Cloud Peak Mountains East (AR5300)

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This area is situated just south of Nashkel and is quite wild. There is no road passing through, so the most you'll encounter are bandits or monsters.

1 - Alexander, Delgod and Sendai

When you approach this trio of Amnish merchants, they'll tell you how much they hate "northern barbarians" like yourself. If you're polite, then you can navigate your way through the encounter peacefully, but it's better to start a fight.

Sendai is a spellcaster while Alexander and Delgod are archers. So you should target Sendai first and then mop up the other two, You'll earn 1200 xp for their deaths, and you'll find a bunch of Arrows +1, a Long Sword +1, Telbar's Studded Leather +2, and more on their corpses.

The hole with the scrolls.
2 - Hidden Scrolls (X 1791, Y 413)

Inside the little hole in the ground here, you'll find two scrolls: Chromatic Orb and Cloudkill.

3 - Albert / Rufie

When you approach this spot (#3), a little boy named Albert will come up to you and ask you to look for his pet dog Rufie. To help you out, he'll give you a Chew Toy so Rufie will recognize that you're a friend.

After talking to Albert, Rufie will appear to the east (#3a). As long as you have the Chew Toy, Rufie will stay friendly to you and follow you around. So to complete the quest, you'll just need to lead Rufie back to Albert. When you do, Albert will reveal that he's a demon, and then he and Rufie will teleport away to the Nine Hells. You'll also receive a Black Opal and 1000 xp.

As an alternative, you can kill Rufie. You'll earn 175 xp when Rufie dies, and then when you return to Albert, you'll receive an additional 1200 xp.

4 - Vax and Zal

Here you'll encounter Vax and Zal, the latter of which is apparently the fastest dart thrower in the west. They'll try to relieve you of your money. When you decline the opportunity, they'll attack you. You'll earn 1000 xp total when they die, and you'll find Bracers of Archery plus two Potions of Healing on their corpses.

5 - Larry, Darryl and Darryl

These three are a reference to the Bob Newhart Show (which was a dated reference way back when Baldur's Gate came out, let alone now). You can ask them for an Autograph if you want.