Baldur's Gate South (AR1200)

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All sailors coming to the Gate first see the docks of the city. The docks buzz with activity at all hours of the day. There are many warehouses around, a tavern where you'll find sailors, a gambling and prostitution den as well as the Harbor Master's Building. Also worth noticing are the Iron Throne headquarters and the Water Queen's House. This part of town is rather pleasant and a lot of local commoners can be found enjoyng the view.

1 - Low Lantern

This ship is both a brothel and a gambling hall. You'll meet a few people of interest inside:
  • Bartender (Level 1). He'll sell you drinks and rent you rooms.

  • Gamesman (Level 1). He'll let you play a roulette-like game for 1, 2 or 5 gp.

  • Lobar (Level 1). He's the owner of the Low Lantern, but he won't say anything important. In the chest behind him you'll find a Cursed Scroll of Weakness and a scroll of Protection from Fire.

  • Desreta and Vay-ya (Level 2). They'll want to teach you about entropy. If you agree to learn about its pleasures, then they'll attack you. The battle should not be too tough, and you'll earn 3600 xp for defeating the duo. Then when you loot their corpses you'll find a Dagger +1, Gauntlets of Ogre Power, a Long Sword +1, scrolls of Clairvoyance and Dispel Magic, and a Wand of Fire.

    In the locked chest near Desreta and Vay-ya, you'll find another Long Sword +1.

  • Yago (Level 3). He's a rather rude mage, and there's a good chance he'll attack you. If you kill Yago, then you'll earn 1400 xp, and you'll find a Knave's Robe and Yago's Book of Curses on his corpse. You'll need the book for Brielbara's quest in Baldur's Gate Northeast.

    In the locked chest behind Yago you'll find scrolls of Blur, Fireball, Melf's Acid Arrow, and Sleep.

2 - Ghorak's House

Inside this house you'll meet a diseased man named Ghorak. If you offer to cure him, then he'll tell you that regular medicines won't work. The only way he can be healed is if you "right the wrongs of the past." To that end, he'll ask you to retrieve the skull of his brother Kereph from behind a painting in the Three Old Kegs (in Baldur's Gate North) and take it to Agnasia in The Lady's Hall (in Baldur's Gate West).

You'll find the Skull of Kereph behind a painting on Level 2 of the Three Old Kegs. When you take it to Agnasia, she'll agree to cure Ghorak, and you'll earn +1 Reputation and 1000 xp. Then when you return to Ghorak, he'll tansform to a normal-looking person, but you won't earn a further reward.

Also inside Ghorak's house on the ground floor you can loot an Antidote from a chest. Ghorak won't mind if you steal it.

3 - House

When you enter this house, you'll discover that the sirine Larriaz just murdered the family who lives there. If you ask her what happened then she'll tell you that a fisherman caught her and took her home as a prize. If you're rude to her or if you keep offering to help her, then she'll attack you. Larriaz is worth 30 xp, and you'll find a Pearl on her corpse. You won't find anything interesting inside the house.

4 - Kesheel

When you approach this spot, the sailor Kesheel will come up to you and start a conversation. If you ask him for a story, then he'll tell you about Bulduran, who founded Baldur's Gate.

5 - Warehouse

Inside this warehouse you'll meet Noralee. She'll tell you that she dropped a pair of gauntlets somewhere between the docks and this warehouse, and she'll ask you to look for them. You'll find the gauntlets -- Gauntlets of Weapon Skill -- inside a crate to the west (#14). The gauntlets give +1 THAC0, so you might want to keep them for yourself. But if you give them to Noralee, then you'll earn two Potions of Infravision, +1 Reputation, and 1000 xp.

If you don't mind thievery, then you can find several potions in the crates and barrels inside the warehouse: an Elixir of Health, an Oil of Speed, a Potion of Defense, two Potions of Healing, and a Potion of Stone Form.

6 - Warehouse

When you enter this warehouse, Nivek will rush up to you and inform you that a greater basilisk is on the loose, and he'll advise you to run. You'll find the basilisk in the back of the warehouse. Its gaze can petrify characters, so you should have one character use a Potion of Mirrored Eyes or a scroll of Protection from Petrification, and then while that character distracts the basilisk, have the rest of your party pelt it with spells and ranged attacks.

You'll earn 7000 xp when the basilisk dies, and you'll find a Sphene Gem on its corpse. If you take the gem to G'Axir the Seer in the Blade and Stars (in Baldur's Gate Southeast), then he'll give you a reward. If you inform Nadarin in his warehouse (also in Baldur's Gate Southeast) that the basilisk is dead, then he'll reward you as well.

7 - House

Inside this house you'll meet a fisherman named Cordyr. If you have a low or medium Reputation, then he'll ask you to kill Sil and her sirines at the Lighthouse (AR3600). When you do so and return, Cordyr will give you a scroll of Flame Arrow, and you'll also earn 1000 xp.

8 - Jopalin's Tavern

Inside this tavern you'll meet a bartender who will sell you drinks and rent you rooms, plus a bunch of drunk sailors who will try to get you to sing along to "He's a Jolly Good Fellow."

9 - Harbor Master's Building

Inside this building you'll meet the Harbor Master, but he won't have much to say until Chapter 7.

10 - Entillis Fulsom

You'll meet Entillis Fulsom here. If your party has a medium or high Reputation, then Fulsom will warn you that you're in danger, and he'll recommend that you trust Scar and Duke Eltan of the Flaming Fist. Further, if Jaheira is in your party, then he'll mention that he's with the Harpers. But if your Reputation is too low, then Fulsom will attack you. You'll earn 2700 xp for killing him.

11 - Kerrachus

Around here you'll meet a dockhand named Kerrachus. He'll reveal that some people now think that the world is round!

12 - House

When you enter this house, you'll get attacked by five ogre mage assassins. Ogre mages should not be very tough for you at this point in the game, but with five of them they'll probably get some spells off, and if enough of your characters get confused or frightened, then things can go badly. So we'd recommend hitting them right away with a Fireball, and then spreading out your attacks to disrupt as many of them as possible.

You'll earn 3250 xp total for defeating the ogre mages, and when you loot their bodies you'll find a variety of gems, jewelry and scrolls.

13 - Water Queen's House

Inside this temple you can meet Jalantha Mistmyr, the high priestess of Umberlee. To set up the meeting, you'll need to pay a Priestess of Umberlee at least 50 gp (if you try offering only 25 gp, then the priestess will counter with 100 gp, but you can exit the conversation and offer 50 gp in your next attempt).

Jalantha is involved in two quests -- Lothar's from Baldur's Gate Central and Vanci's from Baldur's Gate West -- but you can freely kill her if you want. Jalantha is worth 6000 xp, and she'll drop a Child's Body (needed for Vanci), a Geas Removal Scroll (needed for Lothar), Leather Armor +1, and 200 gp.

14 - Crate

You'll find Gauntlets of Weapon Skill inside this crate. You'll need them for Noralee's quest (#5). Or you can just keep them.

  1. Entrance to the Iron Throne Headquarters.