about a third bandit, a mage named Kryll, from Taris in Nashkel. Taris will inform you that Kryll has been luring men to the wilderness zone located to the east of the Nashkel Mines (AR5500).

When you reach Kryll, she and Dorn will trade verbal barbs for a while, and then Kryll will raise the six corpses around her -- the men unfortunate enough to have followed her -- into skeletons, and they'll attack you. Kryll isn't super powerful, but she'll cast Horror right away and she'll have her skeletons helping her. We'd recommend targeting Kryll first because when she dies the skeletons will also die.

Kryll is worth 1000 xp, and you'll find an Amulet of Spell Warding, a Traveler's Robe, and a letter on her corpse. The letter will indicate that Simmeon, Dorn's final target, can be found near Baldur's Gate. Dorn will want to head for him right away, but you won't be able to reach him yet.

You'll encounter Simmeon at Wyrm's Crossing (AR0900). He'll be on the western side of the bridge, which you won't be allowed to cross until Chapter 5. Simmeon will reveal that he's learned how Dorn became a blackguard, and that he's become one himself, just following Azothet instead of Dorn's Ur-Goth. At the end of the conversation, Simmeon will summon two Thralls of Azothet, and then he along with a mage named Shiela and an unnamed priest will attack you.

The fight should not be complicated. Just have your DPS characters take down Sheila and the priest while your tanks distract Simmeon and the thralls, and then mop up the rest. You'll earn over 4000 xp total for the battle, and when you loot the corpses you'll find Albruin +1, Elven Chain Mail, Fallorain's Plate +1, a Golden Girdle of Urnst, and scrolls of Domination, Flame Arrow, Magic Missile, Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Shocking Grasp, and Vampiric Touch. Afterwards, Dorn will agree to continue adventuring with you.